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FJ.P.R. Painting, LLC
I chose J.P.R. Painting, LLC because of the great reviews I read on several sites plus the A rating on this site. The first two qualities to consider when hiring someone to work on your home are Skill and Integrity. Mr. John Robertson (owner) was to meet me at 9:00 a.m. on March 9 for a quote to pressure wash and paint the aluminum siding on my garage, one entry door and one window. Mrs. Robertson (Office Manager) called shortly before 9:00 and said her husband had gotten lost and was on his way back to the office but she could come by after work or, since she was looking at my property on Google Earth at that moment and could see the garage, she could work up a quote from there if that was okay. I gave her the measurements of the garage from the plat survey and she emailed a quote that same evening. On March 10 I emailed back accepting the quote. I chose the paint color on March 11 and that same day Mrs. Robertson scheduled the work for Monday, March 26 and welcomed me to the JPR Family. Unfortunately the weather took a bad turn. It got colder and it snowed toward the end of March so I asked to have the work rescheduled. Mrs. Robertson said no problem. She would keep a close eye on the weather and if I was okay with short notice she would call or email the day before they came out. That was on March 24. I didn't hear from them again until they both came to the house on April 4 and after walking around my garage Mr. Robertson said there was no way he was going to paint this garage. Not for the price quoted ($100.00 to pressure wash and $825.00 to paint for a subtotal of $925.00 minus a discount of $200.00 they were offering on their Facebook page for all exterior paint jobs under $999. They were offering a discount of $300 for jobs over $1000. I wasn't aware of the discount until it was applied to the quote which brought the total price down to $725.00). Mr. Robertson said he would only be making a profit of $250.00 after expenses. There was no way he was going to do it for that amount. I told him this wouldn't look good on his Angie's List review and he said he didn't know why I was giving him "Attitude". He asked me "would you do it for $250?". I didn't answer him then but yes Mr. Robertson. If I had given my word I would have done the honorable thing which would have been to stand behind your quote. According to my plat map the garage measures 31.5 feet x 21 feet. The garage door is being replaced so it didn't need to be painted and wasn't included in the quote. There is a regular entry door in front beside the garage door. That was to be painted white but Mrs. Robertson said they always had white paint left over so there was no charge for the paint for that. The trim around that door would be painted black. Beside that door, also in front, is a large window. The trim around that window was to be painted white. All other trim around the garage was to be the same color as the garage was being painted. The garage has a window on each end and another along the back. All trim on these windows was to be same as the siding nothing extra. The bottom part of the back is cinderblock with a wooden door and the bottom part of one side of the garage is cinderblock with a large window into a cellar that the back wooden door leads into. None of this was to be painted, only the aluminum siding part so that area was not part of the quote. The quote was only for "Pressure washing and exterior painting of the garage. The garage paint will be chosen if quote accepted. Door and window to be painted white and trim around door to be painted black. The quote does include all paint and supplies". Eliminating the garage door and the three windows from the aluminum area to be painted it seemed like a fair quote to me for both of us. If the work on my garage had been done and done well I had planned to hire him to paint the interior of my house as well as a wooden fence along the property line next fall. I don't think, in the long run, he would have lost any money. I would have paid the bill in full and not in monthly payments as the quote offered. But, after saying again he didn't know why he was getting this "Attitude" he told his wife to "come on". Mrs. Robertson leaned over and whispered "Sorry" to me before following him to their car and leaving. I was really stunned by this turn of events as I had two very pleasant telephone conversations and many email communications with Mrs. Robertson and had really already decided I wanted to hire this company after my first conversation with her even before the quote was given. Mr. Robertson never offered another quote so I have no idea how much he would have done the job for. This was truly a very bad experience.
- Deborah Y....
AJ N R Home Renovations LLC
During the past few months, the owner performed the above repairs, etc., in a timely and professional manner.  I plan to use his services again and would not hesitate to recommend him for minor and major home repairs and/or renovations.
- Betty M....

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Recent Review: He was reliable, gave us a good estimate, and finished when he said he would.
Business Description: "Where Quality and Affordably Meet!" Free Quotes, Available Days, Nights, and Weekends. Discounts for referrals, returning customers, and seniors. We take pride in the work we do and enjoy helping our customer's dreams a reality. We care about speaking to our customers about their budget, this is important, as we want to be affordable and provide Quality work as Quality is very important to our company. Facebook: J P R Painting@qualityworkmansip (pictures are available) Web:
Recent Review: During the past few months, the owner performed the above repairs, etc., in a timely and professional manner.  I plan to use his services again and would not hesitate to recommend him for minor and major home repairs and/or renovations.