Blue Ridge Laminate Flooring Installation

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Recent Review: Owner answers cell phone every time called. Finished job ahead of schedule. Tied in New to existing floors-ask for this not that much extra. Don't forget to change your hvac filters and pad your furniture feet prior to using on your new floors.
Business Description: Home improvement and remodeling buisness serving Roanoke and surrounding areas. Work performed is priced by the job. Free estimates. No job too small.
Recent Review: David Liberi of Trinity Flooring is the epitome of professionalism. From the first phone call, David made the whole experience "hassle-free." Being new to the area, I needed suggestions and direction for my updating my home. David provided wonderful ideas and knew his products well. Trinity Flooring's pricing was comparable to the competition, The quality and outcome of his work went beyond my expectations. His attitude while working in my home was always enthusiastic. The work was done in a timely manner and David did not disrupt the flow of my day-to-day living. I will definitely use David again and I highly recommend Trinity Flooring.
Recent Review: We just had our carpets cleaned again by Quest Floor Care and will continue using them. Their work is outstanding. Besides making the floor look new, this year they fixed a spot where bleach had been spilled on a dark carpet, discoloring it. They did an amazing job. We had thought the carpet was ruined, but now the spot is gone. We paid an extra $50 for this treatment, worth the cost. Thank you! Quest costs more than other services available here, but you get good value for the money.
Recent Review: Price was too high.  Did not need wood flooring appropriate for Manhattan apt w/ view of central park.
Recent Review: Great! Very professional and cordial. Arrived on time and finished quickly.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: It was very good. I had no problem with the work that was done. Everything was perfect. I would use him again in a heartbeat. He was easy to work with. He did what he said at a fair price.

