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Business Description: With our trade mark orange trucks, we have been successfully servicing the Grand Strand and surrounding areas since 1983. Quality is the driving force behind CTC and customer satisfaction is our common goal. Currently, we are expanding with a new service center which will better serve our customers needs. For more detailed information on some of the products we offer, just click the links on the left side of the page. History CTC, Inc. is a full service contracting firm specializing in Mechanical, Building Automation Systems and Emergency Generators. Established in 1983, CTC has grown from a local service company to a regional company serving the Southeast. Dedicated, highly trained individuals striving to give the customer high quality products and service accomplished this. CTC’s team of professionals work to provide you with innovative, effective solutions to your problems, regardless of the size or scope. Carolina Temperature Control, Inc. is a family owned company with Unlimited Mechanical License, Licensed Hvac Service Technicians, Load Calculation, Duct Design and Automated Metal Fabrication. We cater to special interest groups, custom homebuilders and commercial builders. Additional contact name - James Cabanaw & Robert Sessions. Additional emails - &

Reviews in Murrells Inlet for Installing Central Humidifier

DCarolina Temperature Control
My first dealings with CTC was when I called to spoke with their sales representative who was on the road. He took my information and model number &  told me he would call back in the next day or two. Never called me. Two weeks later I called them back up and was told the regular guy was not in on that first call.  I spoke with the regular sales representative, who was very nice and was a bit taken back by the price quote. CTC had come highly recommended on Angie's List and by friends so I figured you get what you pay for, right? Not exactly. While the WHD was being installed, I asked the guys about the how the unit was controlled. I'm not an HVAC guy and was surprised to learn that the sensor on the unit (in the air duct) controls the humidity which is set on the unit itself. Well, the unit is in the attic, which we all know in the summers, is in very high temperatures, low hundreds easy, accompanied by the SC humidity. The unit that was replaced had lasted less than eight years and it is one of the better models on the market, from all I heard and read. Like I said, I'm not an HVAC guy, so why didn't the expert at least mention this to me? I get the new humitistat/thermostat and have them replace that a week or so later. I had been away on family business and when I came back, no humidifier because the A/C is out. It took two more visits over the coming days to get it correct and of course, I'm billed for each of these calls. What really gets me is that I had asked two different service guys to have the service manager call me. I watched one of the guys write it in his notes. The job was on the expensive side and I knew that going in. WHD units are $1400 retail for me to buy so I know $2650 was high but they came highly recommended. You get what you pay for.... I bought the new humidistat/thermostat and they charged me an additional $214 to put it in. In my opinion, it should have been part of the original install or at least offered at the time the service date was set. I call about the other charges and am told they are taken off but this and another very small charge are legitimate. After another call, they take off $99. Four visits (install & 3 follow-ups to correct their miscues), my wasted time, no a/c for the duration and not once did anyone say... gee we are sorry for the inconvenience, nor do I get the simple courtesy of the service manager to even call me back after repeatedly asking to speak with him. Customer service? Not for me.
- Thomas C....