Buffalo Junction Crawl Space Waterproofing

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Recent Review: Great job, lifetime warranty - which they have honored throughout the years.
Recent Review: JES sales reps are extremely good at what they do, so if you call them, expect to hear a hard sales pitch and be prepared to make decisions on the fly. Cost came out to be higher than I expected, but quality of work was exceptional. Took crews 2 days to completely insulate, waterproof, and encapsulate my crawl space. Crawl space is beautiful now. Some minor cosmetic damage was caused to foundation parging, but JES gladly reimbursed me for costs to repair. All in all a good experience and my electrical/HVAC bills are down roughly $100/month (likely synergistic with outdoor temperature levels).
Recent Review: I had a 50-year-old house with a cinderblock basement wall that had water slowly coming through. I researched the various firms that did waterproofing and had three highly rated firms come out for an estimate. The first contractor didn’t even bring a flashlight and just looked around and said to keep an eye on it. The second gentlemen did provide detailed estimate and carefully explained the problem. Randy, the owner, from Chamberlin Washington provided a similar diagnosis and estimate. His estimate was not only a little less expensive but he looked at the entire house and found other things that could use some maintenance. This is what I liked about Randy – he looked at the whole house and discovered several smaller things that should be fixed to avoid issues down the road. These were all things I knew about already but I’m glad someone took the time to examine the entire house and not just the one issue I was having. We had then not only waterproof the outside wall but also fill the expansion joints in our patio and seal one basement window as well as re-point some mortar joints in the brink chimney. When the crew came they went to work. They also did an admirable job protecting our plants. An old section of of a 6' high stockade fence had to be removed and I bough a new section and the crew was happy to put that up. When they water tested the wall they found a small leak. They re-did the sealant and that did the trick. Randy came out and supervised critical parts of the job. He was great to work with and happily fixed a few small things at the end. Randy really cares about doing the job right. I am 100% pleased with the work they did. I watched over much of the repair and everything was done correct and by the book. Overall I can't say enough about how pleased I was with Chamberlin-Washington and their work. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Recent Review: The work was good and was completed on time. Working with Trey was easy and he was very polite & professional the entire time. However, we have two complaints. 1) They (Rob) said they would provide a quote for us for to finish our stairs and hang drywall but they never did. I'm assuming they were too busy with other waterproofing jobs, but a simple "I'm sorry, we are unable to do that" would have been fine. I called at least 2-3 times to follow up on the 2nd quote with no returned phone calls. 2) They removed the carpet on our stairs to complete the job (totally fine), however, they never put it back and left our basement stairs bare with nails sticking out of them.
Business Description: Residential waterproofing
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Recent Review: Three men arrived on time they were courteous professional and worked hard! My only suggestion, prior to leaving the premises when the job is completed meet with the customer to see if they have any questions. I had to remind them when they were getting ready to leave I needed to pay them for their services! Would I hire them again you bet. Hard workers!
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: It went very well. Mark and crew are very reliable, hard working and pleasure to deal with. They go an extra mile to ensure the job is done right and then some. I highly recommend this company for your basement/crawl space needs.
Recent Review: outstanding. The team was very professional and knowledgeable. They finished the job quickly. They were polite and respected the house..... cleaned up everything when done. We are very pleased.

Reviews in Buffalo Junction to Waterproof Crawl Space

ACrawford Waterproofing
the job went very well it took about 3 days. They came in and cut floor aroung wall in basement and installed a system under the floor to stop water from coming in. they also put in a French drain outside to carry water off and over a hill in the back yard everything is below ground and cannot be seen. I have had no water in my basement since. it also comes with a lifetime warrentee
- Norman H....
AStructural Masonry Services Inc
outstanding. The team was very professional and knowledgeable. They finished the job quickly. They were polite and respected the house..... cleaned up everything when done. We are very pleased.
- Jeff K....
AA A Action Waterproofing Inc
Representative very knowledge of waterproofing. Provided options for repair. Was very patient and clear in explanations of the problem.
- James D....
It went very well. Mark and crew are very reliable, hard working and pleasure to deal with. They go an extra mile to ensure the job is done right and then some. I highly recommend this company for your basement/crawl space needs.
- Artour S....
AB-Dry Waterproofing and Foundation Repair
did the job right the first time in the time the blocked for the job and with no disruptions to myself or family.
- David L....
AS&S Waterproofing And Foundation Repair
Steve and his crew executed my project with quality workmanship and promptness. The service provided was professional and neat! I’m very happy with the work they completed.
- Melanie G....
BB-Dry Waterproofing and Foundation Repair
They were very professional and did a very good job. The only issue I had was that afterwards I had a leak in my foundation and the location that it was leaking at, wasn’t covered by the warranty, and I had to fix the leak myself. I felt that they should’ve noticed this while doing the job. I would recommend them. They cleaned up after themselves and they did do a good job.
- Cuyler T....
AB-Dry Waterproofing and Foundation Repair
They have a lifetime warranty, and I had to call them back on one issue and they responded right away and took care of it. They are pretty reliable.
- Hunter J....
AS&S Waterproofing And Foundation Repair
My neighbor had S&S Waterproofing do some work for him and he was pleased so I decided to get an estimate to go along with estimates I had gotten from some other bigger companies. When the owner (Steve) came out to look at my situation, I explained what was going on and what I was looking to have done. From my experience from the other companies, I was ready for a sales pitch and for things to be pushed on me that I was not interested in. To my surprise that was not the case with him, no sales pitch or high pressure sales tactics used at all. He answered any questions I had but not once tried to "up-sale" anything to me or pressure me into something I was not interested in or needed to have done. After I received his estimate I found that his price ($16,000) was much more reasonable then the estimates I received from the bigger companies ($24,400 and $31,000) to have the exact same things done. I decided to have him do my pier installation, waterproofing of my walls and downspout extensions. The owner went over everything that would be done with me which allowed me to ask any questions I had about the work that would be done. I was also pleased to see the owner was on site everyday to over see the work as it was done. When all was finished I was extremely pleased with the work that was done, the time it was done in and how my property was left after it was completed. The work was done in June, and I haven't had one issue since and saved thousands in the end, can't ask for more! I was happy to hear from Steve that he had joined Angie's List so that I could leave a review for him, I was beyond pleased by the entire experience.
- Shannon D....
FNV Waterproofing & Foundation Repair
The guy was nice. He had been doing assessments for years. I told him about the mold issues that needed were remediated. Explained now we need to assess the why it happened. He looked over inside and out. Took 10 minutes. He said, he could not smell any mold and that everything was good. Nothing needed to be done. Two day later I found two leaky windows with mold in the wall under them. An entire wall full of mold in kitchen, and the brick at the corner of home was missing a 4ft high by 2ft wide corner. Exposing the entire foundation and heating board. Water had been rolling into the walls of the basement. The front of the home was on a negative grade as well. Not pleased at all!
- Christina L....