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AGuaranteed Rodent Removal Services
I heard a rat in the crawl space above the kitchen and then saw a couple more rats outside the kitchen window. In a panic, I called around until I finally reached Guaranteed. The woman who answered the phone was sympathetic and very helpful. I explained that I needed to get to work and had very little time to deal with the problem and would appreciate someone coming right away. She phoned the owner (turned out to be her husband--as this is a family business), and he came over within the next hour. He thoroughly explained the process he used and the company's guarantee. He came across as knowledgeable and experienced, so I hired him and he got to work right away. The treatment entailed further visits/work at the house, and the technician showed up on time and was professional. I think they solved the problem, but I'm also comforted by their guarantee to return if they did not fully resolve the issue. Rats are so disgusting and I'm very grateful for this hard-working, small business that values its reputation and work product! I wish everyone else had the same sort of ethics; the world would be a better place.
- Miranda-lin B....
AOmega Animal Removal - Houston
I called Omega Animal Removal to take care of a rat problem in my house. Brad was the technician on the job who was extremely helpful and was able to get the entire process done in a timely manner. Brad explained how each step of the removal would work and guaranteed me that when he was done there would not be any more rats. For the quality of work, I paid a much lower price than other animal removal companies. Omega is so confident in their work that they provide a lifetime warranty! I would recommend Omega to anyone who needs animal removal! -Will G
- William G....
ACritter Control of Houston
Highly professional service from beginning to end. Couldn't be more satisfied. Recommended to anyone with a pest problem - it will be eliminated efficiently.
- Hal C....
ANature's Own Pest & Lawn Services
Great company, they showed up when they said the would, checked out the property and found the points of entry the rats were using.  Set traps to capture my large rodent population both inside and outside.  Ronnie was very knowledgable and understanding of the situation.  I had complete assurance he would solve my problems and for a reasonable price.  Promised he would come back out the following saturday but I never heard from the company again.  The traps didnt catch any rats after a week So I just bought the wal-mart poison, and that took care of it.
- Richard P....
AABC Home and Commercial Services
Excellent job it was a small number of mice. A total of 4 were captured, their follow up is great and the warranty is fantastic.
- Jesus R....
FThe Pest Guru
I had written one very bad review on these guys and then pulled hoping they would somehow make up for my experience. Partly because I have a supposed life time warranty and didn't want bad blood.  From the first contact I really should have known there were issues.  I had rats in the attic and wanted them removed.  We knew we had places that would need to be plugged.  When I called them I was told the initial price would be at least $550 but that was the lowest price. They would have to see the problem to determine the real cost. They were Angie List members and at the time I did not have access to their previous reviews.  They promised someone would come out the next day.  The next day a man called and said he was just buried and it would be another day before they could come. (this was the beginning of a repeating pattern with these guys.) When they did come I was told I had a horrible rat infestation and it would be $1500 to plug holes and to get the rats and I had a huge attic so the "disinfecting was really going to cost.".  And they would give me a free household pest control service.   I agreed and traps were set. We had an air conditioning system set to be put in but I pushed them back 1 1/2 weeks to accommodate this process.  So they set traps, plugged holes and promised to be back in a few days and in fact wrote Saturday the paper.  (4  days after setting traps. ) Saturday came and they had forgotten to schedule, and no one was available.  So we had to wait till Monday smelling dead rats.  They finally came and pulled out 4 or 5  rats.   Never caught anymore. They set traps again, waited until the day the air guys were coming to show up again as once more an appointment was missed. At this point there were not rats and all the holes were plugged. I was out of town and my husband was now in between the two. We were having the attic insulated  and I was concerned that this could not be done until they disinfected the attic.  The pest guy said no, he would set some more traps and would the guys could go ahead and do the insulation, he would "just spray in the corners. Which they did. Later, I realized they had not done the house hold pest control and we had little tiny sugar ants. I called and was told they had done the pest control, but the ants required traps. Told me no problem they would bring them and a time was set up.I was out of town on the day they were to come but had my grandmother and sitter at the home. When I returned I am still seeing sugar ants so I called again. This time the guy who came to our home told me " I sprayed the outside , not the inside..."  I explained about the ants again and the bait traps I was told we needed. He set an appointment for the following week, came in , SPRAYED, and left no bait traps.  I see this morning  I have the dang ants again. I will buy my own bait traps and will not call them and will pray I never need to use my lifetime warranty with them for rats. Most disappointing experience I have ever had and a pretty expensive lesson. I am now an Angies list member.  I think sometimes businesses get rated high on here and then get flooded with more business than they can handle.  I hope this is what happened to these guys cause it looks like their ratings started out good.  In any case, I would not redo what I did with this company and in good conscious had to post.   Thank you
- Sandy G....
AGuaranteed Rodent Removal Services
They came out gave us a quote for $1800 to have roof rats removed and within 1 hr I no longer heard them. They came back and sealed all access and it looks like they (roof rats)were never here!!
- Ronald G....
ABulwark Exterminating-Houston
Chad showed up on time, texted 15 minutes before to let me know he was coming. He was very professional and explained everything he was going to do and was conscientious about children and pets. He even was extra careful around our garden. Highly recommended!
