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ADallas Metal Roofs
I love this company. Buying a metal roof from Dallas Metal Roofs is one of the best decisions I've ever made. This company doesn't use snap-on metal panels like so many other metal roofing companies. Those snap on metal panels can blow off in heavy winds. I've seen it happen. Dallas Metal Roofs installs your metal roof with old school craftsmanship. They showed up with 4 heavy rolls of galvalume metal. They unrolled the metal and cut panels designed to fit my roof. The machine that unrolls the metal also crimps the sides of each cut panel. This will be your "seam" on your standing seam roof. They neatly stacked all these cut, crimped panels far enough away from my garage so I could still use my garage. This whole process took about 4 hours. The next day, a crew of 2 men showed up to tear off my old asphalt shingle roof. After tearing off my old roof, they applied a rain barrier to protect me from storms while the roof is being put on. The same 2 man crew came every day to install the cut, crimped metal panels on my roof. You wouldn't believe the skill of these two craftsmen. They installed my standing seam metal roof one crimped metal panel at a time. They precisely cut each panel to fit a specific section of the roof. The install the panel. They then install another precisely cut panel side by side next to it and then they crimp by hand the two panels together. Each panel is precisely cut, installed, and hand crimped until the entire roof is covered. They then metal capped all the ridges and hips until I had a finished roof. I had a lot more flashing challenges than the average homeowner. I had 4 solatubes, 3 solar fans, a chimney, 2 skylights, 3 pea traps, and 1 kitchen stove vent. The 2 man crew flashed everything perfectly. I've had my roof almost 2 years and there are no leaks and there never will be. Standing seam metal roofs must be flashed properly and many metal roofers don't properly flash roof fixtures, causing leaks. You won't have this problem with Dallas Metal Roofs. Many neighbors would come outside and watch the 2 man crew from Dallas Metal Roofs. It's not every day that you get to see old world hand craftsmanship. One of my neighbors was so impressed, he purchased a roof from Dallas Metal Roofs also. My mom also bought one. A standing seam from Dallas Metal Roofs only costs slightly more than an asphalt shingle roof. This is because Dallas Metal Roofs starts with a simple heavy roll of metal. They unroll, cut, crimp, manufacture, install, shape, fasten, trim, and mechanically lock everything themselves. They don't buy preformed snap-on panels which would cost you more money. This savings gets passed on to you and the old world craftsmanship quality is superior to preformed snap-on panels. I have no regrets contracting with Dallas Metal Roofs. Neither does my mom or my neighbor. My metal roof also qualified me for a substantial homeowners insurance discount. One more point I want to make. A standing seam metal roof is THE most solar panel friendly roof you can buy. Solar panel brackets can be easily attached to the seam of these roofs without drilling holes. Adding solar panels to asphalt shingle roofs is illogical. Solar panels can last 25 years. Asphalt shingles typically last around 15 years or less here in North Texas. Every time you replace your asphalt shingles, you must uninstall the solar panels. This will add enormous labor costs to future asphalt shingle roofs that you buy in the future. A permanent standing seam metal roof is the best first step you can make before considering solar panels. You won't find a better contractor for standing seam metal roofs than Dallas Metal Roofs. This is truly the last roof you will ever buy.
- Joel H....
AOld Pro Roofing LLC
They were on time and very professional. I was very happy with the work. They even provided samples for us for the metal roofing.
- Jeremy W....
AAcme Roof Systems Inc
I sought several bids from various roofing companies. The bid and the rep (Steve) from Acme Roofing turned out to be the best. They did an outstanding job replacing our existing metal roof with a much better product and in a timely manner.
- Ken D....
ADFW Improved
We learned that the metal roof replacement was sub-standard with poor flashing and materials. Metal roof took extraordinary amount of time to complete Very disappointed with quality and timeliness of the work.
- John S....
