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Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Everyone I dealt with from this company was prompt, thorough, and super friendly.  I was not charged for either inspection, though follow-on termite inspections cost $75 on a yearly basis.  I went ahead and signed up for a yard treatment service at an intial cost of $118 and follow-on payments of $55 per month for a contract period of one year (continuing until I call to cancel).  This seems kind of pricey, but it will be worth it if it keeps the mosquitoes away this year.  And I really couldn't beat it after the great free service I received up to this point. This company is a pleasure to deal with. I used Angie's List to find them, and I hope this review helps someone else make the same decision I did.
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Business Description: Triad Pest Control, Inc. has been providing pest related services to North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia consumers for nearly 30 years. Some of our primary employees have been working within the termite and pest control industry for over 8 years. Not only do we provide service for thousands of North and South Carolina home and business owners, we also provide services for some of the largest commercial and residential developers in North and South Carolina. Our primary service area is from the triad area of North Carolina as far as west coast Rocky Mount and ever farther; we have and continue to treat extensive rural areas for pest control services. Certainly, we enjoy going to small communities where we know local customers enjoy the strengths and like of a small business. Triad Pest Control, Inc. offers a broad range of services and programs designed to rid occupied structures and landscape of unhealthy, dangerous or damaging pests. We have a good reliable service, expertise and an easy company to do business with. Be assured you've come to the right place. Regardless of what your budget may be, call Triad Pest Control, Inc. and let one of our qualified representatives find an efficient and economical solution for your needs. Triad Pest Control, Inc. practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with all of its services. This green, safety-conscious approach to pest management is a practice that consumers should demand out of their pest management partner. IPM, as its name suggests, is when a professional first and foremost accurately identifies the type and extent of a pest infestation. Knowledge of pests and their life cycles is then used to integrate non chemical solutions with judicial use of pesticides to best protect people, pets and the environment. IPM can involve monitoring, exclusion, prevention, and trapping, among other non-chemical methods of pest management. Extensive training in all areas of pest control is conducted on a quarterly basis.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Perfect and Steve is always very polite
Recent Review: Very Well.  Second year using Mosquito Joe services.  Very pleased.  Customer Service is excellent and the treatment works!
Recent Review: The gentleman showed up right on time and went to work spraying the backyard for mosquitoes. We have been very happy with the results. Before the spraying, we could not walk in the backyard without being eaten up by mosquitoes. It is so nice to be able to enjoy being in the yard again.
Recent Review: I've never used a mosquito-repellent service before.  I love the results!! I can garden in my yard, take out the trash, play with the dogs, leave my card doors open while taking in the groceries -- all without the irritation of pesky mosquitoes.  The Mosquito Team was great!  I was quickly scheduled for the week I requested.  All communications were very professional, including with the technician who sprayed my yard.  I noticed an immediate difference in the yard after the spraying.  The technician left an invoice at the door (already paid and marked as such) to let me know the work had been completed.  The spraying was thorough, taking about 15 minutes to cover my tiny yard.  I will definitely call on The Mosquito Team again this summer to ward off the evil mosquitoes!  Thanks for the great work, Mosquito Team folks!
Recent Review: The price of the automated misting system will make you swallow HARD, but you can kind of see why after you observe the installation.  I have inconspicuous mister nozzles totally ringing the perimeter of my house...connected underground, along with a 55 gallon drum buried 3/4 of the way into the ground, and a good-sized enclosed box attached to the side of the house that contains the pump and the timer.  It's a pretty elaborate set-up, yet it isn't obtrusive or ugly (well..., the misting nozzles and connecting tubing aren't...The exposed part of the drum that contains the insecticide is kind of ugly and industrial looking but some planters of flowers should provide adequate camouflage...). Maybe later generations of this product, they can make the drum dark green, or something, instead of black. You also get a remote control device so you can mist a few minutes before you go outside, as well as the timer taking care of automated intervals. I can't detect any smell to the mist, and in reading up on the product (commercial name "Riptide"), I didn't see where it is contributing to honeybee hive collapse or any other ecological disasters.  Fingers crossed.... It's unusually cold so far this season and the flying insect/mosquito population hasn't gotten going yet, so I'll have to update this review later with how well the system actually does at eradication.  The installer programmed the intervals for me, so I can't comment on ease of programming either.  The remote works great, though. The only negative thing I can say at this point, is that the owner wasn't totally clear in explaining the maintenance price.  I got it that the system was about $4,000 to install, but it somehow didn't stick in my mind if he told me, that annual maintenance is $700! This includes winterization and insecticide refill, and system start-up in the spring but still..... Mosquito Squad very kindly provided free manual spraying until my system arrived and was fully installed in order to soften the blow.  I suppose if the system is amazing at eradication and I can use every inch of my property unbitten this year, I'll pay the $700 annually with a smile - Hope so!
Recent Review: I had originally written a bad review. However, Reynolds Pest Management reached out to me and made every effort to correct the problem to my satisfaction. They patiently explained the peculiarities of my area and reapplied an outdoor treatment at no extra expense. This company showed admirable accountability and professionalism.
