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Ralph was absolutely the best spa guy i've ever seen.   He was right on time and worked diligently to locate the leak in  my spa.  He then applied a sealing compound that has worked great so far.  This guy is the best.  I will use his services for as long as he is in business.   If you need a pool or spa guy, he is THE ONE!!!!!  Thanks Angie's List for this source.
- Rick P....
Spent alot of money with Pool and Spa Outlet. They installed a spa incorreclly and didn't want to correct it because it would have turned the job upsidedown and the job would have been a loss.
- William S....
When my husband and I walked into Vahalla Pools & Spas we met Jack Farley and his wife, Peggy. Jack was so knowledgeable on hot tubs and he proceeded to educate us. In about 1 hour we were able to make a decision on the hot tub that we wanted. We purchased a 2009 model - Marquis Spa #322. It was exactly what we wanted. It was delivered by 2 men - Greg and John. They were absolutely wonderful. The hot tub weighed 600 lbs and they were able to get it across our yard and up 4 steps to our enclosed porch. Even though it was a bit of a pain (the steps) they were gracious--working very hard and successfully getting our tub where we wanted it. They gave us a quick start up lesson and left us in the good hands of our electricians who were there to hardwire the hot tub. We have been using the hot tub at least 2x daily. We love it!
- Carol K....
They were alright and were straight forward.  I asked them what they can do and they collected required information from me.  They gave me a quote and they had a good selection of material in stock.  They had a relatively small and cost knowledgeable manpower.  I will use their services in future.
- Katherine D....
My Hot Tub went on the fritz, and I had no idea what to do about it myself, so I was at the mercy of a repairman. I called Iovino Tub and Spa and expained my situation and got a no nonsense idea of what the problem could or could not be. (Which is all I wanted). Since it was very cold Patty advised me how to keep the everything warm enough to prevent further damage. Tony showed up at the appointed time and after quickly trouble shooting the problem ordered the parts to repair. A few days later he returned with the new heater and installed the new parts and got everything going. I am very happy with the outcome and will call Iovino when I need repairs for my hot tub.
- Bruce G....
the sales part went well. very responsive during that timeframe as the job was a six figure plus job and probably one of the first that put them into the outdoor kitchen market.  the grill and kitchen was never right, as it seems they did not realize that the length of the pipe from the source to the grill was too much for the pipe i job and after several failed attempts to rectify, i paid more than 1,200 out of pocket to get the appropriate gas feeds to the grill.   And even after that the grill that was 5K in adequate, but my $300.00 Weber gets hotter and faster.. Also the first hot tub had issue after issue running and ultimately 7k later we just gave it to the people who put an additon on our house as we were tired of trying to fix it.  we fired pool designs for the service once.  after smaller companies were not able to consistently serve our area, i made the mistake of rehiring them for the service and for the first year it went pretty well.....we also bought another hot tub from them.....the issues mounted related to products  bought.....the pool light died outside of warranty and had a 1000 + price tag, the heater died twice, our hot tub that was serviced by them was not balanced and several kids had a minor skin disease that caused me some issues in the neighborhood..a "professional" pool company had no real answers as to how that could occur...I wanted to stay with them as it appeared for a while as if the effort to make things right was occurring......finally this year the service had some issues as newer people were brought on to work the pool, fix issues with the grill and do the service. .nothing was ever correctly done the first time, including more service issues tied to the grill and the lack of communication with the management team despite repeated efforts to reach out on the issues frustrated me to the point of firing them again..culminated in my wife being placed on hold as the manager noted on the listing was "unavailable" but once she escalated her frustration he suddenly got on the call when she refused to hang up, but despite several emails from me related to ongoing issues, Mr. Collins  denied knowledge that there  was an issue...also the person working our home was told to tell them one week before we terminated them that we had an issue that would  cause us to terminate them,and he confirmed delivery of that message, but Mr. Collins claimed he was unaware we had issues........ .a week later my heater died AGAIN....the coils AGAIN were corroded.....a rep who works for the manufacturer came out and replaced the heater as Mr. Collins again had no response to my emails related to the heater failure.  This rep claimed that a 2-3 year old heater would only have this corrosion if the pool were chemically imbalanced enough to create corrosion....interesting as I paid Pool Designs a few hundred dollars a month to maintain the chemical balance in the pool.  I had another rep review photos of the corrosion and he confirmed that the corrosion would only have occurred given a pretty negative chemical environment.  I am currently reviewing my options as the history and expense tied to this vendor is pretty significant and the pattern has been pretty clear.......I am out another 2K plus for the heater without the courtesy of a response from Mr. Collins.....buyer beware.......
