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Recent Review: The service was okay. The install took a little time. I felt that what was advertised, and what I received wasn’t  exactly what I ordered. I think I should’ve been given the choice if I wanted that product, or if I wanted something different. They workers were professional, and they worked as long as they could to finish the job. I would recommend them to others
Recent Review: I was searching for a cheaper alternative to home security monitoring. My family and I are on a tight budget, and we could not afford the steep charges from Suddenlink and other local home security providers for their systems. The two things causing the services to be so expensive were: (a) the cost of the monthly phone service we would need, since we don't have home phone service, and (b) the cost of the monitoring itself. We would had to pay about $80 a month, or more with these traditional companies! Thankfully I found NextAlarm after some careful googling. They are a fraction of the price of any of their competitors. Their system appeals to me, because it uses the internet rather than a phone line, saving lots of money. Their monitoring itself (done in the traditional way, with real people in a dispatch office) is also substantially cheaper on top of that. I paid $250 for the home security kit and now I only pay $13.50 per month for the monitoring! Its so cheap that the costs are literally offset entirely by the savings to my homeowner's insurance premium. The support staff at NextAlarm are great. They are so patient, and they will help you with anything related to your system. I have called them numerous times with little questions about this or that, and they are always super nice and knowledgable. They even walk you through how to make changes to your security system, step-by-step, when you want to change delay or change the programs. Please make note of the fact that they do not have a local installer to do the installation. The third-party vendor who offers an and quot;Instal cardand quot; will not be able to install your service in East Texas (they will refund your money once they see where you need the installation). Point being, you will need to hire a local handyman to install the home security system for you. As I already mentioned, I used Stephan du Toit -- (www.facebook.com/professionalhandymanservices). He charged my $60. Besides that little hiccup, NextAlarm is amazing. In summary, I love my service. I hope more people in my area sign up with them. It is such a great deal and they're so great!
Recent Review: Everything went great. I got the system a few days later and started to install it. All the devices were easy to put up all told it took about 45 minutes to get up and running. During the install I set the alarm off and Getsafe called me right away. I like the way it looks in my home and by that I mean I hardly notice it is there. I like being able to control the system from my phone and being able to check on my house with the camera when I am away.
Recent Review: It started with the name Pinnacle. It started going downhill maybe when somebody else bought it. My husband picked them. He had a cold call and then he went with it. I think we had another system at that time.
Business Description: We specialize in residential and commercial security systems sales and installation and We also do CCTV Cameras systems in the Middle Tn area
Recent Review: They answered all my questions and were really responsive when we had questions during installation. Would definitely recommend.
Recent Review: There was no cost for that last service and the service turned out well.
Recent Review: It went perfect. Great price. Great service.
Recent Review: Great. Everything works and is easy to operate
Recent Review: quick, easy, inexpensive.  I just wished they had cameras to go along with the rest of the security system.

Reviews in Portland for Security Camera Installation

The salesman was very nice, professional and helpful on the phone.  It took about 30 minutes for him to go over all of my information and recommend what I needed for my home.  The price was very reasonable and shipping was quick.  When we got the box of stuff, it took us a few minutes to figure it out... because it's self install,  but we did it in about 30 minutes.  Then we had to call and activate.  That was quick and easy.  The phone rep talked us through the process including fixing any problems.  Had to call a few days later to fix a problem and that went well too.  Have had the system about 4 months and it has been a good experience so far.
- Bernadette T....
ASmart Home Technologies
They originally installed my security system. When I moved they moved my security system and cameras to my new home. Very happy with the system, their advice and their professionalism. Always available to answer any questions that I have. I never had to wait for an appointment and I am over 2 hours away from their location. I would highly recommend their team as they will be able to install the perfect system to suit your individual needs.
- Kathleen W....
Excellent installation and service. I would highly recommend this company. They are honest and they take excellent care of their clients.
- Karen G....
AP & M Security & Electric
This a first class reliable firm, that installed and maintain our security system. The work, the professional quality, and the ethics of this firm is first class. They went above and beyond in their work of putting in cutting edge technology in a security system. As many new innovative systems it had to be refined and they worked on very creative solutions to get the system working perfectly and came back numerous times to have the system working perfectly. Our family has used P and M over the years and I recommend them highly. Simply put, they are the best. We will be employing them for installing electrical work this year and look forward to another first class job by Mike and Tim.
