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Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: I called them for service. They came out and gave me a price and I hired them on the spot. They did a very good job of cleaning house smelled and looked great by the time they were done . I would recommend them to anyone looking for cleaning services
Recent Review: I have had Ruths Cleaning Service clean my home for the 2nd time, and I must say Ruth and her crew are on time, very thorough, will go over details with what was done and timely with the job, in and out.  I am very pleased with their work so much that I have scheduled them to come back next month.   Karen Burroughs
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: They are excellent.  It isn’t always the same set of people because sometimes they have to make substitutions, but the woman that came out this last time made my house sparkling and neat even though it started as a disaster area.  There is nothing like coming home to a clean house that you don’t have to clean.  I have had them power wash my house before and do a whole house deep clean, and they were excellent with those as well.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: Henry’s Housework provides roof cleaning, house washing, gutter cleaning and professional pressure washing services in Montgomery County, Frederick County Maryland and Prince Georges County Maryland. Our Pressure Washing Technicians are some of the best trained in the world. They have earned Certifications for House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Environmental Cleaning and Wood Restoration from the Power Washers of North America, Alliance Trade Services, Contractors Foundation, Wolman, American Builders and Restoration and Jahn Masonry and Restoration. Our President, Henry Bockman is recognized as one of the leading experts in the Pressure Washing Industry in North America, he has also received The Daily Points Of Light Award, and several awards from the Power Washers Of North America, and other contractor and networking organization awards. Our mission at Henry’s Housework is to provide outstanding services and quality work, at a reasonable rate. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to train our technicians and to keep updated with new procedures for the many types of services we provide. Services In Montgomery County - Prince George's & Frederick County Maryland
Recent Review: After receiving a phone call from Ms. Ana in response to the comment, I'd like to correct something. We weren't charged $25 last-minute for the oven cleaning. Rather, when we scheduled the appointment over the phone she let us know the price and we agreed to it. Instead, we should have said that the prices for extra services such as oven cleaning weren't listed on Angie's List. We definitely apologize for misspeaking. The next section is long. TLDR; we maintain the other stuff we said in the previous comment. They did a good job overall, which is why we gave them a B, but we want to be truthful about our experience too. That's all. Ms. Ana was very professional and diplomatic on the phone, even while explaining that she wasn't happy with our comment since it affects her company's image... I wasn't going to go into detail, however I'm disappointed by the explanations she gave. Like we said before, we made an appointment for 8:30 am and they came 40 (not 45) minutes later without explanation. I called twice and left a message during that time, but they didn't see that I called until they arrived because they were using their phone for gps.... Let me be clear, it wasn't a big deal that they were late. But why wouldn't you as the company call and say 'Hey we're gonna be late, we're traveling from DC and we're stuck in traffic'. That would've been fine, I understand this kind of thing. Okay, so they didn't call, and when they arrived they didn't explain anything either. Okay. Neither of us said anything about it and I thanked them for coming. Next, near the end of their service I did a quick look at what we asked them to clean, which primarily was the kitchen and bathrooms since we were moving into an (empty! and mostly already clean) house. We asked them that if after cleaning those they had time left over to please mop the floors in the kitchen and living room. The bathrooms were mostly good, except they missed a few spots that I showed Ms. Ana. She wiped them down and they looked good. No cause for complaint! Until I reached the master bedroom shower. The floor was still dirty. It had stains that don't come out easily with regular cleaning. I already knew that, and I also know that they do come out very easily with the right products. Ms. Ana said they were impossible to clean, that they were too old, and that she didn't want to use her nails to scratch them out (?? no one said she had to do that). She said this at our house and again later on the phone. I wish I had a picture of the shower floor... SMH... it wasn't even that bad. The problem that I have with this is that 1. you as a cleaning professional don't know how to approach stubborn dirt and say that it is impossible to clean because you used Clorox and it still didn't come out. A quick 10 second search on youtube or google will show you exactly how to clean this. For people out there who wonder how to remove a stubborn shower dirt from the floor, here are two methods that will 100% work every time, no matter how bad the dirt stain is on most shower floors: use an oven cleaner, such as Easy Off. The second way, if you don't want to use chemicals, or you just want to use something you already have at