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Business Description: Asphalt paving and sealer
Mariani Paving
Business Description: we do quality work
Roadstar Paving
Recent Review: Don and his crew were knowledgable, professional, and extremely courteous. They did a great job! There were some delays in the start time of the job but Don called us to keep us informed. Don was extremely good about answering questions and responding to phone calls. The crew made sure that we were pleased with the work prior to exiting the job. Job site was clean on completion. I would highly recommend them!
Asphalt Contractors
Business Description: We are a family owned and operated local business that provides quality services at an affordable price with excellence and integrity! We offer a wide variety of driveway and commercial property services including but not limited to : Tar and Chip, Paving, Sealcoaing, Patching, Striping and much more! we offer free estimates and consultations.
Recent Review: Company was extremely easy to deal with. Was lowest bid of the three companies I got quotes from and couldn't be happier with the job they did. They were half the cost of the other bigger named companies you see.
Fisher & Sons Paving
Business Description: Fischer's Paving has over 15 years of experience with residential and commercial asphalt paving in Butler County. As a fully insured operation, you can trust that we have the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done in a timely and professional way. All of our work is guaranteed and PennDot certified. Our work includes: Small parking lot paving Driveway paving Asphalt sealcoating We are proud of our work - it is truly a pleasure to beautify your home's exterior with smooth and good looking pavement. We are very thorough, evaluating your site in detail and tamping all edges of pavement to finish the job just right. Call us anytime for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.
Breakiron's Paving & Sealcoating
Business Description: Specialize in Aspalt Paving and Sealcoating I have done this for 10plus years and enjoy it started my own buisness in 2008 We except Cash or Checks
Business Description: Reedy's Sealcoating is a family owned and operated business (HIC) PA016807
Wilson Sealcoating
Business Description: The experienced and capable team at Wilson Sealcoating have built their reputation on superior workmanship and exceptional customer service with every paving or roofing project big or small we continue to maintain our exemplary reputation by stressing professionalism, dependability, value and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Reviews in Saint Clair to Seal Asphalt

FCurb Appeal
The contractor sealed my asphalt driveway.  My job was their last on a hot day, and I think they didn't clean off the driveway surface sufficiently.  Instead of pressure washing or hosing it off, they used a gas powered blower, which did not clean it.  After a week or two, i noticed several spots, which were several inches wide in both directions, that were completely exposed with no seal coat.  After 5 months and a hard winter, there are spots all over the driveway that show through with no seal coat.
- George W....
FRunt's Paving And Excavating
They were the low bidder.  I asked where they were getting the material from and they told me a supplier in Cumberland County.  The reason I asked was because it is early in the paving season and most suppliers plants have not been started up yet.  I was told by the contractor later that they had gotten the material from a supplier in Juniata county.  This supplier is known to me and I know the condition of that suppliers plant and the potential problems that it could cause.  My background is in the road construction business as a Quality Assurance Manager and I've witnessed and reported on many years worth of asphalt paving projects as well as other types of road and bridge construction. Once the job was finished, I accepted the work even though I noticed some areas that were of an opened texture.  I figured I could live with that imperfection.  Within two months time, I noticed significant edge cracking one to four inches from the edge of pavement.  These cracks vary in length but overall they account for approximately 35 to 40 percent of the amount of edge of pavement. Large areas of unravelling have occurred.  The individual stones of the mix are coming loose.  Basically in these areas the pavement is coming apart. There are also small voids in the surface that were caused by dust balls in the mix.  Dust balls are caused by clumps of dust from a dirty asphalt supplier plant falling into the mix as it is being mixed and then becoming part of the pavement.  If these dust balls are at the surface of the pavement, they break open when the binder (the black sticky stuff) oxidizes and becomes brittle.  The dust is now exposed and washes away and leaves a void in the surface of the pavement. The first problems to show were the edge cracking and the unravelling. I contacted the contractor and was told someone would come look at the pavement.  I was also told at that time that the supplier was not who they said it was going to be.  I also found out at that time that they would not stand behind damage caused by turning the wheels of your car on the driveway.  That sounds ridiculous to me but it was in the fine print on the job proposal that I had signed.  I was unaware of when someone stopped to look at the pavement but they claimed they did stop and look at it.  From late June through the middle of September, I called 7 or 8 times.  All but one of those times no one answered and I left a message for them to call me.  No one ever contacted me after those messages I left.  The one time I got someone to answer the phone and I explained my issues to the office person.  The office person told me that my problems were "impossible".  I told her they certainly were possible.  She then asked with an attitude, "And have you been paving for the last 20 years?"  I then informed her of my recent position in the road construction industry and she then quit being so condescending.  I then got a call a few days later and I talked with a gentleman and told him my issues and what I wanted to see happen. He said that he needed to talk to someone and that he would get back to me.  I believe that was September 7th.  I still haven't been contacted by September 20th. On September 20th, I called the office again at 12:55pm, no answer, it may have been lunch time.  I called again at 1:15, no answer.  I called again at 1:30, no answer, I then left a message for the owner of the company to contact me by the end of the week.  This was a Tuesday and that gave the owner 3 days to make a phone call.  It didn't happen. September 26th 11:30 am I called the contractor and left a message for them to have the owner contact me by Wednesday September 28th.  I told them in the message that I would have to take this to the courts if they don't contact me.  I had contacted the district magistrates office just prior to making the phone call to the contractor to find out about the process of having the magistrates office handle this. Contractor called me 9:35 am September 27th.  I don't know if it was the owner or not.  The person said his brother told him what I wanted and questioned me asking for an extended warranty.  He asked what all I wanted.  I told him I wanted the cracks fixed, at least a 5 year warranty and I wanted the driveway to look like new after they were done fixing it.  It is after all a five month old driveway. Making it look new would probably require them to apply a spray on sealer.  He told me that they were already going above and beyond by just fixing the cracks. He also said that the edge cracking was caused by running a lawn mower over the pavement next to the lawn.  A driveway is supposed to hold up to the weight of a car, I don't see how my lawn mower would cause the cracking.  Besides, there are places that are cracking where no vehicle of any kind have been driven across it.  I told him that that was not good enough and that I would have to take it to the district magistrate.
