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Recent Review: Very well showed up on time did requested work took time to answer questions
Recent Review: I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, value, and service of S&S Landscape and Water Solutions. I contacted Justin and a few others 2 years ago to get an estimate for demolishing and filling in my 45-year old gunnite swimming pool. At the time, Justin’s bid came in solidly in the middle, but included a clearer and more detailed description of the components of the project. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the liquid capital on hand at the time to proceed with the job. Fast forward to this spring, after having saved up the money to do the work. I contacted Justin out of the blue, and he was very responsive, pulling up the old estimate and saying he would honor the 2-year old quote. He was very clear on the process. The only slightly confusing part was that he needed to have his other business pull the permits, but he was very transparent about the difference between his two businesses. The only impact on me was that I had to write the check for the permit pulling out to a separate entity--no big deal, really. The job should have taken 3 days, but the massive amount of rain we’ve had this spring caused the job to take roughly a week once the permits got pulled—not S&S’ fault.  Day one involved draining the pool and disconnecting electrical. He then moved on to demo. In Fairfax, just the top 2 feet of sides of the pool need to be torn down, with holes drilled into the floor of the pool for drainage (note to other Angie’s List members reading this review: it may be different in other jurisdictions which could affect your job and required budget). He and his team tore up the concrete decking as contracted, and he used the broken up concrete from the pool and deck as drainage fill in the pool. He then brought in truckloads of dirt to fill the rest of the pool, and covered it with sod. In addition, the job involved removing the old filter/pump and hauling it away. The “extras” that made his service stand out were many. He didn’t just have the electrician disconnect the pool pump and filter; they also repaired the wiring and put in a new outlet in the pool shed, essentially restoring power to the carport/shed and creating a new power source for me outside but that is sheltered from the elements. Every day he removed a portion of the fence to access the pool area, and put it back to ensure safety at the end of the day. He ran out of turf for just a small portion of the yard, but made sure he returned the day after with the 13 sq ft or so to complete the job. He also came back and stood in the rain to hose down the driveway to remove the dirt, mulched the front area that had gotten driven on by the backhoe and seeded a portion of the front lawn that was also dug up by the machinery, which has now grown in an looks great. All in all, it was an amazing transformation of the space, and S&S did a great job, going the extra mile to ensure the job was done to Justin’s high standard and my satisfaction, keeping me informed at every phase of the project. I couldn’t be happier with the service and work, and feel that the value I received was well worth the investment. 
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Recent Review: UPDATE: It's now spring of 2015 - work had to stop for the winter, but we got the concrete deck poured, the deck was stained and control joints cut. It looks amazing! Had a late start this spring due to the weather -- given the layout and the hilliness, we couldn't bring heavy equipment down the hill during rain, which there was quite a bit of, along with the cold. But once Bright started back up, things have moved very effectively and efficiently. These crews know exactly what they're doing. The foreman is extremely knowledgeable and they've been able to answer all of my questions. They've listened to my input in how I wanted things laid out, and they don't need any supervision once they know how I want things. They installed a retaining wall in front of the kitchen which is absolutely fabulous. It curves around rather than being angular, which I didn't think they could do. They helped me put in a PVC water pipe prior to pouring the footing so I could get water access to the wood deck just outside of the kitchen. The stairs down to the pool area are amazing - at least 10 feet wide at the top and 36 feet wide at the bottom. They look like stairs to a Mayan temple. They just finished putting in the paver pathway. I watched the work and they put down a very thick layer of stone and concrete dust, compacted it extremely well, then when it was ready, laid out the pavers. When they were in place, they put long bars of rebar along the edge, hammered in vertical rebar to hold the horizontal rebar in place, and then place concrete all around the edges covering the rebar, and ensuring the pavers would not move, even the pavers at the edges. The concrete edging is lower than the pavers for grass to cover, so it's not going to show, but it will do the job beautifully. The work is almost finished, and I'll put in a final update when we're done. If you have concrete and masonry work to do and you don't call Bright Construction Group (703-533-7422) then, frankly, I think you're wasting your time and money. PRIOR REVIEWS and UPDATES: Bright Construction is one of those companies that I consider in the top 5%. They started this project and move quickly, first meeting with me and going over the boundaries, what I wanted and so on. They dug huge holes for concrete piers, put