Bowling Green Bathroom Remodel

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Recent Review: I interviewed three contractors before hiring Kevin Arnold. I had done a $108,000 renovation on my home about seven years earlier (kitchen and two new bathrooms) and was disappointed in the service from the previous contractor, so I entered into this project with some bad baggage regarding contractors in general. I hired Kevin not only because his costs were reasonable (all bids were within hundreds of dollars of each other) but due to chemistry. I just had a gut feeling I could work with him and trust him. Kevin is very customer oriented. If you are happy; he is happy. We talked almost every morning throughout this six week project -- it was supposed to take five weeks but I held Kevin up to order the vanity I wanted, when I wanted. Each morning he gave me a run down of what they hoped to accomplish that day and what I could expect when I got home from work. He notified me immediately if there was a hiccup in our schedule or a SNAFU on progress. He handled all the interaction with the country pulling permits; recommended vendors; and recommended great alternates when the costs were too high for our budget. I was comfortable enough with Kevin to be honest about flaws or expectations. He always took my criticisms (there were very few) with a "can do" attitude and got it done. I have hired three contractors over the past seven years for major renovation projects in my home ($108k; $20k and $24k) and Kevin is the only one I would hire back. In fact I called this morning to ask for his handyman services. We finished on time and on budget. No surprises. No anxiety. It was a smooth transition all the way around. It was an absolute pleasure working with Kevin and I would recommend him -- and I have -- to any of my friends and colleagues. Finally, I have found someone I trust and who I can depend on in the world of contracting!
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Business Description: Licensed, Insured & Bonded American Building Dynamics is a minority-owned company founded in 2012. Administratively operated primarily by eight women. The company was originally known as Gutter Dynamics. Since the company has grown into a substantial team of premier class A contractors and employees. The company has evolved from offering not only gutter repairs and maintenance but, an array of additional services. To name a few, we now offer siding, window and door installations and repairs, interior, and exterior additions, and kitchen and bathroom renovations and remodels. American Building Dynamics offers a large scope of home improvement services and home renovation options. Our team's mission was to start a company offering our customers quality products and services at an affordable price. Our company provides world-class services to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of all our customers. In addition, with standards of integrity, we back all of our products, services, and workmanship with a 20-year warranty.
Recent Review: We came home from vacation over holidays and found a water leak in our master bathroom. Mark Stensney from Custom Quality Services was contracted to perform the cleanup and renovation. While the project was a significant undertaking, Mark's attention to detail, trustworthiness and craftmenship resulted in a magnificent new bathroom. Everyone we have shown the new bathroom to have commented that it should have been on HGTV. Truly great results.
Business Description: Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling. ceramic tile,marble. instalations. floor walls backsplashes
Recent Review: Matt helped us select right cabinets & granite for our basement kitchen & bathroom vanity. Cabinets were delivered on time in great condition. Granite was professionally installed within 5 days from the date of taking measurement. He gave us the best price, which was lower than Home Depot, and couple other cabinet and granite stores in Baltimore area for which we obtained price quote.
Business Description: Tile installation is my passion. I primarily do remodeling of bathrooms, homes, kitchens, and tile repair.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: It went fantastic! Ricardo Reinaltt and his team gave me a reasonable estimate, showed up on time, dressed professionally and completed the job within schedule and on budget!

Reviews for Remodeling Bathrooms in Bowling Green

ADreamMaker Bath & Kitchen
Our job was done very well and finished on time. We would definitely use Steve and his company again. Very professional, high quality work, and reasonable fee!
- Julia S....
