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Business Description: Over 20 years of experience! Serving Columbia, Lexington, Florence, and surrounding areas with 24-hr emergency service and free estimates on equipment replacements! We service all brand of central heating and air conditioning equipment and accessories. Air Plus Services' primary objective is to provide quality and comfort to each and every customer. We offer a variety of air conditioning products and services to meet your every need. Air Plus Service is the preferred contractor of American Home Shield for Sumter, Columbia, Lexington, Florence and surrounding areas! Our certified technicians use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and repair existing s systems and always uses the finest new equipment for installations in the industry. Your HVAC system is probably the most expensive system in your home. Between the cost of all the hardware and the hours it takes to properly install all of the compenents, your cooling and heating s ystem is a major investment in comfort. So why wouldn't you spend a little money each year to keep it running properly? Air Plus Service will give you the most "bang for your buck," providing you with helpful, friendly service resulting in a safe and comfortable home.
Recent Review: Overall, it went great.  Very please with this company.  Bryan even told me that the builder installed the wrong size gas lines and that I had some small cracks in my concrete.  I would say an all-around man!
Business Description: We have 12 employees and we offer financing to qualified customers.
Business Description: Hill Plumbing's service technicians are qualified to perform a wide variety of plumbing repairs and installations to satisfy you’re every plumbing need. We offer same-day service when requested, when calls are placed before 12:00pm. All emergency calls day or night, holidays or weekends are guaranteed to be addressed quickly as humanly possible. We also provide both senior citizen and military personnel discounts. In addition, Hill Plumbing is offering special discounts to the men and women who serve our community. We are now offering special pricing to law enforcement officers, fire fighters as well as the teachers who educate our children.
Business Description: We Service all your plumbing needs : Faucets, Kitchen Sinks, Toilets, Water Softeners, Sewer Lines Bathroom Faucets and Faucets, Bathtubs and Showers Water Heaters, Drain Lines, Stoppages, Garbage Disposals and much more.
Recent Review: Job went a promised. Gas pack installed in one day, cleaned up after installation and hauled off old units and has been working great since.

Reviews in Kingstree to Repair Gas Line

DAir Plus Service
Our heating unit downstairs went out on 12/27/2017. We first called a local company and got a quote of $1000 because it wasn't under warranty. We then realized we were still under our home warranty and decided to go through them since it would only cost us the $75 service charge. Air Plus Services is the company they sent out. They came out on 12/29/2017. They said they would order the part and it would be 2-4 days because it had to come from the warranty company. We had snow hit SC on 1/3/17 which shut things down through the weekend. I did call on 1/4 and the gentleman said that the part was scheduled to be in on 1/5, but would probably be the first of the next week due to the weather. I heard nothing the beginning of the next week. I tried to call Air Plus Services and left multiple messages and never received a phone call back. I called the warranty company and was told the part would be in on the 1/12. I continued to try to get in touch with Air Plus Services, left multiple messages, and still no response. I called the warranty company again and on 1/16 was told that they couldn't speed anything up because it was a warranty part. I explained to them that it was NOT under warranty (because obviously we would have already had it fixed). I even had to call Carrier (the company) myself and get proof that our unit was NOT under warranty. Once I had that information, the warranty company was able to get the part ordered from another warehouse. It FINALLY came in 1/22 and was fixed on 1/23. This company didn't ask the right questions and ASSUMED that we were the original owners and attempted to get the part covered under the manufacturer warranty. I never got an apology for making us wait 2 extra weeks (in freezing temperatures with no heat downstairs in my house) OR for not answering/responding to my phone calls. VERY poor service/professionalism. I would NOT use this company again.
- Martha J....
Overall, it went great.  Very please with this company.  Bryan even told me that the builder installed the wrong size gas lines and that I had some small cracks in my concrete.  I would say an all-around man!
- M F....
I just love this guy! Bryan is All About Plumbing. He is not only an expert in plumbing, but he also installed my gas lines as well! He has a great personality and is always upbeat. He knows his work and comes from an area previously that required extensive education to become a plumber. He is a teacher. He wants you to know what he is doing. He will tell you the how's, and whys of things and will tell you what NOT to do too to save you and him headaches. During the process of working with Bryan, I learned so much! It is incredibly hard work to put in whole house plumbing. He involved me in choices when needed and explained the options. He also is very big on access points for repair as he wants to streamline access especially in new construction.. His knowledge goes way beyond plumbing and this cross training has helped other contractors who came into my new construction with their own dilemma's. Brian worked hard, and was easy to reach. When he became busy on other jobs, sometimes I needed to call him. He always got back to me.. I had to get on him because he was even working with an injury and I wanted him to stop for his sake.. He really was a pleasure to work with and we have a good working relationship. If something was not correct, he always made it right, and quickly. He installed tubs, showers, sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, pot filler, toilets and dishwasher. He installed all the lines, and whole house plumbing. He installed gas lines, fireplace, gas range, and all gas fixtures. This made my life easier.. I paid Brian in installments for phases of completion on both plumbing and gas lines.. I would recommend him without hesitation. Thank you, Bryan!
- Lorraine B....
CHill Plumbing & Electric Company Inc.
This company has lost my business. The plumbers were very professional and provided excellent service. I give them an A. However, the office staff gets a solid D, leaning toward an F. I took us 4 months to finally get a billing issue straightened out. The office staff told us they would bill the insurance company direct, but they never did. I made several calls over a few months (because they kept sending bills to me), and each time they told me to ignore the bill and they would send it to the insurance. I would have happily paid the bill and sent it to the insurance if Hill would have asked (I even offered). Finally, Hill sent me a collection notice; that made no sense since they agreed to bill the insurance. I finally paid the bill; it then took multiple phone calls and then a visit to get the paid receipt. When I went to pickup the receipt, the office staff was polite, but unconcerned about my trouble; the billing staff seemed affronted that I would offer criticism. I felt I was overly polite and offered constructive criticism on how they could avoid this in the future. I made it clear that I was happy with the plumbing work and would like to continue to patronize them, but I received no apology for the time I had to take to deal with this or any acknowledgement that that could have done better. Hill has lost my business. There are too many options in the service industry to do business with a average company anymore.
