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Recent Review: The service was okay. The install took a little time. I felt that what was advertised, and what I received wasn’t  exactly what I ordered. I think I should’ve been given the choice if I wanted that product, or if I wanted something different. They workers were professional, and they worked as long as they could to finish the job. I would recommend them to others
Recent Review: I was searching for a cheaper alternative to home security monitoring. My family and I are on a tight budget, and we could not afford the steep charges from Suddenlink and other local home security providers for their systems. The two things causing the services to be so expensive were: (a) the cost of the monthly phone service we would need, since we don't have home phone service, and (b) the cost of the monitoring itself. We would had to pay about $80 a month, or more with these traditional companies! Thankfully I found NextAlarm after some careful googling. They are a fraction of the price of any of their competitors. Their system appeals to me, because it uses the internet rather than a phone line, saving lots of money. Their monitoring itself (done in the traditional way, with real people in a dispatch office) is also substantially cheaper on top of that. I paid $250 for the home security kit and now I only pay $13.50 per month for the monitoring! Its so cheap that the costs are literally offset entirely by the savings to my homeowner's insurance premium. The support staff at NextAlarm are great. They are so patient, and they will help you with anything related to your system. I have called them numerous times with little questions about this or that, and they are always super nice and knowledgable. They even walk you through how to make changes to your security system, step-by-step, when you want to change delay or change the programs. Please make note of the fact that they do not have a local installer to do the installation. The third-party vendor who offers an and quot;Instal cardand quot; will not be able to install your service in East Texas (they will refund your money once they see where you need the installation). Point being, you will need to hire a local handyman to install the home security system for you. As I already mentioned, I used Stephan du Toit -- (www.facebook.com/professionalhandymanservices). He charged my $60. Besides that little hiccup, NextAlarm is amazing. In summary, I love my service. I hope more people in my area sign up with them. It is such a great deal and they're so great!
Recent Review: Everything went great. I got the system a few days later and started to install it. All the devices were easy to put up all told it took about 45 minutes to get up and running. During the install I set the alarm off and Getsafe called me right away. I like the way it looks in my home and by that I mean I hardly notice it is there. I like being able to control the system from my phone and being able to check on my house with the camera when I am away.
Recent Review: It started with the name Pinnacle. It started going downhill maybe when somebody else bought it. My husband picked them. He had a cold call and then he went with it. I think we had another system at that time.
Recent Review: There was no cost for that last service and the service turned out well.
Recent Review: It went perfect. Great price. Great service.
Business Description: Vector Security is the nation's #1 HIGH QUALITY PROVIDER of electronic security products and services. Protect your family now with one of our special offers on a state-of-the-art, wireless, home security system. We will beat any legitimate competitor's offer! You own the system - System is not a lease. Take over your EXISTING system with a low monitoring rate! Works without traditional phone service. No high-pressure sales pitches from pushy sales people!
Recent Review: Great. Everything works and is easy to operate
Recent Review: They answered all my questions and were really responsive when we had questions during installation. Would definitely recommend.
Recent Review: quick, easy, inexpensive.  I just wished they had cameras to go along with the rest of the security system.

Reviews in Ewing for Security Camera Installation

AVintage Security
On time. Very professional. Cleaned up after himself. Explained the system very clearly. Great company.
- Dan C....
