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Recent Review: It took a little longer than expected but that was because of the crazy weather in Texas. It was worth the wait!
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Reviews in Blacksburg for Range Hood Installation

ABlue Ridge Heating & Air
Will was on time and very professional. He went into attic to check inside heat pump levels, etc. He checked the outside unit. Everything was fine.
- Katherine E....
CBetter Bathrooms and Kitchens Inc
Many problems, ranging from significantly out of square shower surround to badly angled shower rod to leaking pipes. We were assured all would be fixed and done right...and didn't hear from them again for months. Couldn't even turn shower on due to water leaks.
- Mike S....
I got several quotes before calling Glenn Daniels and all were in the range of $5500 to $7500, stating that the entire AC unit absolutely needed to be replaced. I decided to make one more call and I am so glad I did, Glenn discovered a burned out motor on the AC unit that was easily replaced for just $478. Glenn came out the same day, just hours later and the unit was repaired. Thank you so much! Excellent service, honest, straight forward, punctual and timely.
- David S....
I have worked with Cabinetry with TLC over the past 5 years on 4 remodel projects of varying scope and budget ranging from high end gourmet kitchens and baths to budget conscious rental property projects. Each project was handled in a timely manner with excellent craftsmanship and within budget. The staff is always willing to offer honest insight into ways to get the most value for the investment. I have and will continue to recommend Cabinetry with TLC to others.
- Frank P....
AW C Butler Heating & Air
This was not an e-z job. We have a finished basement. John (Butler's licensed gas fittter) snaked the line thru a  large channel in the ceiling that contained all utility and equipment lines (HVAC, Vacuum, electrical). Then up to the kitchen and kept the gas line and valve as close as posible to the wall to prevent the range from pertruding out from the counter tops and cabinets.
- Marty R....
AWilliam Coles
William arrived as promised, completed the concrete pad on schedule, returned as promised and completed the block structure. Once the concrete porch was poured he restored the foundation stone facing and most important he matched the stone and the mortar perfectly. Very reasonable prices for excellent quality work. Very easy to work with and a man with a wide range of restoration capabilities. He is excellent with brick, stone and slate.
- Alice V....
BEwing Cabinet Co
The schedule was compromised from the very beginning when the kitchen was not measured accurately and the design needed to be redone. In the meantime, we had purchased some appliances that needed to be returned and we had to fight over re-stocking fees. What should have taken 6 to 8 weeks, took more than 3 months. Counter-top contractor was terrible, counter-tops needed to be redone. Tile contractor was superb. Cabinet installer just ok. Crew broke the foot off of my range while installing, propped it up on wood blocks and never said anything. The range is not level to this day. I expected the kitchen designer to be the expert, yet several times, when I wanted something different, for example, I didn't want my garbage disposal switch on the wall, her solution was to put it under the sink, instead of installing a push button in the counter top, which I saw in a magazine. Felt as though I had to be very pushy to get what I wanted when it differed from the kitchen designer and the crew. My grade is C, but my husband's is B, so we compromised on a rating of B.
- Roseanne F....
AFine Finishes - Handyman
Steve showed up on time, was clean and presentable, and was respectful of my requests.
- Krista S....
ABetter Bathrooms and Kitchens Inc
Excellent workmanship and the workers were craftsmen. We had a very good experience with them- all the way from the initial contact of their Estimator to finishing up so that all of the specifications in our contract with them were met. We think that they are a high quality company that provided excellent work that was well priced.
- Paul S....
Horrible Experience!!!!! First of all, the work that they did came a week later then when they said they could start working on my house. Then it took a week longer than they said it would take. They thought the best course of action for my house was to install this furnace in the attic (probably because he was too fat to fit under my house). The installation as previously mentioned took longer then expected, the work was shoddy, and they didn't clean up any of the scraps of material left in my attic. In addition to this, because he was such a large man, I developed cracks in my plaster ceiling due to the stress of his weight. After installation the condensate line leaked and the water ruined my ceiling tiles in the kitchen and ran down on my electric range and shorted it out. They fixed the leaky exhaust line and it leaked again (ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!). It leaked again and they fixed it again this time installing a new pipe and left the old one hanging there with a hole in my wall. He was also supposed to install some gas logs that I purchased, but he as yet to do so. I'll tack that to the list of things he should have done (like fix my *expletive* electric range).
- Adam W....