home, please look at this youtube link: [*** Link removed ***] The title of the 2 1/2 minute video is "How to Clean Textured Fiber Glass or Plastic Shower Floor". The lady in the video uses baking soda, hot water, a bit of vinegar and dish soap. By the way our shower floor was nowhere near as bad as in the video. Okay the second problem I have with that is that you tell me it's impossible to clean, that it's too old, and then you show me that by using a rag, a sponge, and a spritz of purple cleaning spray (maybe Fabuloso?). Those are clearly the wrong tools that would never work, of course those won't work. The shower floor is discolored/stained and it's mostly due to hard water and mineral deposits that will make the floor look dirty no matter how many times you clean. You just have to know which products are effective and safe for that simple problem for fiberglass or plastic floors. You might be able to use Lime-a-way or CLR as well. Regular Clorox is not for that. I trust you as a professional and I'm paying you for your time and expertise. I'll include a picture, but it's not of my shower, it's just an image I found on google. The floor was just as dirty as what's depicted. Okay. I wouldn't have written any of this at all on Angie's List, and honestly this stuff is not a big deal and it's easily fixable. But instead of seeing why I said my previous comment you only defended yourself and said that it was impossible and that you're not happy with my comment. I'm not gonna argue. Lastly. The refrigerator was empty, mostly clean, but we still asked for Ms. Ana to wipe it down. After she took a minute to wipe it she asked me to come look and see if it's okay. I barely glanced inside because it actually did look clean at a glance and I just wanted them to finish... That was my mistake. After they left I checked it again and saw the same few crumbs that were there before, the same juice box straw wrapper that was there before and now, there was residue from the wet rag and cleaner they used so it was streaky too. Honestly Uh, other than that Ms. Ana was nice and the oven was cleaned super well.
Business Description: Here at Chicas Professional Cleaning, we believe that costumer satisfaction is the goal to success. We are committed to provide outstanding customer service by maintaining a high quality and professional service. From the initial estimate given, through the completion of your project, your satisfaction is very important to us. Whether your project is one room in your home or the entire house our goal is to deliver the highest quality service at reasonable rates. Call on us to see how we can help you with the project you're now considering! We specialize in routine and deep cleaning, house cleaning and much more!
Business Description: Extreme Cleaning When hoarding and clutter get out of control, it often makes cleaning impossible. That's where we come in we offer a total solution to de-cluttering and cleaning that you can count on. First, we'll go in and de-clutter your home, working closely, compassionately, and respectfully with you to help you decide what to keep, donate, sell, and throw away. We'll even help you with donation and selling! Next, our team will professionally clean the affected rooms in your home to give you a nice, fresh start. There is nothing we haven't seen. Please don't be embarrassed, call for a FREE estimate today. Senior Solutions Grandmother with her granddaughter Handling a lifetime of possessions. For any senior, downsizing and moving can be a traumatic experience. Because we understand the emotional and physical challenges of sorting through and organizing a lifetime of possessions. We'll help you decide and organize what you want to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. We'll take all of the items to their appropriate destination and move the rest with the kind of care a lifetime of possession deserves. Whether you need to move your aging mother or you are the executor of a complicated estate, we can handle all of your needs. You can trust our team to move your family -- get your no-hassle FREE estimate now. De-Cluttering Reclaim a closet, room or garage. We all have one. That project that keeps getting put off and put off because you don't want to deal with it -- then keeps getting worse. Before you know it, you have a room filled with stuff and no clue what to do or how to organize it. Enter with the organizational solution you need. As part of our de-cluttering service, we'll work with you to: Develop a workable organizational structure for your things that gets you organized -- and helps you stay that way. Help you get rid of the things you don't need Develop a workable storage solution for the things you want to keep And we'll do it all to implementing the system and leaving your home totally clean and organized. So take back your home from clutter and get your no-hassle FREE estimate now! Organizing Save Time-Can't find what you are looking for because of too much clutter? We can help you organize clutter so you can find what you want when you need it. Save Money-Spending money purchasing items you already own? Paying service charges for not paying bills on time? We can help you eliminate duplicate purchases as well as those pesky late fees/service charges. De-Stress and Decompress-Feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed and stressed because of clutter in your home? let us help you Our desire is to help you clean, cut the clutter, determine and meet your organizational needs and goals by developing custom organizing solutions, declutter and clean as well as find a systems that will work for you!