DADT Security Services, Inc
I have had it for seven years.  I have inside security of course.  But the outside cameras I would not rate very well, still fighting a horrible experience from the first of the month where they told me one thing did another and aren't real quick to rectify it.  We recently had a small burglary and we live in a rural area.  For that reason we made the update but that experience has not been pleasant at all.  Very different from ADT.  I would say that ADT Home Security, that means somebody comes into your home and on that respect they've been, I would rate them as a "B."  If you go through them to get your outside monitoring which shows however how many cameras you have in certain sections, you try to make it continuous, but it's a certain amount of cameras that covers everything, and I would like to say with that what they told me I was going to get, I did not get.  The cameras that we were supposed to get.  The actual what we can see in the monitoring from the inside is very blurred.  If my relatives decided to rob me I wouldn't be able to pick them out that's how bad it is.  Now they tell me if I pay another $278 for another camera then they can fix it.  Personally when they come here and they tell me what I need, so I paid $2000 and now I need a different camera.  I want to make this work in both sense, but I haven't been able to get much cooperation as of right now.  I would say go out to the monitoring store, buy your stuff yourself. In all fairness I have to say that I've always, inside service has been great, it's just been since we upgraded to the outside cameras and we use them, because we have used them for seven years and everything has been great.  Then I find out later that that's subcontracted out by somebody else, you don't know that until after the fact.  It's not really ADT that's doing it.  They show up here with their ADT satellite trucks but it's subbed out.  They don't work for ADT.  Once they install the service you buy it.  So they have nothing to lose by, why should they even care really.  They got money in their pocket, they had it the day they left here.  I would agree if they came back here and installed the camera they said they were going to the first time.  At the time I didn't know anything about cameras.  They are a business.  When they make an error they should be here to correct it.  That's how I personally feel.  But if they don't correct it I won't walk away from them, I will contact seven on your side and everybody else that I can get on my side.  They have gotten their money and my monitoring fees for seven years.  They don't monitor anything else outside.  It's totally being controlled by the DVR which records up to a month.  So if anybody came into the house while we were gone and stole something, we don't report that to ADT, we have to call the police.  These are just things that I think people should know before they get it.  I certainly did not know it.
- Toni W....
AVivint Inc
So, I spent time calling around to different companies, weeks in fact.  After calling around for some time, they were the cheapest to get installed.  They cost a bit more per month, $3, to be exact than ADT for the same service.  HOWEVER, their install costs were a LOT less.  I needed it installed quickly because I was planning to travel. They spent a lot of time on phone with me in order to determine what I wanted and what I NEEDED.  They didn't try to sell me more things than I wanted and more than I needed.  Instead, they talked about needs instead of selling me something.  They were able to set up installation that day, actually the tech that came out volunteered to extend his day just to get the install done for me as soon as possible.  The tech spent over 5 hours here installing the system.  He explained everything to me in great detail.  He even spent time ensure that the remote door locks were installed right [he spent over an hour on one lock b/c he didn't like the way it looked whenever it was closing!] and FIXED the older door locks so they closed and locked more easily.   I would recommend them, unlike ADT they didn't try to sell me over priced equipment, they didn't try to sell me things they didn't need and they were willing to work with me on cost.
- Christopher H....
AJohns Brothers Security
First, a salesman came to my home to explain the equipment, the options for equipment and services and the potential places for mounting the sensors. The salesman was on time, knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. The technician who installed the hardware was on time, efficient and thorough. He clearly explained the operation of the system before he left.
- Kevin N....
ASimpliSafe Home Security
They mailed me the security system and I installed it.  The installation was a bit more complicated than it sounded, but not too difficult. I like that there is no long term contract than I am stuck with, like 3 years with ADT and others.  So I can cancel anytime if I want. The alarm is very loud and the system very easy to work with. I am extremely happy.  The monitoring system is only 14.99 per month, which is so much less than all the other companies. I really have piece of mind now.
- Betty H....
We are currently still using their service and they have been very responsive to any needs we might have. At this time we have not ran into any problems with the system or the service.
- Beverly M....
ASimpliSafe Home Security
This experience was great! I was sick of the service that went along with a 3 year contract with security monitoring systems. I picked what I needed through Simplisafe and shortly after, I received my order in the mail. I set everything up with the help of a representative over the phone. It was easy. You can also set it up yourself on your computer. I also let them know that I was referred by an existing customer, and I and the customers that referred us received a free month. If you do the math, you will still save regardless of the cancellation fee from your existing 3 year contract company.
- David E....
ALifeShield Home Security
It has gone very well. They have given me good customer service. They are always very prompt about helping me. I also like that they give you weather alerts through the system and my smart phone.
- Edward H....
ABristol Telephone & Security Systems Inc
I had hired this company many years ago, and I found them to be very trustworthy. After I moved, I called them again. They came and explained my security system set up. The price was reasonable, and the whole experience was excellent.
- Julia R....
BSimpliSafe Home Security
We love our security system.  We received texts on our cell phones when the system is armed or disarmed.  Sometimes, it takes a while to receive the texts or once in a rare while we won't receive a text.  But we definitely don't regret switching to Simplisafe.
- Sheri A....