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FAdvanced Coastal Solutions llc
I contacted Mr. Blue to pressure wash my house and complete assorted repair work in preparation for selling my home. After reviewing the work at my home and with the help of a written list from me, Mr. Blue submitted a proposal which I accepted. I never saw Mr. Blue again. Subsequently, he called and indicated that his partner would contact me to complete the work. Scheduling with his partner was difficult but after a number of phone calls his partner showed up to complete the work during the week ending on 3/1/2013. Mr. Blue and I have had a number of lengthy email exchanges about problems with the work but in short the major problems were as follows: 1. Removed the screen door latch then drilled hole in screen door for doorknob/lock without regard to where it needed to be to contact the latch. When I replaced the latch with a new but identical latch, the doorknob/lock would not reach the latch. 2. Did not clean the screens for the patio doors. 3. Deck post repair consisted of using a caulk gun to spread lock-tite adhesive on the area with no sanding etc. Repair is very noticeable. 4. Did not clean garage door--I discovered this the day my Realtor was taking pictures of my home and we lowered the garage door. 5. Entrance pavilion floor did not look good after pressure washing--dull and dingy (it has brick pavers) so we agreed to seal it with Thompson's water seal. This sealer over-prayed onto the front door (but not visible for several days until it dried). 6. Also the bill reflected charges for things I completed (I cleaned the screen and garage door) or materials I provided (I provided the paint for the door since he didn't bring it with him). 7. Also, we added several items to job as it progressed but the extra billing did not accurately reflect the time they spent on the additional items (over-charged). Even after several lengthy e-mail exchanges in which I described the problems with this work, Mr. Blue did not address the problems nor did he come to my house to check the work. His partner subsequently left a message for me that he would "get this work right for me" but it would be the next week but I never heard from him again. At the end of all this, Mr. Blue's position (as stated in his emails) appears to be that I paid him for the work and that means that I was satisfied with it and the subsequent problems that I discovered were not his problem. Not my idea of standing behind your work.
- Harvey E....

Dock Building & Repair in Lamar

Business Description: Stalvey Door has been a locally owned and operated business for over 30 years. Our 4 technicians have extensive knowledge of residential, commercial & industrial doors. Payment methods include, cash, check & credit card.
Business Description: We are the Pee Dee Area of South Carolinas premier Pressure Washing and Shingle Roof Cleaning service. We offer discount rates but professional work. We do what we say when we say,imagine that. We have over 15 years experience in Pressure Washing ,Gutter Cleaning,Shingle Roof Black Stain Removal,Deck Restoration,Concrete Cleaning,Comercial and Residental Cleaning and Cleanout of Repos and Major and Minor Home Repairs and Remodels. I am a Licensed Specialty Building Contractor and we are fully insured. I have developed a great reputation for our pressure washing and roof cleaning skills and results. Every job needs special attention and thats what we provide.We have cleaned everything you can imagine.I do alot of specialty work that is in demand by homeowners at very resonable rates. I do the kind of work you just cant hire anyone to do anymore,like changing out a fawcet,installing a new toliet,putting in wax rings,repairing fascia boards repairing gutters,installing storm doors,painting,repairing bathroom floors etc. We do it all and take great pride in our services. I decided that anyone could be in buissness but I wanted to be a service that would meet the needs of my customers and that is what we have done and continue to do. I have a great crew of professionals and new state of the art equipment. We offer low and high pressure washing. We offer a unbelievable way to clean the ugly black stains from shingle roofs.Its safe and roofing association approved. I was very pleased to be submitted to Angies List and if you are in need of any services please give us a call and we will come out on a approved date and time and give you a free estimate. Thank You,Freddie Blue Owner