- Mark Z....
AJ.S. Decorative Concrete
Three (3) full days of work (6:30am-6pm) consisted of removal and hauling away old asphalt driveway; regrading of base of driveway with a Bobcat, and installation of new stone and wire mesh with re-bar. One (1) day for concrete pour (weather permitting).  One half of 50' driveway was poured in the morning along with the walkway and the other half was poured in the afternoon. (Three concrete trucks worth). Stamping of Slate texture was completed in the afternoon. Final day of work consisted of: Power washing the entire project and my front porch of all of the concrete dust; Application of concrete sealer;  AND filling in edges of driveway with quality top soil.  Service includes a re-application of concrete sealer one year from date of installation. I am very pleased with the result of the project and the professional dedication of Jim Stoltzfus and his helper.  Job was completed beautifully and in the time frame promised.  On the same day of completion, I received three positive compliments on how the driveway looked from neighbors.  I highly recommend "D.S. Decorative Concrete" for all of your concrete projects.
- Michael P....
The process and relations with the contractor we selected, Vince Destephano, went very well. We took bids in March and Contracted with M & D Paving in early April, 2016. We were very concerned about having the job started before the last two weeks in May and completed before June 1. Mr. Destephano accepted our addendum to the contract that stipulated the latest starting and completion date, subject only to extreme or persistent rainfall in our area. Mr. Destephano provided a detailed work/cost statement. He worked within those parameters to the end, even though we shifted the entire driveway to the right (without adding area), changed the depth of the drain at the between the driveway and the garages, and added cement rather than asphalt setting for the drain. His excavation subcontractor, Speedy, was also adaptable and willing to meet our needs. The scraping/paving crew, led by Vince, did an extraordinary job.They were knowledgeable, a good team, and polite. Surprisingly they finished in one day. Not only that, they laid down at least 1 inch more of asphalt thickness than was called for in the contract! Finally, as the crew was leaving they spread the remaining unused asphalt at the edge of our entry road where the asphalt pavement was broken or degraded---this was beyond the contract, not requested, not charged for, unexpected, but impressive! We do not write extremely positive reviews often, but took time to produce this one. We highly recommend M & D, Vince Destephano, his Crew and grading Subcontractor for asphalt driveway installation. Art B
- Art B....
AS & T Blacktopping And Sealcoating
Shane stopped by and asked if I needed my driveway done while he was in the area.  I happened to need my driveway seal-coated. Timing was great.  I had lots of cracks in driveway so I had swept before he came.  He then went thoroughly over the driveway to blow off any debris.  He carefully filled any deep cracks and then slowly sprayed and spread the sealant.  It looks sooo much better.  I have a decent size driveway and hadn't priced vendors so I do not know if the price was fair.  The product  seems  good.  The work was done neatly and professionally.
- Patricia H....
They did a really great job. they were very courteous and they worked great. I am very satisfied with the work done sealing.
- Carlene D....
AChamps Asphalt Sealing
After about a month the driveway was cracking and we contacted Kevin and he came out and looked at it. He offered to reseal and redo the driveway in the spring. I just recieved a letter stating he would be coming out to do the job for free. I appreciate him standing behind his word and would recommend him to anyone. He was as good as his word.
- Jimmy R....
The project went well overall. It was one day longer to finish due to heavy rain. The guys would show up for work in a timely fashion and tried to keep me informed of the steps they were to complete. A day after I thought they were finished they had a couple guys come to rake the sorrounding grass and sweep up loose leaves and dirt leaving the area very nice. I would like to add that I had a siding project start, a garage door install and concrete completion on the same day and they all worked well together.
- Dale G....
CRoadstar Paving
They were priced very well and the job was as offered BUT....they refused to ever come back and pick up residue from old concrete and asphalt....I own several business's and called them over and over ...even stopped them on the street but they wouldn't  call back or come for the pile on my side today 5 months later I paid some one else to get it......actually that was the only issue but I had 3 friends who wanted asphalt done and I said NOPE don't use em! Sorry but follow thru is important and they failed!
- Dave H....
It went well they did an excellent is a long drive way......he has good workers , and has been in business many years...    Jack Maloy is the owner..... thanks Rick
- Rick H....