- Steve M....
AHoebler Pool & Spa Inc
I called in the morning and he showed up that afternoon working in the frigid 10 degree weather for three hours. I give anyone SO much credit when they can brave the elements like that and be responsive on such a cold day. The work was done well...the hot tub is running again and no longer in danger of freezingl. I want to thank and highly recommend Phil at Hoebler Pool & Spa!
- Kathi M....
APro-Max Mechanical
Pro-Max Mechanical came out this morning and installed a new sub panel in basement and installed new wires and pipe from basement to outside for new hot tub we purchased. Great work as usual from them. Can't wait to use the hot tub.
- Julie C....
AVillage Pools Inc
.   I got this hot tub through about a year and a half ago, it worked great for about 8 months and then it stopped heating.  I called Village Pools and they sent  Mark out within the first 3 days.He is great to deal with. He got to work right away and found the problem and corrected it. I cant say enough good about these folks. Its nice to have someone out in the community that will come out and service a hot tub that thay didnt sell. Too Me these people are priceless
- Kevin H....
It was bitterly cold and we had to turn hot off because it had lost water. We were afraid pipes would freeze. We called and someone came the next day
- Monica P....

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Business Description: Amped Up Electric is a family owned business that has been servicing the Pittsburgh area and surrounding counties for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on excellent service and strive on customer satiation. Tom is present on every job site and works directly with all of the customers we provide service and estimates to. We are using the latest and greatest of technology to provide you with the most detailed and directly related info to keep your family safe .
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Business Description: Hufnagel Electric LLC has been in business since 2004 and our electricians have over 50 years of combined electrical experience and troubleshooting knowledge, which in turn saves us time and you money. Hufnagel Electric’s mission is to provide our customers with quality electrical expertise and reassure our customers with our one year warranty on electrical work performed. Hufnagel Electric pledges that no task will be too small to merit our attention. Hufnagel Electric is a full service electrical maintenance company. We can provide an electrical plan to guide our customers through new home construction or a breaker panel upgrade in an existing home. Whether you are looking to add a new circuit, replace old light fixtures or ceiling fans, install recessed lighting or LED lighting, revitalize your existing landscape lighting or add a new approach to your home with a lighted walkway, Hufnagel Electric can provide you with an electrical design to fit your budget and your property size and style.
Recent Review: I highly recommend them.  Everything was wonderful and they made it as easy as possible.  Their customer service was perfect and they were extremely responsive to questions and everything.  Their price was very comparable.  I would definitely use them again.
Recent Review: We moved into a house with an outdoor jacuzzi. Having never had one, we wanted advice on how to maintain it, and we also wanted it inspected, make sure it's in good condition. I could not have asked for a better interaction than Brian provided. He did not try to upsell me anything. He didn't find any problems. He was reassuring - things were in good shape, and there was no need for repairs or special maintenance. I really knew nothing, so he really could have sold me anything, but instead he actually told me a few things I thought I needed, which I did not.  For example, my electrician pointed out that when the jacuzzi was installed (Pool City in Monroeville), they used a 40 amp cable for a 50 amp circuit. I asked Brian if that was safe. He pointed out the previous owners used it that way for eight years, so can't be too bad. We may still get the work done, but Brian's advice made sense. I asked about the cover - do I need a new one? Again, no: you'll know you need a new one when it's getting waterlogged. Jets, etc? All fine.  Brian brought some chemicals, and taught me how and when to use them, and how much. Again, I felt completely reassured. Brian is a straight-shooter, and he'll be our go-to guy going forward. I know he's going to help us enjoy our jacuzzi without paying for things that don't matter. Highly recommended without any reservations whatsoever.
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Business Description: There are Plumber's...Then there's Taggart. Call Taggart Plumbing, Llc if you want a Plumber Specialized with You in Mind. An Artisan. A Craftsman. A No Holds Barred Tell You How It Is Family Company. With a Relationship as a Goal. And Not a Profit Memorandum
Recent Review: My husband usually goes their and they test the spa water and actually take time out of the transaction to give me a call as I am not able to really get out of the house and they let me know over the phone what I should use and purchase for chemicals. Everyone I have dealt with from the time I have purchased my hot tub and all of my chemicals has been outstanding. Definitely excellent customer service. They give me step by step instructions and answer any questions. They even call me back the next day and have me do a test strip and help me read it while they are on the phone with me and let me know if things are testing correctly or not.
Recent Review: They were on time and professional. They were very good, but I thought it was expensive.
Recent Review: It was bitterly cold and we had to turn hot off because it had lost water. We were afraid pipes would freeze. We called and someone came the next day