Dale City Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Recent Review: Ambient Bamboo Floors Inc were very friendly and helpful.
Recent Review: We ended up hiring him to install new wood look laminate. Looks Great! Durable for dogs and kids. We really needed a professional consultant on the best type of floors for our lifestyle. These are carefree. The clean well and still look new.
Recent Review: It went very well very honest, and they put the customers best interest first and quality products.
Recent Review: Went to Lumber Liquidators and talked to staff about floating floors. Decided to purchase the Schon Quick Clic (Select Red Oak) random length plank flooring with underlayment. I picked up the flooring and let it acclimate (as per instructions) for 4 days. I opened 3 of the 9 boxes to get started and noticed that many of the longer planks were cupped. They wouldn't lay flat on the floor unless you pushed them down. Didn't like that at all so I took some of the cupped planks back to LL and showed them to the staff. They agreed that they were not supposed to be like that and immediately place an order for replacements for all 9 boxes. Had to wait almost 2 weeks for the replacement order. I took the original stuff back and picked up the new flooring. After acclimating the new flooring for 4 days, I installed the flooring. While it does look very nice and is easy to install, I'm just not sure that this flooring is the greatest engineered wood flooring. While the second order did not contain planks that were cupped as bad as the first order, there were some that were not flat and at the perimeter of the floor the flooring does tend to rise up. It seems most other engineered wood flooring is made up of 3 layers (finish layer with 2 backing layers). This flooring is a finish layer with some type of MDF (medium density fiberboard?) backing. Whether this makes it more inclined to cup or warp, I'm not sure, but it did. Also, the MDF backing (where it is cut to receive the tongue of an adjacent plank) does tend to easily chip. Again, all in all, the flooring looks very nice and it does come with a 25-year guarantee. I have done many projects around the house and just didn't feel that construction of this flooring was as good as it should be.
Recent Review: It went perfectly. The thing that was different about Arlandria Floors was that they had a product nobody else had. They put in a sheet vinyl floor that did not need to be glued down and that thus could go down on top of several existing floors. Nobody else even mentioned that such a product existed.
Recent Review: The sales person, Jonathan Greeson, was direct, honest, and very pleasant and easy to work with. He arrived on time to measure, and he kept me informed throughout the purchase process (status of order, arrival, and delivery). The customer service department, Sharon or Shari, were responsive when I called when installers did not first arrive when scheduled. There was a several day delay in installation because of some missing boards and there was some miscommunication about when the installers would arrive. I expected them three days in a row and they never arrived as scheduled. In the end, it worked out fine. The installation job was not excellent, but very good. The crew, when they did arrive, worked over 14 hours in one day to get the job done so I could move on with other remodeling.
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Recent Review: Thadson Flooring is a great resource for your floor covering needs. Eric is a great project manager an took the time to listen to what I wanted. He and his installers were very professional and did a great job refinishing over 1,000 sq ft. of wood flooring and installing a mid-century pattern VCT floor in my basement. Both jobs turned out great and the cost was very reasonable for the work performed.
Recent Review: We had excellent results. The installers were capable, polite, helpful. The floors are really beautiful.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Simply put, I couldn't be happier with the work done by District Floor Depot. They replaced flooring throughout the main floor of our row house due to plumbing-flood damage to the old floors. It was a tricky job, with a stair opening, installation of flooring under some semi-floating kitchen base cabinets, lots of cuts around some columns, etc. The work was carefully and beautifully done. The work done by District Floor Depot was far superior to the carpenter who originally installed the floors.

Reviews in Dale City to Install Bamboo Flooring

AFloor Concepts & Design
Ali was very reasonable and easy to work with. His installer did a great job installing the bamboo flooring in our kitchen.
- Lisa A....
AUnique Floor Design Center
this is a great little company.  We wanted bamboo flooring installed in our basement.  We contacted a couple of companies for estimates.  We received both estimates, and the Unique Floor estimate was the better deal.  Then we had added a nuance to the basic pattern (added a different color border changed the amount of ceramic tile) and asked for a revised estimate.  We quickly received the Unique Floor estimate and never received one from the other company.  So we chose Unique Floor. We selected a date, but they showed  up early.  This worked out well because they were able to finish early. Their work was of high quality.  They moved all our furniture around (including a piano) and took care to cover all the points where the furniture touched the floor with a protective piece of carpeting. After they finished we noticed some glue spots on the floor,  They had someone pop right out and clean them up. All in all it was a good experience both in quality of materials, installation and service.  I'd use them again.
- Jane L....
ABeaulieu Floors Inc
It went great The floors look really really good and it helped sell our townhome. The price was a little high but you pay for what you get a great job.
- Jim T....
AAll Eco Center
Dave, the owner, came for the estimate within 2 days of my call. He measured the areas and was able to email me a quote shortly after. He is very knowledgeable about the products he sells and is also very professional. They crew arrived on time and installed the counter tops and flooring without leaving any dirt behind!! We were very pleased with the service.
- Raquel V....
APetersen's Carpet & Flooring
Peteresen's was the only company around that had the bamboo floors I wanted. They were very friendly and responsive, and most importantly, they did a fantastic job. I will definitely use them again.
- Stephanie F....
ALifetime Stones & Construction
These guys did a terrific job. My hardwood floors look fabulous. They corrected some water damaged spots in the kitchen. They listened to what I wanted and I got just what I wanted. Mr. Antonio Francis enjoys the work that he does - and from the beginning I knew he was a man of excellence, and did not close out the project until I was satisfied. I wish all contractors were like him.
- Cece F....