- Dan B....
AAjax Exterminating
Rat extermination- Robert identified entry points into my attic, (where I had seen them), and set several traps.  He then sealed off all of the entry points around the entire house.  Within one week we trapped several in the attic, (which is now very quiet with no more evidence of activity).  Robert was very knowledgeable and offered several options for controling them in the yard.  I chose bait traps that are disquised to look like large rocks and blend in great with my landscaping.  It's amazing how much of a difference it's made in just one week!  General pest control and ant treatment-I was happy that Robert took his time and thouroughly treated every part of the house and yard, (the ants are already gone).  Based on those results, the price, the excellent responsiveness and professionalism, I've hired Robert to treat my house and yard every three months. I know I'm not the easiest customer in the world, but I feel very confident in choosing AJAX and Robert, and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of these services.
- Mary J....
DBUGCO Pest Control
The company is responsive but their techs are not very knowledgeable when it comes to rat removal. We have two technicians show up and each had his own theory. They were both wrong. They also charge for every service call even for the initial assessment when others did not.
- Ziad N....

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Business Description: We are a small family owned company that works with your schedule. Hunt's takes care of its customers and warranties our services.
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Award 2019Super Service Award
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Business Description: Wildernex LLC upholds the highest standards in the wildlife control industry. When you choose Wildernex to control your nuisance wildlife needs, you will always be serviced by an educated wildlife biologist. Any Wildernex wildlife biologist has at least a bachelors degree or higher in a Wildlife Biology field. This expertise sets us apart from all other companies in the industry. Our high level of expertise allows us to quickly and correctly diagnose your specific problems and solve the problem quickly and effectively. This expertise will save you time and money by preventing you from paying companies that are ineffective or incorrectly diagnose the problem leading to unnecessary expenses. As wildlife biologists, our goal is to ensure the safety of you and your property while providing services that are effective both short term and long term. Wildernex also has a passion for our “old school” style of customer service. This level of service is quickly becoming a rarity in the service industry; but when you work with us, we will ensure you are never disappointed. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction with our services, start to finish. Our work will not be complete until you are satisfied. We believe that the key to success and customer satisfaction is honest communication every step of the way; therefore, our team will keep you informed and updated from the first day on your property through the completion of work. We are fully licensed and insured; therefore, you are not liable for any incidents that could possibly occur while we are on your property. We are also licensed by Texas Department of Agriculture and stay up to date on all local, state, and federal laws to ensure our services are environmentally friendly and all wildlife is handled in a safe and humane nature according to all governing laws and regulations. We are regularly recommended by numerous city, county, and state agencies. Our team has also serviced many nationwide companies, local businesses, and state colleges and universities. Wildernex wildlife biologists will always arrive in uniform and will be easily recognizable. We look forward to offering you our superior professional wildlife control services.
Recent Review: Very prompt. Arrived on time. They did a search of the property looking for entry and exit points. Found a few and sealed them up. Placed numerous traps in the attic. They returned 1 week later to clear the traps. The full service includes a warranty, so when the rats chewed a new hole into the house (4 months later) they returned and filled the hole, set traps, and returned a week later to clear the traps. All this was included in the original price. Overall they were very professional and explained everything.
Recent Review: Not only did they find squirrels but they found traces of rats. They set up cages to trap the squirrels then came back to repair the holes the squirrels and rats were entering thru and set rraps to catch any rats left in the attic. They were priced well below other companies we contacted.
Business Description: $50 Off Initial Pest control Service And $100 Off Initial Termite Treatment. We treat Termite, Roaches, Rats, Bees, Ants, Ticks, Bedbugs, Fleas, Wasps, Silverfish, Clothes Moths, and much more. With Guarantee. Please give us a call at (281) 933-3553. Visit for more information.
Recent Review: We had a great experience with Omega and would certainly recommend their services to anyone in need of animal/pest removal. Tyler was professional, on-time and most importantly, easy to work with throughout the entire process. Omega quickly diagnosed our issue, thoroughly explained the steps involved and provided quick yet effective results. My wife and I have busy work schedules but they were able to work around and make accommodations to fit both of our schedules. Discovering rodents in our attic was a stressful and frightening experience, however Omega Animal Removal made the entire process stress free and we could not be more grateful.
Business Description: Here at Royal Pest Control & Custom Services, Quality is Our Business. We strive at giving you great customer services with our fully uniformed professional Technicians that have over seventeen years of experience.
Business Description: Providing pest control services throughout the Greater Houston/Galveston area for over 70 years, specializing in termite control, rodent control and other pests found in homes and businesses. Holder's Pest Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Copesan Services, Inc.
Recent Review: I called Omega Animal Removal to take care of a rat problem in my house. Brad was the technician on the job who was extremely helpful and was able to get the entire process done in a timely manner. Brad explained how each step of the removal would work and guaranteed me that when he was done there would not be any more rats. For the quality of work, I paid a much lower price than other animal removal companies. Omega is so confident in their work that they provide a lifetime warranty! I would recommend Omega to anyone who needs animal removal! -Will G