Eutawville Central Humidifier Installation

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Recent Review: Work performed was done promptly. Service agent answered questions very well.

Reviews in Eutawville for Installing Central Humidifier

AOne Hour Heating and Air Conditioning
I have used them for some years now, I guess about 5 years. Overall, I would say more A than B. I had a couple of things that...In one case, it wasn't their problem but a defect in the new product that was installed. The compressor in my heat pump went out just after it went out of the manufacturer's one year warranty. But I had purchased an extended warranty. I felt so sorry for the guys because I didn't have heat and we were having cold weather in snow. I actually said to the fella who scheduling, I said, 'If we need a couple of more days for the weather to warm up a little bit'. I thought I could manage because I had a little electric heater. He felt it was imperative to get someone out here to take care of it. A low fire for the guys to do the work so they could get warmed up during the process because it was like an all day job. One situation where I had a tech come out the entire year and do the tuneup and...nice fella, seemed to be thorough and all that but one thing that he did in the testing was checking voltage. Apparently managed to get wires reversed and I lost my heat for a bit. Once I called and notified them of the problem, they were prompt in getting somebody out here. He was someone with years of experience and everybody has a day that's not perfect. I don't think he was totally incompetent but he made a mistake. Now since I've purchased the extended warranty as part of my original purchase price, there is no charge for the additional work that they've done. That's excellent. I've had different people as technicians do different things and they always seem good about listening to what my questions and concerns are and good about explaining things. So I really haven't had any major problems. The one downside of the company I think is, since they've grown larger and they do more from a call center, that's a toll free rather than just local, I preferred it when it was more local. It's working the way it is and I can still reach someone locally but generally for scheduling the basic service, I am dealing with somebody toll free. And I think it's more challenging for them as well as for me. Overall, I've been pleased. I would recommend them. When the scheduling supervisor insisted that the guys come out on one of the coldest days rather than wait a day or so until it was improved weather. They urgently wanted to get me back in service. I think that's excellent. The system they use is typical of many services. They don't know how long a technician would be tied up at a prior visit. So they give you a window of time. All except one occasion were they able to stay in the window of time. In addition to the window, they call you the day before confirming. Then the day of the service, the technician calls from his prior stop to let you know approximate arrival time when he's en route. I have always had very positive experience. I have that contract on-going for my twice a year service. I had one technician once who seemed to be a little more sales oriented in trying to get me to do some add-ons. One of the add-ons I did do was a water sensor. I think it was a good choice. He seemed to be a little more interested in selling me something than any of the rest of them have but I was able to negotiate a reduced cost.  That was good but overall I haven't had any pressure to do anything from them. In fact, simple things that I can do like change the water pad on the humidifier and change the filter which I have a special. I purchase those items myself and install them. Sometimes myself, sometimes when the technician's here. The installation is included in their basic service that I've already purchased. They have no qualms about  the fact that I purchase my own supplies at a reduced cost.
- Darba B....