ACarpet & Vacuum Expo
Steve at the Potomac, Maryland location was wonderful to work with!  He worked with me to obtain samples of flooring he did not normally have in the store and he arranged for installation with wonderful follow-up.  The installers also were very professional, hardworking, respectful and clean.  I note that there is a wide selection of flooring in the store, we were just looking for something very specific.
- Leon F....
FUS Floors Inc
We had used U.S. Floors  once before in Feb. 2011 to have  300 sq ft of premium hardwood in a single room. It was not perfect but good enough.   Our below ground basement flooded during Hurricane Lee when it passed through the D.C. area. We took out the carpet and asked U.S. Floors to replace it and the glued-down parque floor, also damaged by the flood, with engineered bamboo on top of the existing concrete floor. We were given complete assurance that this whole effort would be completed in a timely way.  My wife teaches piano lessons in the basement and we could not take off too much time.     The problems with U.S. Floors started on day one and continue nearly two months later, still unfinished and unresolved. U.S. Floors arrived on the appointed day, several hours late, and with a new plan, The new plan was to "float" the new floor on a sheet of waterproof foam, instead of gluing it directly on top of the concrete floor AND on top of the old parque. 'Something' would be done to deal with the bump between the concrete floor and the parque. There would be matching bamboo "thresholds" to handle the transitions between the new floor and bare concrete - utility room, laundry room and some closets. Without scraping up the old floor and no gluing, there was obviously much less work, no caustic fumes, no splintered old wood, trash, or work dust. The owner of U.S. Floors was confident and compelling - we "bought in" to the adjustment to "float" the new floor.     After three days, they claimed to be done. Thanksgiving was upon us and I had time to examine what had been done. There were no bamboo door thresholds. One door threshold was executed in unfinished oak, and the transition bump where the parque met the concrete was executed in ugly, unfinished oak making a transition 1" higher than the floor that caught one's shoe. This transition is in the most visible part of the entire floor. There was also 32-feet of shoe molding missing. In several places the shoe molding was cracked or split from using too large a fastening nail. Wherever there was difficulty getting the molding to stay secured, they were many extra nail holes. On one 24-inch piece of shoe molding there were 20 nails!    In several places in the flooring, there were visible gaps where you could see through to the concrete floor. In many places the new floor deflected as much as 3/8 of an inch. We checked the manufacturer website for the correct procedure for floating a floor. U.S. Floors did none of the checks for flatness before starting the job. And, obviously, they did not level the floor before starting the job. When you step on certain areas of the floor, you feel for a brief second like you are slipping into a fall. I marked the dozen or so areas with the problem, with special note of the worst areas. To correct this problem will require lifting all the boards and filling the depressions with (non compressible) shimming material or thinset, essentially relaying the entire floor.    Piano lessons have started back up so scheduling work means taking time off. This would be the fifth day of work.  Most recently, after the third week, the owner was to come over and review the deflection problem. He missed two appointments and never called even though I called to confirm the appointment. On one of the installation days, the installer even had another job that he disappeared for three hours to attend to. More days and time off.   The last day U.S. Floors came, thinset was mixed and spread somewhere to address the deflection problem. Not sure what happened, but when everything was put back together, they had missed the big deflection spots. The floor is still not level. The owner never came to check his installer's work. Nor did he follow up to see that the problem had been addressed.  And they charged our credit card for the remaining amount due without the work being finished or even asking whether we were satisfied.   The missing shoe molding and thresholds have never been delivered or installed.  It has now been more than ten weeks. The floor is still incomplete. I have given up trying to communicate with U.S. Floors.  In the summer, I plan on redoing the two rooms myself, with glue.    We have learned our lessons - never, never, change your plan without having time to think it through.  Never give them a credit card number and never let anyone talk you into something different at the last minute. Never agree to anything you do not fully understand. This seemingly minor late minute adjustment, floating the floor caused a cascade of unforseen problems all borne by us, not U.S. Floors. The bottoms of several doors had to have their bottoms sawed to clear the higher floor. Built in furniture drawers needed to be adjusted. The heighten transition requires the door to the furnace room to be removed when servicing the furnace.    In the end, floating, gluing, etc. is not the problem, U.S. Floors did not know how to lay this floor. Scheduling, lack of experience, competence, integrity, follow-through, customer care, and poor quality are the problem. I would not recommend U.S. Floors to anyone for any work, no matter how simple. F-. Is there such a thing?
- Carolyn E....
AThe Design Expo - Flooring Center of Bowie
The Design Expo helped us choose bamboo flooring that they then installed in our kitchen over existing sub-flooring, after removing the old linoleum and baseboards.  They also sanded and refinished the oak flooring in our dining room and living room, recommending a type of oil that gives a finish consistent with the style of our house, but giving us the option of choosing the finish we wanted.  (We took their recommendation and are very happy with the result.)  Both jobs were well done and continue to look outstanding more than a year later.  The salesmen and workmen were professional in their interactions with us.  Cleanup was very carefully and completely done, also.  We're very satisfied with the job.
- James C....
The crew took out the carpet and put in the new flooring but managed to get every wall in the house dirty. On top of that, the floors made popping noises in each room whenever someone took a step. One room was so bad that we insisted they fix - they had to replace all the wood in the room. Approximately a year later, the boards in that room are becoming uneven. We have had to live with popping sounds in other rooms because they only agreed to redo that one room. Seeing the condition of the floors only worsen has been disheartening as we realize we will have to pay someone to come in and fix them. Their price was good, but now we will have to pay someone else more money for repairs.
- Roger S....