Montrose Fiberglass Shower Repair

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Recent Review: The provider was Bath Fitter not Re Bath. Please forgive my error as they have similar names and do similar work.
Business Description: Additional contacts: Jeffrey Fredrickson, EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm, Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists; Certified Green Professional. Additional DBA - Crown Construction Properties LLC.

Reviews in Montrose to Repair Fiberglass Showers

ARe-Bath of The Southern Tier
The provider was Bath Fitter not Re Bath. Please forgive my error as they have similar names and do similar work.
- John Z....
FCrown Construction Inc
The company owner, John, came to my house and proceeded to tell me what he was going to do in my bathroom. Everything that I wanted was too expensive. Keep in mind this is a very small bathroom there is barely room for a shower, toilet, sink & we were talking about spending more than $11,000. He obviously was pushing the cheapest materials on me(like a cheesy vanity with a FORMICA top) & intended to charge me top dollar. Probably stuff he already had lying around & was trying to get rid of. After we talked about the project for a while John sat down & came up with an estimate. He gave me an estimate of an estimate & it was above $11,000. I don't remember the exact number as this was over a year ago. Then he asked for a $100 deposit for a detailed estimate & a computer drawing (auto-cad it was not), refundable if I accepted the bid. I should have backed out here but I am(was) a sucker. My wife & I later accepted them to do the work. I did all the demo & rubbish removal myself. Then I went & chose the things that I wanted (the toilet, sink faucets etc.) on-line & asked Crown to use those items for the job. I know these items didn't cost more than maybe 2000 dollars because I picked them out but they are good quality products from Kohler and Moen. The shower that they picked out for me, a three piece fiberglass unit, maybe another 300-500 dollars. Of course they were so busy that they scheduled the job to start like 3 months later right around Christmas time. Anyway December comes along and they send one guy to do all the work. This guy was a complete hack. This job that they told me might take about two weeks ended up taking two months and the work is piss poor. I think the guy was high most of the time and he spent a lot of time hanging out with the neighbor who also works for Crown Construction instead of getting any work done. This guy (the foreman), obviously had no plan and limited skills. He had to re-frame part of the shower because of poor planning and then tried to charge me extra to fix his mistake. He wired outlets wrong and I just fixed that myself. That's when I discovered that the outlets weren't anchored solidly in the wall and they were pushed in. The guy actually tried to stick the outlets in place with joint compound I made him fix that (not very well). Then he forgot to wire the mandatory smoke alarm so I had to help him do that. All the while he is saying that none of these mistakes are his fault. IT'S HIS JOB I'M PAYING MORE THAN $11,000 for this crap work. The list goes on and on about this guy. Then there is the plumber who kept coming in and out and complaining about he has other jobs to do. He spent more time on the phone than ever getting anything done. Anyway he sent his nephews or sons or whatever to do the work and when they were done the shower head is way off center and a slide bar they installed keeps falling apart. It was just an endless nightmare I am angry every time I go in the bathroom. Do not hire Crown.
- James G....