Reviews in Blue Ridge to Install Laminate Flooring

From the beginning to the end, the Home Depot was amazing!!! They scheduled our appointment for measurement immediately, the gal was on time and extremely knowledgeable and we had our detailed quote withing a day. The products were ordered and the install date was set. We purchased Pergo Extreme Coastal Pine flooring. The materials were delivered to our house 4 days before the install date, and the delivery driver was also great! The Home Depot staff called, emailed, and kept me up to date on every step of the process. Again, I can't say enough about the customer service I received!!!! IT WAS GREAT!!!! The day of the install Romanoff Renovations (the Home Depot Installer) arrived promptly at the designated time and began to work on the floor. The installer, Jackson Parker, was extremely competent, professional. He removed the old wall to wall carpet, moved the furniture and installed the laminate with minimal mess. The job was completed within 2 days, and when he left the construction "mess" was completely gone......other than the new floors you would never know that he'd been here. I truly cannot say enough about the entire process. The Home Depot exceeded my expectations in every way. I would highly recommend them for laminate floor sales and installation.
- Suzanne G....
Great to Excellent job on the Laminate floors, Average on Carpet Installation. The crew that installed carpet performed average seams in carpet, they had to be told to knock down tacks on bedroom/s threshold (,carpet stretch anchors) Tried to tell me that having a row of spikes in carpet across threshold was suppose to be there. Oh so we have to remember that when we walk around in bare feet??? Kind of ****** me off that he assumed like this was my first carpet install.
- David B....
A sub-contracted crew came out several days early, which was a nice surprise. They did a wonderful job and were polite and professional. The contractor called to makes sure everything was as I expected after I got home from work. I was unhappy with the transitions that the flooring manufacturer sent to match the floor, as the color was a bit different than the flooring. The flooring is wood, and the transitions were laminate. Floored agreed to take the transitions off my bill as I will need to have them replaced with real wood ones.
- Mary F....
AMighty Dad Flooring & Home Repair
Once the project was started we ran into some outdated electrical issues. Jeff and his partner were able to fix the unexpected issues at a fair price. We also had a lot of issues with our concrete slab being uneven. Jeff was able to fix this so that he could put in the laminate flooring evenly. We were very pleased with the end results.
- Pamela A....
DMajestic Flooring Inc
I have resisted writing a review for Greg McCorkindale's Majestic Flooring for 3 reasons: 1.) Greg is a super-nice guy, friendly, patient and affable 2.) the list of things that have gone wrong and the timeline are both endless, thus making a review very time consuming for me, and 3.) my intention is not to prevent him from future business as I very much hope this experience is an anomaly (although I fear it is not). However, I am compelled to resolve this issue with a 3rd party as no other intervention has worked and to do so, I must write a review consistent with our very negative experience. First, this job is STILL NOT COMPLETE in APRIL 2014 after initiating our contract at the end of JULY 2013 for a total of 9 MONTHS and counting. After getting estimates from several other wood floor professionals (also chosen from Angie's List) we went with Greg because he presented as friendly, professional, competent and expressed that he understood exactly what we wanted to accomplish with our floors. He was the most expensive quote by far, but we liked him, felt he could do the job well, and were prepared to pay that amount. Throughout this process, Greg has remained friendly and has for the most part responded to our emails, texts or phone calls, but has simply repeatedly failed to produce the product that he guaranteed he would. Month by month (to the best of my memory of the timeline) I will detail the job as below, complete with photos: JULY 2013- Began our contract with Greg and paid the requested deposit. Projected 2-3 weeks to finish the job. AUGUST 2013 - Sanded the floors, hand-scraped the v-grooves, got the hardwoods in. Reported it would be pushing to get us in by my birthday, August 30th. SEPTEMBER 2013 - Passed our initial finish date. Selected stain (which took us 2 weeks to decide because of the color influence of our red oak floors). Main floor gets stained. We go on vacation for 10 days mid-September and Greg says he'll get to the rest of the house before we get back. We return and nothing has been done. OCTOBER 2013 - Greg continues to project days that he will work and finish the job. His crew will show up either as planned or a day or 2 later, work one small section of the job and leave. We notice the quality of the job is poor: 1.) splotches and streaks of stain throughout the floors and spiral staircase; some areas have no stain, including underneath stairtreads, which are a visible element in our house (entryway spiral staircase) 2.) globs of stain or no stain underneath the radiant heating elements, 3.) did not sand or stain underneath the refrigerator 4.) did not sand around door jams, underneath radiant heating elements or along any edges (all rough to the touch and noticeably pebbled) 5.) spilled stain on the walls 6.) shoe molding is not flush in most corners, has nail holes throughout, and splotchy, streaky stain application. We ask Greg for a walk-through and point out each instance of the above mentioned to him. He tells us that part of the problem is our and quot;expectationand quot; and that part of what makes each job unique is the hand application of stain. It takes 1-2 weeks for Greg to finally agree to re-examine the floors and address our issues. NOVEMBER 2013 - More of the same - projected work days, projected finish days, more talking about the floors. Finally Greg agrees that the only way to fix the extensive issues is to re-do the floors entirely. One worker comes and hand sands the door jams, underneath the heating elements and along the edge of every wall. DECEMBER 2013 - Greg's crew of 2 refinishes the floors, dismantles the spiral staircase and rail a second time and refinishes them also. The rail is a different color than the stair treads. They do not agitate the finish enough and it is shiny on the staircases (the rest of the house is a matte finish). Still do not do underneath the stair treads. Ask Greg to please install laminate flooring in the basement guest room so that my grandmother, who has fallen and is in rehab, can come stay with us before Christmas. Greg comes on a Saturday to install flooring, but does not finish both rooms until later. Basement parquet flooring is still splotchy. We pay Greg for the laminate floor installation. JANUARY 2014 - Do another walk-through of the floors. There are still several areas of concern with streaking and splotching that Greg agrees to work on, which at this point that we are willing to accept. Agrees to re-do the spiral staircase and rail a third time. Basement parquet floor still has quality and workmanship issues and Greg agrees to refinish a third time. His worker decides to do it in sections and leaves the finished product with distinct lines and 2 different colors of stain. Greg agrees to refinish a third time and asks if he can and quot;playand quot; with it first to see if he can blur the lines. I say yes but to refinish afterwards. He does not refinish. Applies another layer of matte finish to both staircases, which are still slightly more shiny than the rest of the floors. Some of the shoe molding in the rooms with laminate flooring was split with the nail gun and left as a finished product. FEBRUARY 2014 - We tell Greg to stop and get general contractors to estimate our flooring and other projects (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.). This takes a little over a month. MARCH 2014 - Finally we decide it might be easier to pay Greg a reduced amount and just have him refinish the basement parquet one last time (4th time) and be done with it. We discover that underneath the refrigerator was sanded but not stained for a second time. The underneath of the stair treads leading to the basement still have not been stained properly. Greg agrees to come back a week or so after we ask him, on March 26th, to refinish the parquet floor, address the stair treads, split shoe molding in the laminate rooms and stain underneath the fridge. He agrees to negotiate the final payout and says it will take 4 days to finish the job. He comes alone for a few hours here and there to buff off the stain on the parquet floor, which is not successful. He does nothing toward the stair treads, shoe molding or refrigerator area. 1 week passes. APRIL 2014 - Greg has shoulder issues at the beginning of the week and goes to physical therapy. He comes for a few hours the later part of the week. Removing stain from the parquet floor still unsuccessful. Greg does nothing toward the stair treads, shoe molding or refrigerator area. Says he'll finish by Friday, 4/11. It is Tuesday, 4/8, late morning and there has been no activity since last week and no one has returned my phone call. Throughout these months, I have called, emailed and texted Greg very specifically with my expectations, to which he has responded and agreed to complete. However he has been unable to meet his promises and throughout, the workmanship and quality have been poor.
- Sherrill S....
ARay's Carpet Service
Ray is a perfectionist in his work, and it really pays off in the final product. He was meticulous in seeing that everything was done correctly and beautifully. He was helpful in giving me hints on other home tasks and made sure that I was satisfied with each job he did. I'm thrilled with all the projects that he completed in my home. He went the extra mile to be sure everything was done perfectly and  that I was informed of the progress and details of the work. Also, I have two indoor cats who cannot go outside, and Ray was always mindful and careful to know where the cats were, that they were safe, and that they didn't "escape." He was always clear about the days he would be working, always on time, and always stayed until he had finished his work for the day and cleaned up. If you need any type of flooring done in your home, this is the person to call. I recommend him with no hesitation and with highest enthusiasm.
- Mona M....
AGL Jeffrey's Hardwood Flooring
It was very good. I had no problem with the work that was done. Everything was perfect. I would use him again in a heartbeat. He was easy to work with. He did what he said at a fair price.
- Wayne H....
ACCH Contracting Inc
CCH Contracting did an awesome job with everything we wanted done, super friendly and respectful and very attentive to all of our needs and questions. Everything was done before we expected it, and would highly recommend them.
- Hannah A....
ATNT Home Improvements
Thomas, was exceptional. Great prices, arrived early, and got the job done earlier than he said it would be. My floors look great. He was very informative, to help me figure out what floors would work best with my budget and life style. Very accomidating and went above and beyond. He even warranties his labor, I don't know anyone who does that. For now on, we are using TNT Home Improvements for everything we need.
- Amber B....
Lowes and their installer David was very prompt, efficient, and did quality work! They made sure that the house was livable for us during installation ! They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for this service! Will only be using Lowes from now on!
- Vickie N....