- Daniel R....
FJ & C Plumbing
TERRIBLE experience!!! Back in March 2017 we were having issues with our sewage backing up, so we went through our Home Warranty Company and were assigned the plumbing company J&C Plumbing Service LLC out of Florence. At first, this company (both the owner Jason and the head plumber Tony) acted like they were our best friends. They told us our sewage line was old and falling apart and would need to be replaced, starting from under our concrete patio ALL the way to the city sewage line. They gave us an estimate and because we were tired of the constant back up issues, we had them quickly begin the work and then we paid the $3100. I came home after work the first day they started and they were already finishing up the job. At that time, I met the owner Jason and particularly remember 2 comments he made, “you won’t have any more issues,” and “this one was a pain because your gas lines were right beside the sewage line, but we got it done” At that time, I paid no attention to either statement, how fast the job was completed, or the signed the receipt they gave me after finishing the work stating “replace sewer line concrete from patio to city.” However, within 5 weeks, the same sewage problem started again, and literally all **** broke loose. I called J&C Plumbing back and they came out the next day. Firstly, they began work with no one home, which is usually not an issue. However, I came home that evening to find no one there working and to soon realize all they did was run water into our sewage line which in turn back up our ENTIRE master bathroom (this bathroom is the only one we have not had issues with the sewage backing up into). (PLEASE CONTINUE reading, this literally is not even half of our story). So, after frantically calling all evening and all morning the next day, I finally got Jason to answer the phone to tell him what happened. With no compassion or apology, he simply said “ok.” So they came back later, marked off where the blockage was, and started digging down to the line. As I went out to monitor the progress one evening after work, I noticed something odd where they were digging. I noticed the new, white PVC running into what looked like our old black sewage line. So, again, I began the fight of trying to get a hold of someone. I finally got in touch with Tony, the head plumber, after a few minutes, I was able to get him to admit they had left a ‘small’ piece of the old line because it was so close to our gas line. I was instructed they made a “judgment call,” but apparently failed to mention any of it to us. So after Tony being extremely rude on the phone, he said someone would be out the next day to unclog the line then they would replace the rest of the old pipe the following week. So “the following week” went by with no work complete and no phone calls about the old line. After fighting once again to get a hold of someone, I talked to Jason, who again, said someone would be out the following week. Again, the “the following week” went by, no work, no phone calls. So I began calling again, this time, no answer at all. So, almost another week goes by, no call, no work, however, when I get home on a Thursday, I find some people from J&C Plumbing digging as well as an SCE&G truck parked out front. Come to find out, J&C Plumbing had not called to mark off the gas lines and they had busted our gas line. (The workers from J&C Plumbing said nothing to me, all of my information had to come from the SCE&G worker). AT NO POINT DURING THIS DAY DID J&C PLUMBING CALL TO TELL US THEY HIT THE GASLINE, so I went into our house WITH OUR DOG INSIDE and found our house REAKED of gas. (PLEASE CONTINUE READING, there's still more). Also (I had put up a trail camera on a tree in our yard to monitor the work. Since they lied about replacing the sewage line the first time, I wanted to make sure the issue did not happen again,) the same day they hit the gas line, I noticed the trail cam had been taken down. I did not read into it too much at the time, and put it back up. So I come home the next day again to them working and realize they have dug out roughly 25 or more FEET of OLD sewage line (I guess over 25 feet is a “small” amount). Saying nothing, I went to check the trail cam and noticed once again, it had been taken down. So I calmly asked the 2 workers if there was a reason for the trail cam being removed. They LITERALLY acted like children and completely ignored me. So I asked them again and, again was ignored. Finally I said it even louder and they responded saying they took it down because they did not want their picture taken. (I was FLAMING MAD by this time!!!). I put it back up, told them it STAYED up, no exceptions, and if they had an issue with it, the company could send someone else out to work. After this, I immediately called Jason to explain the issue, at which time he became EXTREMELY rude and defensive. After a heated discussion, he agreed the camera would stay up. Within about 30 minutes after the phone call, Jason showed up at the house. At that point, he made excuse after excuse for why they did not replace the line originally, why they flooded our master bathroom, why the old pipe became blocked again, etc. By this time the work was about done and they started filling in some of the hole, upon which I asked why they were filling it in. Jason said “it’s fixed.” I soon pointed out that there was STILL OLD BLACK LINE left. I had already noticed prior in the day, they had just stopped digging and cut the old line to once again attach new white pvc into it. (I only saw about 1-2 feet of old line protruding; I still have NO IDEA how much of our old line is left in the front yard). His explanation was “that’s not the issue, the issue is fixed.” By this point, I was SOOOOOOO tired of arguing I just let it go…. The point is, PLEASE AT ALL COSTS, AVOID J&C PLUMBING. I NEVER want ANYONE to have to go through what we have had to deal with. They were rude and unprofessional, they lied multiple times, they were childish, they were disrespectful, and they were impossible to get a hold of after they got our money. I still do not think we are out of the water with our sewage issue as they STILL have failed to replace ALL of the old line.
- Isaac S....
APoston Heating & Cooling
Job went a promised. Gas pack installed in one day, cleaned up after installation and hauled off old units and has been working great since.
- Michael T....