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FHoward Landscaping Co.
I will start by saying that some of the people working for Howard Landscaping do fantastic work. This review is of the professionalism and work quality of the owner, Chance Howard. Our project involved the installation of a water feature with waterfall. The first three attempts were an ugly mess of exposed orange and yellow foam, exposed liner, and interminable leaks. Chance Howard’s idea of showing up “in the morning” means he might show up sometime in the afternoon one day during the week, when he works for two or three hours. He does not give courtesy calls when he doesn’t show up when promised, but he does make frequent use of the weather as an excuse not to work, even when the sun is shining brightly. After taking a sledgehammer to a rock we specifically told him we wanted featured, we had to threaten a lawsuit to get a replacement rock. From the beginning, he left our site a mess with foam and garbage everywhere, including left in the pools for several days. He failed to return our garden hose to where he got it, and frequently asked for basic tools since he didn’t bother to bring them with him. With all the leaks in the water feature, the “colorful plant material” that was supposed to finish our project, was mostly crushed as rocks were moved to locate the various leaks. The plant material has not been replaced. The projected two week project has turned into a six week headache so far. I would not wish this disaster on anyone. The most recent rebuild looked great and sounded great, but now, 24 hours after turning it on, it’s already leaked a substantial amount of water leaving the bottom pool about a foot lower than it was yesterday this time. It seems we have yet more leaks. Given that more “repairs” to the liner and seams to the liner have been added than we could keep track of, I’m sorry, but not surprised.
- Karen &....
DDreamScapes Pro Inc
Some of the work was well done and our family is enjoying it.  Other parts did not last.  Dreamscapes did not complete the work according to our contract.  As a result, I had major issues and had to pay another contractor over $28,000 to redo some of the work.  Dreamscapes rarely responded to calls regarding needed warranty/follow-up work..  Some was never done.
- Michael P....
FFischer Landscape Company Inc
The work contracted for was not completed even though they were paid in full.  They promised many times to return but never did.  Some of the work completed was not up to local building codes.  Specifically, they installed an electrical line for a water feature underground using a simple extension cord, not an electrical cable rated for underground use and without the PVC conduit necessary to protect us and our pets from electrical shock and which is required by local building codes.  They also installed an irrigation system without the required (by building code) backflow preventer device.  The irrigation system was installed during the winter and was never tested due to the cold.  Our agreement with Fischer was that they would return in warmer weather to turn the system on and calibrate the system.  They never returned.  We hired another contractor to complete the irrigation system.  He did, but the system doesn't work and, according to the new contractor, will never work because our house does not have enough water pressure to power an irrigation system.  Fisher Irrigation should have conducted a pressure test before the installation to test for pressure but failed to do so.  We just spent the hottest summer on record watering our gardens by hand because the irrigation system we paid $2000 for does not work.  Fischer Irrigation has not responded to our Better Business Bureau complaint.   We have been homeowners for over 25 years and have never been as disappointed by a contractor of any kind as we were with Fischer Irrigation & Lighting.
- Brad G....
FBellagio Pools
The construction of the pond was complicated by the weather (rain) and by Joe's many promises but lack of personnel to do the job. The crew changed from day to day, with varying levels of skill, and very little english. They had no equipment and used our wheelbarrows and shovels etc.  Stairs from the upper section to the lower one were done by individuals who apparently had no experience: uneven, sloped and dangerous.  These were torn out and redone by a different crew.  When questioned about design issues Joe would constantly reassure us that he "knew exactly what we wanted" and then continue to do things we didn't want. This resulted in taking things apart and re-doing them. One of the main requests we had was that the waterfall face the house. As it developed I asked several times how it was going to work, as it appeared to me that the waterfall would face parallel to the house. More reassuances.  In the end, the waterfall is parallel to the house, a major disappointment for us.  Shortly after construction it became evident that the pond was leaking.  Multiple phone calls to Joe, multiple excuses, basically telling us we were wrong.  He finally came out and put some dye in the water and agreed it was leaking. Another month went by before his crew showed up to work on 2 leaks in the lower pond, with reassurances that the upper pond wasn't leaking. Of course, when we refilled the ponds, the upper one was leaking.  Another couple of weeks before a crew showed up to work on the upper pond.  It still leaks.  More phone calls.  More promises, most recently a promise to show up on the 28th of April. No one showed up, no phone call.  No communications at all since then. Needless to say we are disappointed and very angry. We are working to hire someone else to take the pond apart and fix it properly. We are out the money, and have no satisfaction from this company and can only recommend that anyone wanting a water feature of any kind NOT use this provider.
- Terry R....

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