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Recent Review: They provided an awesome service. The owner has been fantastic. We did not know how much blinds cost. We did not budget for what they do cost. He worked with us to get what we needed throughout time.

Reviews in Society Hill to Install Window Shades

FBudget Blinds of Columbia
I’m sorry to say that I do NOT recommend if you’re in the market for installed blinds. We submitted a request for a complimentary consultation through their website, and confirmed that the Budget Blinds listed did service Sumter County, SC. After waiting patiently over a week (almost 2), we still, never received a response, reply, phone call, or any other form of contact I even resubmitted my information thinking a second response may prompt a reaction, in case the first was considered spam (for whatever reason) the first time. This was exactly to the 1 week mark. If I am to judge their work/professionalism on this process (which I should based on first impressions) then clearly I would be mistaken to use this company anyway since the job would clearly take more time than nessecary to cost, order the blinds, install, and complete 12 window treatmeants! If you’re unable to respond to your customers, or your just not in the businesses to make money when customers are clearly trying to pay/hire you, then you shouldn’t promote yourself online. I’d highly, highly suggest to any potential customers out there to look else where. Lowes will cost and install your blinds, and there are also local companies as well that are decently priced. Don’t waste your time with this company that will treat you like an annoyance (apparently) instead of a genuine customer.
- Mike G....