FAll Work and No Play Inc
Troubled, dishonest, unreliable and irresponsible. We hired Christian for our total bathroom renovation because he made a good impression of an honest, hardworking and knowledgeable contractor.  He also had good online reviews. The guy desperately needed a job (he was willing to start immediately even though it was one day before Christmas, and we have no materials ready to start the job), so we decided to hire him. He was no more affordable than other contractors, in contrary of the self-description on his website, but I thought a person who needs a job would care more. Wrong. He requested to pay him 1/3 of the total before he started the job, which was OK with us. We trusted him, and wrote him a check upon his request.  He quickly figured out that we were nice people, and would be paying him whatever he was asking for. I began ordering materials and supplies: tiles, faucets, sinks, toilet, bathtub, cabinets and so on while he was doing demolition and disposal. When the demolition was done, he made a wooden base for a new shower (nothing else was touched at this point), and said that he was ready for the tiles, so it was time to pay him another 1/3 of the total.  We could not understand why he needed the second draw so fast, he even did not need to buy the materials; the price he gave us was for the labor only (some plumbing supplies like pipes were included in the price, but everything else drywall, calk, grout, paint and so on were on us), but we paid him. After that his attitude toward our project significantly changed.  He began experiencing “personal problems”. He did not show up for a week because he was doing another job, which he was afraid to loose. He stopped calling us to let us know whether he was coming, or not.  After a week of absence, he showed up and worked for one day. Next day he came at 11:00 am and left at 11:30am to go to Lowes to “pick up some things”, then disappeared. Meanwhile, a sub-contractor guy who had been hired by Christian for the tile job kept working on the shower and had no idea why it was taking so long for him to come back. Around 5 pm the sub-contractor guy informed us that Christian called him, and said that his car had broke beyond repair, so we had to wait again for him to resolve this new issue (as per Christian’s website, he covers a large area and takes jobs anywhere between DC and Richmond. If you are willing to drive that far, you have to have a reliable transportation, which he did not have). In two days Christian showed up, stayed for a couple of hours, did some minor work then told us that he had left his tools in somebody’s car, so he was unable to work. He left and got missing for a couple more days. Every time we had to call him and asked what was going on and when we should expect him to do the job he was hired and paid for. The sub-contactor guy was constantly held back with his part of job since the bathtub was not installed, and he was unable to put tiles around the tub.  Many important things were poorly or improperly done. He had trouble installing the bathtub faucets stating that he was unable to read instructions due to having ADHD and being dyslectic, but there were plenty of pictures to look through. Also, after removing the old shower inner walls, Christian had to fix the holes in the ceiling. Now we have the ceiling gaping out in two places (not flat like it supposed to be) due to the wooden boards used to cover the holes being too thick.  Every time he showed up he kept complaining about how far he had to drive and how expensive his rent is. It was 40th day since he started our project, when he requested to pay him a half of the last 1/3 because he desperately needed money to pay his rent. The job was about 50% done with everything being unfinished: bathtub and shower without faucets and only partially grouted, partially done electric job, partially done drywall, no floor, cabinets, sinks and toilet installed, no walls painted. We told him that we could pay him after he installs at least the floor and cabinets, and over $6000 that we already paid him should be enough to cover his expenses, and what we were paying him was for his job not for his rent. He got extremely mad and left.  In a couple of days he called us and offered to come and finish the job. We refused. It took 2 months for us to finish our bathroom. We did not hire anybody else, and did everything by ourselves by working on weekends. I wish I could post the pictures of how our bathroom looked like when Christian left us, and how it looks now.
- Elena S....
FNew American Kitchen & Bath
Couldn't be any worse! "David" (guy in charge of NAKB) hired incompetent people. They came without equipment & had to borrow ours, didn't have basic supplies & worked out of the trunk of a car. The first tiler & plumber were fired because it was clear they were incapable; they leveled the tub with a piece of sheet rock instead of shims! The second plumber refused to come because he said he wasn't under contract, & "David" was out of town for 3 weeks & was the only one who could sign. We hired & paid for our own plumber..."David" said he'd reimburse us but then tried to force us to sign a waiver that negated the guarantee on his work; we had to take him to court to get the money. The guy who laid the tile was a handyman, not a professional tiler, & the tile is all crooked & unevenly caulked, if caulked at all. The caulking is messy, & he damaged our brand new tub. It took 8 weeks to do one small bathroom, it looks like crap, and we are out thousands of dollars, plus we had to take him to court to recoup some of the money. The bathroom is soooo bad, we are having it torn out and re-done again. ("David" claimed in court that he showed photos of our bathroom to perspective customer...really? He came to our house once after the remodel was complete and did not take any photos; plus showing such photos is professional suicide.)
- Brian B....
ACollege Creek Construction
It went extremely well. Andrew and his staff were extremely professional and helpful when decisions needed to be made. Andrew has a great stable of subcontractors to call on for specific jobs. He made several suggestions that increased the total price of the remodel, but I was very satisfied that his suggestions were in the best interest of the job. I was extremely satisfied with the result.
