Spring City Dishwasher Installation

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Recent Review: These guys were great! Their pricing was definitely a factor in hiring them. Mr. Mitchell knows his work. We highly recommend them.

Reviews in Spring City for Installing Dishwashers

ANorthshore Plumbing
I saw an ad on Elocal plumbers for Dandridge and called Northshore Plumbing and spoke to Lynn. He said he could come out the same day, but I had not purchased my dishwasher yet so I asked if he could come the following day and he allowed me to set the schedule so I said can you come around 9am? He said yes and the next morning I received a phone call at 8:30am from Lynn with a bright good morning and 30 minutes notice that he was on the way. He showed up at exactly 9am and quickly changed out my dishwasher and had my new one running in 20 minutes-I could not believe it! He had a wonderful sense of humor and a beautiful attitude, he really made my day! I will never call anyone else!
- Jennifer N....
AM & M Plumbing
These guys were great! Their pricing was definitely a factor in hiring them. Mr. Mitchell knows his work. We highly recommend them.
- Regina E....
CJoe & Glo Plumbing
Our work was done as part of a kitchen remodel. Our house has a finished basement with drop ceiling, so access to the plumbing is easy. I called and they came out the day we requested. Upon arrival I described the work to be done. The plumber wanted to drill a hole through the new hardwood floor for the icemaker. I insisted he put the feed in the wall. When he put the feed in the wall there were small gaps in places between the housing and the sheetrock. Because he had tight space under the sink, where it was tight he installed a high quality 1/4 turn feed, but on the other he installed a regular cheap feed. It would be nice if they matched. When he was drilling through the floor to run the line for the dishwasher he nicked the copper water line causing a leak. As a result we were without water for the afternoon while he finished installing the feed to the dishwasher and THEN fixing the leak. He was unable to install the dishwasher, as he claimed that it would not fit. He had removed the insulation blanket - not a big deal as it sits like a blanket over the dishwasher - while attempting to install it. Because there was no blanket on it he gouged the soundproofing, although not enough to affect its performance. Since this was a top of the line Kitchenaid, I wasn't happy. We had another plumber come in after and he installed it with very little problem. In addition, the feed to the dishwasher was connect to the hot water running to the sink. This required me to use only the cold water to the sink until I figured out the next day that I could cap the outlet simply myself. He was out there all day and left after 5:00. All in all, this was an unsatisfactory experience. From a good start at being on time everything went downhill.
- Tim W....