AHome Team Roofing Inc
These folks are outstanding!  They looked at our roof on our home and had my husband come up to look at the hail damage that had been done that we weren't aware of.  They helped us work with our insurance to file a claim and when the adjuster came out to do the inspection they were right there with him.  Once we received the report from the insurance company they were ready to go to work.  We had our home and office roofs replaced.  Additionally, they replaced the metal roofs on our 5 metal building that now look better than ever!   We love the guys and would recommend them to anyone!
- Tracy F....
AVertical Roofing
Went very well. Sales rep was very good and explained everything well. Crew did a great job installing roof in timeline given and cleaned up well.
- Eric P....
AHigh Performance Restoration, LLC
They are coming in a few weeks to install roof however the inspection went very well. Tyler Brown and Greg Schoenig were the most professional and courteous professionals I've ever come across. I will rate again once the job is complete.
- Jessica J....
AQuality Tops Roofing Inc
The came in with a large enough crew to demo, repair and install the new roof the same day including the unexpected quantity of roof decking (12 sheets beyond the estimate). The entire job was finished the same day. They stayed with it until all was done to my satisfaction including the clean-up.
- David W....
AJ Duncanson Roofing LLC
Nick and the Guys at J Duncanson were real pro’s at taking care of the Me.... going beyond the call of duty to guide me through the insurance hassles and provided me with the a quality roof. I recommend J Duncanson and will use them for all my roofing needs!
- Jeff M....
AC.W. Roofing & Construction
CWR was top notch in our roofing project.The were helpful all the way through even finding things insurance missed .They were prompt on timing and getting the project complete,with all the while still paying attention the detail and quality.We are very pleased with our new metal roof and the quality of service.
- Brandi F....

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Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: My experience with them has been very good. They were punctual. They completed the job quickly. As far as I can tell they did a good job. They cleaned up after themselves. They did not leave a mess.
Recent Review: They did a super job. They were also always on time.
Recent Review: Needed new roof dlt had over mage, excellent service, worked up insurance, timely, followed up common cuter w/me through of the process.
Recent Review: Went very well...would recommend to anyone.
Recent Review: I am amazed at how efficient they were with my new roof.  No mess, very quiet and they gave a courtesy follow up call a week after to make sure everything went well and I was happy with the roofing work. ARR is a great company.
Recent Review: Ken at Southern Plains Roofing took the time to explain the benefits of each type of shingles, the pro's and con's of turbine vents, ridge vents etc. He made sure that when we decided on our roof that we were informed consumers. Ken even gave us addresses of different roofs so that we could see what each one looked like installed. A number of my neighbors were having the roof replaced on there homes, I would see 2 or 3 guys working on the roof from sun up to sun down only stopping for the rain (it's November, so North Texas actually gets rain). After my wife and I had finally chosen a roof I contacted Ken and he said they would start that Friday, I explained to Ken it was forecasting rain on Monday and I didn't want my roof uncovered like my neighbors had, Ken assured me that wouldn't be the case. That Friday, his crew showed up, and when I say crew I mean a crew of approximately 15 to 20 guy's that were professional roofers! By 6 pm that day they had removed the old roof, replaced some decking and had my new roof 98% complete. They even ask if I minded if they could go look in the attack to verify the location of my Heat and Air lines to avoid any damage. They came back on Saturday morning finished the roof in about 2 hours, picked up the yard, rolled a large magnet around to make sure they had all the nails. The price was less than the other companies I shopped, the service was beyond expectations.
Business Description: We are a full service general contracting company that specializes in residential metal roofing and large scale commercial jobs.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: He is dependable. He is multi-talented. He has good recommendations and crews.
Recent Review: Very polite. Very quick as we were under a closing deadline. Everything was done according to the contract as promised. Very easy to work with.
Business Description: We have been in business for over 35 years and offer customers the best in metal roofing and energy efficient window systems. Our products are designed to last a lifetime. We work well with all insurance companies and we do offer in-house financing.