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Business Description: We are a family runned contracting business with 15 year experience.

Reviews in Buchanan to Install Interior Trim & Decorative Molding

FWindow Max Inc
Absolutely the worst contracting experience ever. A total nightmare. Promised us everything and never did anything right. Windows- I told him we had 27, he only counted 25 and had to order 2 more. Slide control for the internal blinds on one sash is missing and they never replaced it. Doors - Sliding glass doors installed backward and never fixed correctly (control pulleys for blinds in the middle and not on the ends). Front door poorly stained and glossy polyurethane slopped on top. Blamed the door manufacturer, got a replacement, again terrible stain job and it sat for 2 years in my garage - never installed. Replaced trim around french doors and never finished or painted it. Kitchen - promised to remove the old flooring but put the new floor over top. Ordered the wrong cabinets, wrong sizes, wrong stain. Told us we would get custom cabinets and we got mostly boxed cabinets. Wrong configurations, depths, etc. Many had to be sent back and some are still not correct. Installed lights in incorrect positions. Put switches and outlets over the counter at different and uneven heights. Placed switches in odd locations. Put in Heat/AC registers in the ceiling - never connected them to the ducts, just left them open to the space above the ceiling. Bathrooms - ordered the wrong cabinets with drawers instead of doors, installed commode with the tank crooked, plumbing for 2 sinks in bathroom was incorrect and we had to pay another contractor to bring it up to code. Was to replace linen closet door and never did. Paint - Hired paint crew that got paint on our wallpaper, floors, carpet and furniture till we demanded they leave our house and not return. Used paint and colors other than our selections. Ruined a ceiling fan and promised to repair it but never did. $$$$ - demanded more money or he would not compete the work. When he had more money than for the work completed, he refused to even start the other bathroom and bedroom parts of the job that were part of the original contract. Would not tell us how much the granite countertops we selected would cost until the very last minute and we were forced to pay much more than budgeted. He got nasty when we pointed out their mistakes and asked them to correct problems. Job was to take 6 weeks and after 6 months they just walked away, refused to answer phone calls or emails. I had to hire another contractor to fix the problems and finish the incomplete parts of the original contract at great expense. Summary - I would not hire Window Max, Kitchen and Bath Max, Braden Miles, Joe Brightwell, or Steve Smith to build a dog house. My advice to anyone considering them would be RUN!!!!!!!!!!! They may give the lowest bid, but you will not get even what you pay for. STAY AWAY from these guys. They are the ones who give contractors a bad name. There are a lot more details to this nightmare, but I think you will get the picture.
- Marc N....