- Thom W....
ASimpliSafe Home Security
we were having a problem with connecting to the call center and they sent us a new wireless module and when we received it we called and they talked us through getting it up and it is working fine now.  we live in a rural area and call signal is mediocre at best, but with the new module we have had no problems. We are very pleased with the help that they provide without cost to us and they are very patient to stay on the phone with us until the problem is resolved. We would highly recommend this company. service is awesome and very inexpensive to purchase compared with others out there. Monthly service charges are also minimal..
- Marion F....
ASecurity One
So far it's turned out pretty good. It was several days before I got it installed, and I got some calls from them pushing me to get it hooked up. It works. I wasn't used to it, and I got up to let the dog out and open the door, and I came back and set it off. There were some things in the instructions that I didn't understand. I went to make myself a cup of coffee, and before I got finished making my cup of coffee, and the police were there. So it works. They do a good job. It was very cheap to get it set up. I had to agree to a certain time on a contract deal, but I intend to stay with them.
- Paul W....
AZuercher Electric Co
After looking up electricians in Angie's list I called ZEC. I was given an appointment for an estimate the following day with the option of having them completed at the time of the estimate. Jim arrived right on time,was professional and polite. After a thorough list of items I was requesting, Jim got right to work. We decided that it would take a few visits to complete the multiple items on my list. At the end of the day, I was provided with a bill and told that I could pay him when he came back to complete the additional services. I called them back a few weeks later to complete the checklist and Jim promptly showed up as promised and quickly went to work. Jim was efficient with his time, clearly knew what to do in each circumstance, and made sure that I understood everything he was going to do. I appreciated Jim's suggestions, money saving tips, and quality work. I will certainly call ZEC anytime we need additional electrical services.
- Kathryn C....
The salesman arrived around 6 p.m and did his sales pitch to my wife. I was out of town, so she called me and asked if I'd be interested in having the company replace our current system with their system and switch our monitoring from the company we were using to a competitor. I talked to the sales person at length about the system, the terms, etc. and decided to go ahead and make the switch. They had a technician over that evening and he disabled the existing system, installed the new panel, connected the wireless transmitters to the existing wiring for the doors and windows, replaced the smoke detector upstairs with their wireless transmitting detector, and replaced our attic heat sensor. When I returned to town, we had a few glitches with the system (alarm kept going off when we entered the house and once we had a hard time arming the system because a zone wasn't ready). The first issue was due to a misunderstanding on how the system should be armed. This was an easy fix. The second issue was a little more complicated, as they had to come back and put a wireless transmitter on each door's wiring. This allowed each door to be a separate "zone" on the system, so if one door was open, you could tell which door that was, instead of all the doors being lumped into one "zone". Later that evening, we tried to leave. We armed the system, then opened the door. The alarm went off. We couldn't leave through any of the doors, as the alarm would go off each time. I called the installer and we were able to resolve the issue over the phone. A couple of days later, I get a phone call from the monitoring company saying I had a fire alarm going off. I checked and it was the attic sensor. We didn't get the call canceled in time, so the fire department showed up. They checked everything out and there was no fire. The alarm in the attic kept going off, so I called their tech support. They were no help. I climbed in the attic, removed the battery from the detector so it would stop beeping and decided to remove the detector from the attic. Upon further inspection, it was actually a smoke detector that wasn't rated for attic temperatures. It was an "inside" smoke detector -- not an attic heat sensor. I've since found out, they were instructed to put those in the attic, as they don't have a true "heat sensor" compatible with their system. I called tech support to have the device removed from the alarm, as it was showing a "fault" status. They couldn't tell me how to do it and it meant a service call. I went through the menus and removed it myself. Overall, it is a nice system, with cool features (other than no attic heat sensor), but their service and support is very lacking. Their installers and sales people are doing this as summer jobs -- much like the old encyclopedia salesmen. Oh, they also said my monitoring would be handled by company "X", but I've found out that is not the case. Seems like a bait-and-switch to me.
- Keith C....