in the wall beyond the pool on top of the piers, and then poured concrete to fill it all. They then backfilled that area, put in the wall with unbelievable footers between the pool and the house, took out the old deck, put in concrete steps that look like they lead to a Mayan temple (not kidding - wish I could post a picture) which they're putting facing stone and cap stone on this week. They've backfilled the whole pool area with fill from another job they're working on, and it's changed the way we view the pool area. It is absolutely amazing what these folks can do. They move quickly, and know exactly what they're doing. They are flexible -- I've changed the size of the concrete deck, extended the wall between the pool and the house, and have asked them to add these and other changes to the contract and bill. The CEO has been out a couple of times to see how things are going; the foreman is an expert in concrete and how to make things work. My realtor said recently that if I'm looking for a concrete construction, the Portuguese are the best. It turns out the CEO and the foreman are both Portuguese. After the first two days, the pool area was cleared, leveled, and concrete piers and footers across them were poured. Two concrete trucks, one concrete pump truck, and a couple of mid-sized kubota-like vehicles. This is a more difficult location to access, down a hill in the back yard. I'm very impressed. They know what they're doing, and it's clear that they have a lot of experience with this kind of work. This whole area had a lot of fill dirt laid down before the houses were built more than 45 years ago, so they had to dig the holes for the concrete piers (which are about 5-6 feet in diameter, I think) down to the soil below the fill dirt. They staggered the piers on one side of the pool area and tied them all together with rebar before they poured, so that the piers closest to the pool are tied in to the ones further from the pool, which prevents any movement and strengthens each individual pier. The concrete deck will be poured on top of the compacted fill dirt and the concrete piers -- it's 4000 psi concrete -- other quotes I had gotten from others were for 3500 psi concrete. Bright has been extremely flexible with the changes I've requested -- you don't really know some things in advance -- you have to wait until you see one part done before you realize you want to do the next part differently than originally envisioned. I'll update this review when the deck is poured and we're almost done with the work. At this point, if you want concrete work done, walls built, concrete stairs poured, stone work done, or any of the other things that they've done here in this pool renovation, you'd be wise to call Bright. I was really concerned about spending this much money and ending up with poor quality materials and work -- that is absolutely not the case here. They are doing excellent work, doing it very competently, and using very high quality materials. So happy, I've been going to their office to submit deposits every few weeks, without any prodding. Would I call them again for a significant job? Yes. Your money will be well spent.
Recent Review: It went well, they came out before they were scheduled but let me know ahead of time, they were consistent with their time and the product.
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Business Description: Family owned. Additional email -
Business Description: We are a stamped concrete company. We accept all forms of payment (check,visa,mastercard,american express). FREE ESTIMATES !
Recent Review: I liked the design that was proposed and the way that the patio turned out (exactly how it was proposed). All the work that they did, the look of it is great! There are still a few tweaks to be made. I had to keep reminding them to pick up the trash from the site at the end of the day. I'm also looking to have them come out and do work around the pool.
Recent Review: It was very good. I had no problems at all. The product is phenomenal. Their professionalism is right up there. They were there on time and finished when they said they would be. They were really professional.
Business Description: Swimming pool installation and repairs. Liner replacement. Landscaping. Decks and patios
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Recent Review: Very well, very happy. The pool looks great. Hart Berkowitz did excellent job for the company. I will only allow Anthony and Sylvan pool to work on my pool. They do an excellent work .

Reviews in Bowling Green to Install Ponds

AMillennium Pool Service
Upon contacting Millennium Pool Service, their response was quick, providing a very competitive estimate.  Liner was installed on time, quality of liner was excellent.  Questions/concerns were handled professionally.  Very friendly company.
- Lori K....
FAAA Pools
For 30Gs you wouldn't believe the mess I was left with for a small inground. My yard was covered with dirt and I had to backfill the braces and do the pool surround myself. Then the liner comes down every time the pool is opened. I then need to drain the pool and he sends a worker out to tuck a portion of the liner back in place and to vacuum some water under the liner. For this he charges $800 but gives a (charitable) discount of $400. This is on top of the opening cost. There is no way this should happen every year. He has an excuse for everything like - plant trees or this liner needs no bead lock and there was a lot of snow. Also he installed my neighbors pool and she has had the same problems. I was dumb enough to sign the contract but I can at least warn others here.