Recent Review: There was a problem with one treatment when solution was applied right after it rained and had no affect on mosquitoes, GreenStar Termite & Pest Control offered re-treatment at no cost and mosquitoes were gone! Will use them again next year.

Reviews for Mosquito Misting System Installation in Ewing

AThe Mosquito Team
Their service is excellent. The job was well done. If it does not kill all of them, they will come back. They have a 30 day guarantee.
- Betty W....
ADC Mosquito Squad
They were great. We had an initial session to see if we like them and we thought the method was really effective. Therefore, we took their summer package for $450. They came out every three weeks, but they were very willing to come out before three weeks if we saw mosquito. They always called before they came out so that we could be prepared. They were careful not to damage our plants and I appreciated that.
- Jude M....
AThe Mosquito Team
I have used this service for several years and have been extremely pleased with the professionalism, personalization and effectiveness of treatments.  Ben has gone out of his way to treat around my schedule, and he has even rearranged his schedule to accommodate a social function at my home.  Thanks for a great job!
- Frances K....
AReynolds Pest Management Inc.
As usual with Reynolds, the installation went great.  You don't even see the sprayer nozzles in my privacy fence.  They took the time to drill perfect size holes to place the nozzle through. This system is awesome and can be set up on timers or manually.  We got the more expensive unit that is self contained.  Inside a small box there are 2 cannisters, one holds the water and the other holds the mosquito killer.  This unit is hooked up to one of the spigots on the side of my house.  They set up valves so we can still use the hose. There's other accessories like the one that tells it if it's too windy and it won't spray but I didn't get that yet.  Although this sounds expensive, I can tell you it's worth every penny and more.  I have severe allergies.  My husband was always spraying mosquito spray on the patio.  I've used Reynolds for over 4 years and trust them. I called Reynolds after I walked out and almost had an asthma attack from the spray.  Brian, Dennis and Charles (my regular service guy) came and installed, set all pressures and whatever they had to do.  They explained everything to us and took us around so we understood where the nozzles and tubes are.  The unit was set to spray 2 times a day. The unit is serviced and checked for amount of solution left in the container.  Reynold's checks the entire system and refills the mosquito solution if needed on a schedule to be sure it doesn't run out of solution.  This mosquito control system has been fantastic.  It doesn't bother my allergies and is safe for my dogs.  I turn it off by remote when I want to.  When I want, I just push the button and it's on or I just give it a quick spray before I go out into the yard.  I have 3 very large dogs and every morning I let them out while it's still dark.  I stay next to the open sliding door getting my coffee. I can tell you that I had the mosquito sprayer on and didn't have any problems with mosquitoes or any other bugs coming into the house with the door open.  It was great.  I turned the unit off since I didn't think it was going to be needed.  A couple of mornings later when I opened the door to the patio, within seconds I had mosquitoes flying in.  I immediately got the remote and turned it back on!  In the long run, I feel like this mosquito sprayer will pay for itself.  The convenience speaks for itself but the cost of mosquito repellants was adding up.  We don't have to worry about buying cans of repellent or going to the store for it.  It's nice to be able to be outside and not be attacked by mosquitoes.  I can actually be out with my husband and not worry about my allergies and not breathing because of cans of mosquito spray. I strongly recommend Reynolds and this unit.  I haven't even begun to explain it all.  I can only say it's one of the best investments in my home that I've made. 
- Karen W....
AAmerican Pest
Dwayne, our service tech, is extremely professional and genuinely interested in his profession.  He's always attentive and willing to go the extra mile if needed.  We're on the every other month plan with mosquito and tick package.
- Alec M....
ASouthern Pest Control
They have been good. There is additional charge for treating for mosquitoes. They definitely come out whenever I call. They had to come once a month because it is a new home. Though they had to come out a few times, it has been better after they came out.
- Kim L....
AConnor's Pest Control
We've been using Conner's for about a year now for Pest control indoor and outdoor. They are always really friendly and professional. In emergencies they are very prompt coming the next day. No sign of the massive spiders we were having and the outdoor mosquito control is wonderful. I love these guys!
- Cathi P....
AElite Termite And Pest Solutions
Great. They come back if you spot more insects that they sprayed for with a great attitude and don't treat you like it was a bother. Have only seen one insect indoors since they sprayed almost 2 months ago. Outdoors they are recurrent, but they explained there's only so much you can do about that with weather conditions and such.
- Laura C....
APittman Pest Control
They were great and polite and professional on the phone.  I am out of their work area, they suggested I get a refund.
- Elizabeth G....
AMosquito Squad of Fredericksburg
It's a Mom and Pop type company.  They sell several different packages.  The service has been great. We don't have to worry about mosquitos now.  There was a time they came and soon after we had a heavy rain storm that washed away the chemicals.  We were expecting company and they returned on a holiday to re spray at no additional cost. We have recommend their services to friends who are also very pleased.
- Michael D....