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Business Description: Swimming pool builder, remodeler. Pool cleaning & maintenance, service and repair. Family owned & operated. Licensed & insured. Honest & dependable. Quality. BBB member. Certified divers. Commercial & Residential. Additional address - 228 Chadford Rd, Irmo SC 29063.
Business Description: Comprehensive pool and spa builder, retailer and service professionals.
Business Description: We are a full service pool and spa company.
Business Description: We are a BioGuard Platinum Dealer ready to help you with all your pool and spa needs. Bring in a water sample for a water analysis to ensure your pool or spa is at its best.
Business Description: Heavenly Heat Infrared Saunas are made for the chemically sensitive. That means that our infrared saunas create an ideal, safe, and effective detoxification environment for anyone seeking to eliminate toxic substances from their body.
Business Description: I have been business for myself for over 10 years. I work from my home so there is very little overhead. The main focus of my business is pool and spa repair and maintenance. I do both commercial and residential repairs.
Business Description: We specialize in the construction and installation of gunite and vinyl pool builds.
Recent Review: Aqua Care is very proactive and broad in their service of our property.  They have helped us prepare for winter storms, cleaned up after high winds, and made repairs, even extensive ones from lightning damage.  They have sealed cracks in the pool and spa, resurfaced the entire deck, and updated our equipment.  Whatever has needed to be done, Aqua Care has done it!
Business Description: We are a family owned and operated business. We are capable of handling all swimming pool and spa needs. From installation of new swimming pools to service work, we do it all!

Reviews in Sunset to Install Hot Tub

Pool and Spa Connection came to our house promptly to try and repair our older hot tub. We've had many others here to try to fix our hot tub to no avail with lots of money spent and missed appointents and no follow up. They repaired the problem on the first visit and followed up to add some additional parts that they found for us. The hot tub is working beautifully now and at a very reasonable price.
- Winston H....
AHot Springs Pools & Spas
The electrician recommended by another company was prompt in providing a free estimate for the sub-panel installation and subsequently installed it for $400 cheaper than the one from an electric company. The final cost was below the $500 estimate. Fortunately, we were present at the time of installation, because the electrician planned to install the sub-panel about 3-4 feet from the ground, which would have been a hazard for children. We insisted that it be installed at least 60" high. The work was done well, otherwise. The installation of the hot tub was done as scheduled and was satisfactory. We have called them subsequently to ask questions about the temperature control and thermostat and have received an answer which solved he problem.
- Diana M....
Went great. Hot tub line run by owner, TWH installed conduit at both ends and make connections to unit and panel. Also assisted with wiring of ceiling fan in a bedroom.
- Tom C....
FCreative Pools And Spas
They came to our house to work on an old hot tub of ours.  There were going to search for a part and get back to my husband with the cost but never did.  Not a word.
- Winston H....
FAqua Care
Called them but their mail box is full. Sent text message with my phone number but they never called.
- Leonard P....
DSmith Electrical and Pools
Did not make sure items that were hooked up ran properly. When I called him to tell him they were not working correctly he said he would come back and fix them but never did. Naturally I had to call in someone else at additional expense. In addition he did not communicate during the work and made decisions on his own that I would not have agreed with.
- Patricia L....
ABurgess Handyman Services
went very well.  a+ work.  He got it done fast and stayed in contact with me to answer questions i had as it all got done.  Worked around my schedule to get it done fast as well so the spa guys can deliver it.
- John S....
Signed contract April 4 2013. Was not told how busy they were. Told it would be 3 wks from ordering pool to having it ready for installation. 4 months later received word they were going to start on property prep for pool. Brought out contract to check date when signed and noticed WRONG COLOR had been written by pool person. She knew the color we had chosen because it was a MAJOR decision and discussion. We wanted California. Pool person suggested Pacific. She said we would be much happier with the blue--it was the one in all the pools I was looking at in the brochure sample. Took color samples and had family input. Decided to go with Pacific. Pool person wrote down OCEAN. If you are unaware of the pool color shades and differences imagine going from aqua to dark blue. It was that much of a difference. When she was confronted about it the day they were bringing the pool down our driveway she said they no longer made Pacific. If that was the case we should have been consulted. She made the mistake by writing Ocean. My mistake was sitting right at the same table and not checking the word she had written. When i said Pacific she wrote OCEAN. Sorry I am deeply upset about this error as we now have a pool in our backyard that has a deck that is more beautiful than the pool! now for the spa. We ordered a pre-fab that overflows into the pool. We wanted blue and were told that it only came in white. Ironically there was a problem last week with the piping and a return that is not allowing us to get pressure through the jets. When we asked for paperwork or instructions for the spa we were told there was none. We asked the name of the distributor and spoke to them. Sure enough when we brought up the website they had several colors to choose from for the spa we have. We spoke to a representative who was helpful after we sent photos. He said it may be an older version of their spa, he was uncertain since he did not have a model # which is Information the pool people are unable to provide. A week after the propane was hooked up we were still unable to use the jets. The people at Oasis in Seneca SC are nice enough people. Totally respectful when we encountered them personally. We just were not told the truth, and ended up with product we did not request. It has been a journey we have learned from. We were told we would LOVE the pool and spa once it was finished. There is a pit in my stomach. It was an awful experience. When I look out the kitchen window and see that dark blue pool with a white spa flowing into it, it is totally upsetting. The lights hardly show at night in the pool. The right thing to do was order the pool and spa in the color we wanted.
- Deborah C....
AUnder The Sun At Lapooluza
We have used Under The Sun at LaPooluza for two years and they have always been a very big help in maintaining both our pool and spa. They always have the best price and make sure you have written instructions on how and when to add any chemicals. You can trust that they will never try and sale unnecessary items that are not needed to maintain your pool of spa. Water checks are always FREE. Some place will charge $25.oo or more for that service alone. We needed a replacement part for our pool pump that should have cost $100.00 and we only paid $75.00. Great Service, Great Prices!!! You can?t beat it!
- Kelly B....
AAll American Small Construction and Home Repair
It went quickly he was very neat and cleaned up after his self. He was on time and very reliable. I am using him again for my home renovations.
- Crystal S....