- Ronald A....
ADannex Construction
Everyone worked quickly & efficiently. No problems. Great communication great and timely responses.
- Amy M....
ASteve Spratt Improvements
My husband and I chose Steve Spratt to do our remodeling after much shopping for general contractors in the Fredericksburg area. We could not have chosen better!!! The work done was exceptional in every way and the work crew were delightful to have in our home. The improvements made have made our home so much more comfortable and have been problem free.
- Carolyn L....
AThe Virginia Bath Company
We had some idea of what we wanted to do with our 2nd floor master bathroom, and from the very first meeting Rich Sowinski of Virginia Bath was able to help me work through my design ideas.  We wanted to remove our rarely used garden tub, then move and enlarge the existing shower to the garden tub area.  The move created an extra space for linens.  We wanted that area to look like a built-in cabinet with shelves on the top and drawers on the bottom.  That worked out beautifully.  Virginia Bath took exquisite care to protect our home from any construction demo and "mess."  They were so careful, that they left the house in better shape than they found it!  We selected some travertine tile for the floor and shower, and Virginia Bath provided us with an awesome variety of grout colors. Virginia Bath was very receptive to my queries/requests to lay the tile in a certain pattern, and to add an additional niche in the shower (since the new shower was so big).  We also replaced the vanity with a one piece unit, that I'm sure was not easy to navigate to the second floor!  Nothing phased these guys. Every last detail was attended to with great care and professionalism.  Every request we made and question we asked were answered right away.  The disruption was very minimal and they keep to the exact time frame they estimated.  The whole crew even worked around, and doted on, our curious Newfoundland dog...they even offered to let her out for me while they were here working while everyone else in our family was at work.  I would not hesitate at all to recommend them for your bathroom work.  Rich Sowinski of Virginia Bathroom was highly recommended to us and I am doing the same here, without ANY reservation.  Before he finished work on the master bath, I was so pleased that I had him give me an estimate on my smaller hall bathroom.
- Cory S....
CJim Hughes Plumbing Services
Was referred by a friend. Responded promptly to my call and showed up for initial appointment on schedule. Very pleasant and straightforward to deal with. Gave us a price and we agreed to proceed. Overall schedule and price were not an issue. Jim did  demo, plumbing, carpentry himself. He subcontracted  the electrical, cabinets and glass work. My assessments/grades for the quality of work: plumbing - A   carpentry - C tile setting - C cabinets - A electrical - A glass work - D. There was an immediate problem with water leaking under the glass shower door. Before that was ever addressed a screw holding the glass shower door to the wall broke in half and fell out onto the shower floor. I called Jim 3 (maybe 4) times over a period of weeks/months. The first couple of responses was a promise to contact his glass sub and have him follow up. After waiting a few weeks after each of those calls and getting no contact from the glass sub, I called Jim again. He then said he would come since he couldn't get the glass guy to follow-up. That was a few months ago, and I've yet to see or hear from Jim or his sub. (My assessment is that the leak is caused by poor tile setting around the bottom of the shower door. The screw breaking and falling out is a glass installation problem. This seemed out of character considering my initial experience with Jim on this project. At this point I've just written it off to a bad choice of contractor on my part. I'll just deal with it myself. Bottom line, nice guy, looks like a good plumber but I would not recommend him for a bathroom remodel. 
- Rod C....
F9 Hammers
After the first contact, we agreed on a meeting time. He called 2 hours before and said he had to reschedule because he was preparing for a bodybuilding competition. He showed up the following day on 18 April and collected information. He charged $40 on his site for the estimate. He provided an estimate the following week. He said that he could probably get to my work in June and said he would contact me by 10 May to verify the schedule. I didn't hear back from him and sent him an e-mail on 7 June. I got no response from the e-mail so I called him on 1 July. He apologized and said he'd been busy but would get back with me. I haven't heard anything since then. Now I have to start over in my search for a contractor and I'm 3 months behind.
- Frank B....
BPierpoint Construction Inc
Prompt response.  Solid estimate.  Top notch work - retiled floor, shower and surround.  Installed new shower enclosure.  Uses subcontractors.  Addressed issue with subcontractor promptly to our complete satisfaction.  Excellent value.
- Michael S....