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Recent Review: They did a great job they came and finished all work in one day. They had all the supplies and tools needed so it could be done in a timely manner. They cleaned up the job site when they were done and I could not have ask for a nicer job.

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They did a great job they came and finished all work in one day. They had all the supplies and tools needed so it could be done in a timely manner. They cleaned up the job site when they were done and I could not have ask for a nicer job.
- Bertha T....
FPayne's A-Z
From the beginning it was obvious Joe did not know what he was doing. From the job quote down to finishing each job, nothing went right. Each and every quote for each and every job went well over budget and in most cases cost me double the quote. My primary bank loan ran out after half the project was completed, I began having to self finance the rest of the project which took me well over a year to have completed. Joe loves to scapegoat his mistakes and problems on to other people. He continually blamed me for "changing up the project!" When other things were wrong or I had complaints, his responses " oh this guy I have working with me wasn't quite sure of what he was doing!" Joe could not keep employees as a result of using them as scapegoats for his inability to perform a professional job. Joe also does not handle feedback about his mistakes well, he continually threw it back in my face as a problem I was creating and was most of the time argumentative about any issues or problems. Notably as the projects continued, Joe began pricing things hourly versus by the job as he originally started out. Joe was given pre-loaded credit card to use for materials and pay for each job. He used the card daily to buy his fuel, give himself advances on pay and food or whatever else he seen fit. His general work ethics were terrible, out of a 5 day work week he would show up maybe 2-3 days a week and work 5 hours of the day taking an hour for lunch in addition. His cleanliness and organization were as well terrible. At the end of every project I was left with piles of dirt to remove, moldings to paint, door handles to install and the list goes on. On one occasion I payed a landscape crew over $400.00 to come to my home and fix over a 1/2 acre of land he destroyed with the back hoe I rented to run new water lines.Each and every time I had to remove and deal with materials and clean-up. Joe was given many large loads of recyclable metals and materials in trade for work, yet never honored what he was given and continued to charge. He was in general not trustworthy nor dependable and his work was not even apprentice quality at best. Joe in the end cost me more money than if I had hired a true professional to do the job. I am going to go on to give some examples, however the plethora of problems can not be fully touched upon as there are so many. I have 64 photographs and still taking pictures of the damage and or poor work he completed while working for me. We will begin with the Mobile home and window replacement. Joe ordered mobile home windows meant for the interior and installed 2 sets per window, one outside, one inside. They were too small for the opening and in order to have working windows, you had to use slide locks on the outside as well as the inside to open them. The windows were well over 7' off the ground notably! The windows began leaking horribly, his solution, caulk them shut! In researching I found that the screw holes from the previous windows were never filled in and rain was perforating through the screw holes inside the wall. The lists go on, the caulk job on the initial installation was done sloppily and did not fully seal the windows. There were issues as well with the flooring installation in the mobile home where floor repairs were done sloppily causing the overlay to look horrible. This does not fully explain the full issues at hand with the mobile home which cost me $4000.00 to complete! The garage was built with corrugated steel. One of the first problems I recognized was that the foam closures were not installed anywhere in the building process to close the outside and prepare the building for later insulating. Snow, leaves, and other outside debris continually perforates and ends up on my car or where ever. The building is crooked and the floor is sloped toward the rear of the garage allowing water to drain from the entrance all the way to the rear of the garage. Much of the structure is only attached to poles, the metal attachment studs are only attached half way up the building. A general slab was poured for the floor, at the rear of the garage there is approximately 16" height from the slab to the ground, all the gravel used as the base has washed away leaving a huge space underneath the slab! Again I could go on about the issues at hand, but this gives a general idea. The deck was constructed extremely poorly, when looking at it from a distance it looks as though its a wave as it varies in level from one peer to the next. The posts at the front of the deck are approximately at a 4 foot difference from one end to the other meaning the beam does not run horizontally under the deck, yet more vertical, the lines are not straight. When building the deck I asked that the existing plants not be covered by the deck, but removed, Joe decided it would be fine to ignore my wishes and build over all my exterior plants, hundreds of dollars worth of perennials!  My pump house and existing out building were attached, while removing the pump house with the back hoe, Joe separated the wall on the right side of the out building by almost 5 inches. Concerned as the building was old and I was trying to save it, he responded "oh it won't hurt it once we get the siding on it!" Currently the building has a huge hole leading to the outside both at the bottom and top corners where the damage exists. Interior work completed was terrible, finish work on sheet rock was pitted, is cracking, paint was sloppily put on and lacked coverage in several places! The lists of problems goes on and on and on! The lists of extensive damages he created to my existing property and rework that needs to be completed to correct his mistakes delve well into the thousands! I am not going to continue to list the extensiveness of the issues at hand with the projects. Finally notable, I met Joe as he worked on my neighbors home, new roofing and interior, they have had innumerable complaints and have called him to fix the damages. With both customers, his stance was "you're taking this too far!" I have begun other actions to deal with the issues at hand. Again I have photographs as well as first hand witnesses to the shoddy work completed at my home. Anyone with any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact me! Most recently as I confronted Joe about removing tools from my garage, "forgetting to put in two GFC outlets in my bathroom versus the one and only one he installed as well as loosing parts to a brand new light, I was greeted with the "you've gone too far argument!" The initial job on my bathroom was quoted at $1600.00 total, $600.00 for materials and $1000.00 labor ended up costing me $2350.00 total! Joe continued after I confronted him with "you owe me $1000.00 more!" later recanting and adding it up to $1200.00! Joe has produced no receipts for any of his jobs and those he did were missing numerous! I have recorded via check and charge card all the costs of materials which figure just over $700.00 leaving $1650.00 in labor costs! Notably I have text messages as well documenting his promise to make the job right and went as far to write him an additional check for $150.00 to finish the job! Received a visit from DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) today who reported to me that I had been turned in for illegal burning on the property. Turns out Mr. Payne was burning materials he agreed to remove from the property in trade for the valuable scrap or reusable materials removed from my home. I travel for work and in many cases was not here while projects were happening, in fact the last bathroom job was completed while I was on tour in Canada whereas Mr. Payne burned PVC and attempted to scapegoat the issue on me in retribution of my disdain for his work.  Immature behavior for someone who runs a supposed professional business. This is yet another example of his scapegoating mistakes.
- Michael L....