- Steve S....
FTurner's Pool & Spa Inc
There are very hard to get in touch with. Carl does not return your phone calls!!! The job his company did was just awful!! The original liner in our pool lasted us 15 years. Carl was then one of the "workers" that worked on installing our pool. He then bought the company from the previous owner. Our new liner was not installed properly. There are so many areas that are coming loose from the wall. The area under the liner, they left numerous indentions (I guess with their work boots) that when you walk in the pool you can feel the holes.   When we inquired about them making good on their job we were told to buy this plastic strip and place in the groves. You cannot stretch a vinyl liner to make it go into the strip especially with a pool that is full of water. The area around our light continues to leak. They DO NOT stand behind there work. We are now waiting on another pool company to come and patch up the leaky light just so we can  open our pool. It is now June 10th. I will never have them do any work for me ever again. And if I thought I could sue them I would.  Beware!!!!!  We are trying to get our pool fixed enough to be able to use it this summer. It looks like we are going to have to have another liner installed. But not before I find a reputable company!!!!!
- Lori A....
ANew Hope Aquascapes
Excellent, professional services and more then pleased with the outcome. They did exactly what I wanted and more.
- Josh S....
AVirginia Water Gardens
The owner Charlie Ross promised and delivered the most natural looking water fall feature I have ever seen. In a word it is "Awesome." Throughout the process he worked with us, to ensure that he understood what we wanted and kept us informed on the status of the project on a daily basis. His four man crew were professional and did an excellent job keeping the job site clean and orderly throughout the process which lasted 2 weeks (slight delay due to weather). Their attention to detail was superb, in particular, the use of natural materials and the arrangement of the various sized boulders was outstanding. To top it off, their use of lighting makes the project spectacular at night. I was also impressed with the care that was taken to minimize damage to my yard, since heavy earth moving equipment was used to excavate and move the rock work. Virginia Water Gardens is the only certified Aquascape contractor in the area. and as such, honors all manufacturer warranties and guarantees their workmanship for one year.  During the planning stage of this project, we received positive feedback from a number of Landscape companies, one of which incorporated a Virginia Water Gardens waterfall design in their proposal. Bottom line: I highly recommend Virginia Water Gardens for any water feature project.
- Steven M....
AGarden Escapes
We highly recommend Garden Escapes. It was wonderful to work with Anne and Scott. They were professional, enthusiastic and very responsive. Both were extremely trustworthy. We never felt uncomfortable leaving them alone on our property. They had creative ideas, and worked hard to stay within our budget. They were very prompt (every day). They specialized in the naturalization of our garden. Their use of native plants helped achieve our desire to remain environmentally responsible. Both Anne and Scott put in long days so our job was completed in a timely fashion. We look forward to working with Garden Escapes again in the near future.
- Gina C....
ALee's Affordable Services
Again, on time arrival. Did an excellent job using his equipment to wash away a winter's worth of build up on the pool deck. He even helped me fold up the pool cover! Easy to work with and looking forward to his assistance for other jobs in the future.
- David N....
ADolce Pools
They exceeded our expectations and ensured every aspect of the pool was to our satisfaction. Tyler was present at every stage of the pool construction and ensured our happiness with the progress. Most impressive was that he included extra functionality at no cost to us just to ensure the pool was completed to his standard. I would recommend Dolce Pools without reservation.
- John T....
AAnthony & Sylvan Pools
It went great. I only had a 2 hr. window to have a renovation and they also showed me to run all the new equipment. The crew foreman was patient with me and made sure I knew how to use it. They were very professional. They also had to take out the original equipment and took it with them and they made it seem that the old equipment was never there. They also reminded me when the pool was originally done and they are very professional on keeping up with their clients.
- Mark O....
ABaldwin Pools
They did quite well, we have enjoyed the pool for 10 years now and are thoroughly satisified with the pool and the service. They are timely, get back to me quickly and are quick with any service repairs.
- Guido P....