Recent Review: It went very well. Very friendly, and diligent. They were on-time, and provided their own green cleaning products.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Vania and her team were excellent. She performed a free walkthrough prior to the first cleaning and listened to all of our concerns. She was always responsive and flexible with scheduling. We loved coming home to a sparkling clean house after her team had been there! We would highly recommend Vania's services.

Reviews in Clear Brook for Move Cleaning

AVania's Extra GREEN Cleaning Services
Vania and her team were excellent. She performed a free walkthrough prior to the first cleaning and listened to all of our concerns. She was always responsive and flexible with scheduling. We loved coming home to a sparkling clean house after her team had been there! We would highly recommend Vania's services.
- Tricia S....
AiQ Cleaning Washington DC
I cannot recommend them enough. I paid for move out cleaning for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath and carpet cleaning. They were done in less than two hours -- I let them in and then went out to run some errands and came back just as the cleaners were leaving. My house looked like a whole new world - and it was a beautiful new world. As long as I live in the DMV area I will continue to hire them for move-out cleaning and maybe a cleaning or two each year just because it's so nice to have a clean house without having to lift a finger. Totally worth the money.
- Theresa W....
ANext Day Cleaning Service
Cleaning went great! Only issue was the refrigerator/freezer was unplugged during cleaning; returned later to ice melted on the floor - inside of fridge/freezer was spotless We caught it early so there was no water damage to the hardwood. Our townhouse looked great when they were done. We're actually using them again now that our current renters have moved out
- Angela P....
I hired Elite on short notice for an apartment cleaning (one bedroom loft). I was a little worried because I left an amazing amount of trash and dust behind and when I walked back in my apartment today it was spotless. Refrigerator completely cleaned out. Everything sparkled. I was completely floored. Everytime I called to confirm or check on something someone was immediately responsive.
- Diana C....
AEspinoza's Cleaning Service
I had my house on the market and I was literally moving out and leaving in a few days to make my final move out of Va. I contacted a few businesses to see if there were any hope someone can come out last minute and do a cleaning since I had a showing in a few days. Jocelyn responded immediately and was able to come at the day and time I needed. I owned a 3 level TH and Jocelyn and her mom cleaned it from top to bottom. I mean dusted, mopped, cleaned windows, cleaned both fridges and oven. The last time it was that clean was when I first brought the house. They did a remarkable job and the price was well worth it. If I still owned the house I would hire them on a regular basis. You cannot go wrong with hiring Espinoza's cleaning service. I can't rave about their service enough and i would give them an A+++ if i could.
- Minnettia D....
ATwo Maids & A Mop
I recently moved out of my apartment and into a condo. Two maids and a mop were prompt, quick and did an excellent job. They showed up on time, and were in contact at all times. I will definitely be recommending and using them again.
- Bryan P....
AIsabela Cleaning
Fantastic! We needed to help fast and they were really affordable. They came a few minutes early, and did all the bathrooms and kitchen really well. It was really such a relief that they just took care of everything top to bottom, including getting the dust and grime from the baseboards and cabinets. We have tried cleaning services before and weren't impressed, but her team definitely knows what they are doing, and at the end, she goes around to double-check everything was done right before they head out. Would definitely recommend! Such a relief.
- Rose H....
ANext Day Cleaning Service
I was called within 30 minutes of claming the deal. They provided same day service even though we were just outside their normal service area. The ladies did an excellent and thorough job. They were early and worked through the entire time doing everything I asked. They were polite and gracious and worked diligently.
- Brittany J....
The cleaning went very well. The ladies were punctual, professional and attentive to the areas I pointed out needed the most attention. I plan to use this company again.
- Sharon D....
AVictoria Maids
It went very well. Very friendly, and diligent. They were on-time, and provided their own green cleaning products.
- Shawn R....