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Business Description: We are a fully licensed and insured metal roofing contractor located in Anderson, SC with an A+ rating with the BBB. We install standing seam, corrugated, and other various metal roof panels. We install on commercial projects as well as residential houses. We travel all over the United States for commercial projects.
Business Description: Victory Metal Roofing is your #1 roofing supplier. We manufacture your metal roofing and we also have all the supplies to complete your installment. We also have your storage buildings on site for you to finance with a small down payment.
Business Description: Commercial and Industrial Roofing Contractor Shingles, TPO PVC Modified Bitumen, EPDM Roof Coatings and Metal Roofing and Repair Service Department
Business Description: I am a professional metal roof installer. I have over 8 years of experience installing various types of corrugated metal roofing, including the national standard "Tuff-Rib" and the more exclusive "Standing Seam" (screw-less). I offer free estimates and guarantee my work for one year. The four seasons adequately test the quality of the install and materials. My supplier provides a 40 year warranty on the paint covering my metal.
Recent Review: They installed roof on the date as promised and completed the job in 1 day.  They did an excellent job of cleaning up after they finished the job
Business Description: Finley Siding & Gutter Services, Inc. has been providing the Greenville, South Carolina area with high quality products and services since 1963. We are an Alcoa Master Contactor as well as a member of the Home Builders Association. Our goal is to enrich the beauty of your home. With over 44 years of experience, Finley Siding & Gutter Services, Inc.'s staff of professionals can guarantee that your job will be done right the first time and in a timely matter. We are dedicated to providing our first rate services to all our customers in at an affordable price.
Business Description: We offer our services from asphalt shingles to slate roof, repairs and totally new roof
Business Description: We are a roofing contractor based in Greenville, SC. We replace, repair and install new residential roofs with full warranty on materials and labor. We work with shingle and metal roofs and serve Greenville as well as the entire Upstate SC area.
Recent Review: Shuler's did an awesome job putting up our new roof. The materials they used were excellent. Before they installed our new roof we had a lot of leaks, but this one doesn't leak at all. They did a good job cleaning up our yard when they were done. We only found a few nails in our flowerbed.

Reviews in Gray Court for Metal Roof Installation

BFine Homes of SC Inc
He came out and inspected the roof to see if there was any hail damage, but didn't find anything. He did have good materials and examples to show me. I'm retired and on social security so couldn't afford to pay for all of it upfront. I did not think the payment arrangements and pricing was very reasonable compared to what I paid for a roof with another company a few years ago.
- Gail D....
AJet Solutions LLC
James Taylor and the JET Solutions team did a great job finishing my roof. My original contractor abandoned the job 1/4 done, so it was critical that I find someone quickly to finish installing the metal roof on my cabin. I called on Saturday, had a quote on Sunday and a crew on site to work first thing Monday morning. Unfortunately, there were not sufficient materials on the site to start the work, but they helped me order exactly what was needed to do it right. They arrived... again first thing Tuesday and got right to work. There were a few issues from the previous contractor that they had to fix, and though it took a little longer than they expected when I got the quote, they honored the price given and worked a straight 11 hour day. At no time was more than one man resting, and it was HOT outside. I wish I had contracted with JET Solutions first, and I highly, highly recommend them for your roofing needs. They work quickly for a very competitive price, and they are professionals who know what they are doing!
- Jennifer O....
AShuler's Metal Roofing
They were wonderful.  Not only is the roof incredible, there is just no way to describe how good that is.  We did like a burnish copper and that is guaranteed for 20 years.  I was obsessed about running out and going over roofing nails and stuff and having bad tires, but these guys had a magnet.  They went over the entire yard and driveway every time they left and were incredible.  They were very professional.  We spent about $12000 for the house and a $1000 more for the barn.  It is double of what a regular roof costs, but it is so much better.  Their pricing was about the same and we could not be more pleased with the quality of work.  They were on time.  We have also recommended them to other people.
- Charlotte C....
BCoe's Roofing
Calling for a quote and detailed info for the roof went very well. The problem was not with Mr. Coe, but with his employees. The workers left a lot of nails and roofing screws all around the property. I spent the best part of the next day cleaning them up. There was also a large piece of metal left on the ground that was excess cut from the roof. I had some rotted wood replaced around the fascia. One of the workers handed me a can of Killz and a paint brush and told me to get my son to paint it, and if he didn't want to, I should slap him. He thought he was making a joke, but he was a rough around the edges kind of person, and this kind of talk is acceptable to him. I know the workers were tired and ready to go home, but I got the feeling that things were rushed as the job ended and the job was not completed as well as it should have been. So far I have not seen any leaks, and I was told Mr. Coe inspected the work the following day to make sure it was OK. If I do need work of this type again I will call Mr. Coe, and I trust he will speak to his employees about their professionalism and ways they can improve.
- Lisa G....
FGilstrap Roofing
I looked on Angie's List for a metal roofing company. I sent an email with my contact info and never heard from them. It seems they don't want my business.
- Charmaine S....
This man (BENJAMIN TERRY HAWKINS) took $3000 from us as a "deposit" to guarantee our price for roofing materials and order materials and was going to begin work in 3 weeks. This was in January 2012. Today is May 18, 2012, and we still have no roof and this man is no where to be found. He will not return our phone calls at all and has had made no attempts to contact us since he got money in hand. I had to actually file a Breach of Trust complaint with the police and they have issued a warrant for his arrest. He is a crook! Do not let this happen to you!!
- Kellie N....
AGrier Roofing LLC
Prompt reliable service. New roof completed on one day, clean up was exceptional and roof looks great. Price was lowest of 4 estimates. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing a new roof.
- Kathy R....
AExterior Specialists | Greenville
These guys are awesome. I thought for sure I had found the provider I was going to use and then these guys showed up and from then on it was just effortless. They took care of everything. I never asked "hey can you guys do this" they always just offered how they would take care of me. There were items like sealing a small section of metal roof over our kitchen and repairing an area on our garage that were not part of the bid, but they did anyway. We have a fairly large house and they were done in 2 days. Whether it was for a quote or service, they showed up and left when they said they would. At bid, there was no upsell for different types of shingles, they only use high quality architectural shingles. My house looks awesome. I've used many contractors over the years and wouldn't recommend many, if any. I whole heartedly recommend Exterior Specialists. If you need roof work. Call these guys!
- Clay M....
They did everything they said they would. They basically finished a project I started and needed help with.
- William J....
ALEP Construction (Roofing) & Restoration
Wonderful Company To Work With, They cleaned up and we very respectful of our property. Most of all we were very pleased with the completed job. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again. 😊
- Don F....