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Recent Review: Both spring and fall maintenance calls as well as the emergency repair went well,
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: He was prompt, quick, and did a good job.
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Recent Review: We had no heat on one of the coldest nights of the year.  I checked Angie's list for a recommended A/C repair service.  J&L was listed at the top of the list with a straight "A" rating.  I  called them the next day and they came to  my home within an hour.  Bob checked out our heating unit and quickly found a bad switch and replaced it with a new one from his truck.  Very prompt, courteous, professional, and efficient service.  Heat was back on within  30 minutes of their arrival.  Great job! Will definitely recommend this company and will definitely use them again when the need arises. Will also have them do annual preventative maintenance on my A/C unit. Cost was way less than I had expected.  Very reasonable.
Recent Review: We have hired them twice within the last year. The first time they replaced a coil that had went bad in our air conditioner. They also had to come out and repair a relay switch when we first turned the heat on. We had a couple misunderstandings as we thought they made sure heat worked during the last repair, but they did make good.
Recent Review: I highly recommend them. We paid for a one year service agreement for $160, it was for 2 visits, we were actually paying for a spring and fall visit. It's a small family business, they're extremely trustworthy, and very responsive. Every time we had a problem, we called and they had gotten out to us within a couple of hours. I have actually given them the key to my house lock and they'll be here, and we never had any question or problem with them. The owner personally installed these heating and air conditioner and it's him and his son that respond to service calls, and they do service all the CSRA which is pretty important because with them being a smaller company, I actually have asked the last time from somebody because I needed a heating and air recommendation and I called them and they said they do the whole CSRA. They're very competitive. When I priced him out against other companies, they always beat him. The quality is excellent. Right now I use them for my mother's house and my house and the second residence I just purchased.
Recent Review: He came out and checked it and realized not much was wrong.  Only a switch was thrown, so he fixed it really quick and didn't charge us.  He is very honest and professional.  I will definitely be using him in the future.
Recent Review: Did complete check of system including ducts made. Recommendations and repair.
Recent Review: My drain line was clogged which was making my ceiling leak. They came out and got it all taken care of less than an hour after I called. I've used them before and had nothing but good results. I would recommend them to anyone!

Reviews in Clearwater for Central AC Repair

I hired them a few months back to fix my 20-year-old furnace, now the A/C needed assistance. They were able to fix each at a reasonable cost. Their technicians are polite, friendly and prompt.
- Frances M....
AChoice Home Warranty
The representative from the repair company (Queen Air Solutions) identified the problem very quickly and fixed it on the spot.
- Gary S....
AOne Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Arrived within an hour of our call on a Friday evening. Very courteous and professional. Found the problem within minutes and had it fixed shortly thereafter. He told us how to prevent the problem from coming back. Cost was very reasonable, especially considering the EXCELLENT service. I really can't think of how the experience could have gone any better. We got the kind of service you always hope for when you contact a repairman.
- William K....
ASig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning
Called Barrett at almost 6pm because our air conditioner had quit working. I knew it was after hours and expected it to be either be very expensive or not able to be checked until the following day. He gave me a quote on the service charge to come out and check for the problem and was willing to work with me if needed on the cost of repairs. Jess was at our home within 2 hours, and had the unit running. Thankfully it was nothing major! These guys were very professional and I will definitely use them again if the need arises. They also have a very reasonable service plan that I'm thinking of signing up for.
- Barbara D....
AKimball's Plumbing, Heating & Electrical
It went fine and they repaired it. They were good at figuring out what the problem was and fixing it right away.
- John E....
.This company installed the existing air conditioning unit in 1996. When the unit quit working, we contacted them, along with some other companies, to get an estimate for repair or replacement of the air conditioning unit and of the furnace. Two company representatives came the next day. They told us that they would attempt to repair the air conditioner, and would assess the furnace for us. However, they declined to provide an estimate for replacement of either since they were limiting their services to repair work at that time due to staffing issues.They repaired the air conditioner and recommended that due to the age of both heater and air conditioner, we should contact other companies about replacements.
- Sandra W....
ASig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning
I called at about 10 am to see if they had any slots open for a diagnostic. The temperatures had been in the high 90s and 100s so it was crucial to get our ac fixed soon. We have a 1 and 3 year old and couldn't go another night with no air in the hot temperatures. The man was friendly on the phone and told me that they had an opening somewhere between 2 and 4 pm. We had called other companies before Sig Cox and were unable to get an appointment so we took the time slot. However I got a call about 45 min later saying that someone was on their way to our house. I had explained the issue to the guy on the phone when I initially called and one of their sales guys, Barrett, saw out issue and knew what the problem was. He got to our house and had out ac fixed before 1130am. He was so polite and informative to both me (on the phone) and to our husband when he arrived to meet him at our house. I highly recommend Sig Cox for any HVAC needs. I commented to my coworkers that I had never experienced such great customer service from the time I called until Barrett left out house. A+ service all around! Thanks Sig Cox for your service and making it so easy. A+ A+ A+
- Heather K....
ASig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning
Every repairman I had from Sig Cox represents the company well, and Mr. Strawbridge is definitely no exception. I'll be hard-pressed to find any repairman who exceeds the responsiveness, customer service, technical competence, professionalism, and honesty of the work I had done by Mr. Strawbridge from Sig Cox. Along with being easygoing and approachable - he knows his stuff! He was able to spot the issue my 11-year old unit was having and was able to fix it in a timely manner. It's refreshing to have honest, reliable repairs done by knowledgeable people who prioritize good customer service over the almighty dollar. Sig Cox is incredibly lucky to have him!
- James F....
AMead Services Heating & AC
It is an integrated system. They come out very quickly and make appointments to come out. When you leave a message within an hour, they call.
- Sandra M....
ASig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning
The receptionist was very professional when I made the initial call and she was clear about the fee for the diagnostic visit. The technician arrived within 2 hours of my call and diagnosed the problem within a few minutes. He was also very professional and went beyond the minimum, changing out my air filters and helping me with an unrelated problem. A part was needed that was under warranty and Sig Cox took care of all the paperwork for that. It took an extra day to get the part and the time to do the repair, but when it was being done it took an hour less than expected. I was appreciative of the fact that the technician put covers over his shoes before coming in my house. The repair was successful, and the technician stayed to make sure everything worked well. His whole attitude was of someone who takes pride in their work. I also noticed that communication between the various employees was good. I can't think of anything more I could have asked to be done. On top of all that, I was able to use an Angie's List coupon from the website to get 20% off the repair! It saved me $135.
- Nanette H....