Montrose Retaining Wall Installation

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Business Description: Multi-faceted planning, engineering and consulting firm, specializing in structural engineering for wood design, masonry, steel & concrete, green design, and wind engineering, serving architects, engineers, contractors, builders, developers, and owners from many business sectors. Practice areas include residential, office, retail, commercial, and industrial markets. Currently licensed as a Professional Engineer in PA, MD, WV, VA, DC, NC, & SC. Member ASCE, SEI, AWC.

Reviews in Montrose for Installing Retaining Walls

DPerry's Amish Construction
Spoke with Matt and Reuben initially about their ability to do the work. Since I was providing all the materials and was going to be onsite during the project they were willing to work for 72.00 an hour instead of their original quote of 80.00 an hour.   They were shown detailed cad drawings and assured me they could do the job. I created the drawings ( I have a structural engineering back). The first post they tried setting was done wrong so I had them re-do it. The correct orientation was clearly shown on the plans.    They lacked experience valley framing and did not follow the detailed plans they were provided. They ended up using my tools because theirs were inadequate. I stopped them midway from sawing completely thru a new 28' beam.   The worst part was that they padded the hours. They gave me an invoice that had 2  of the days hours including the half hour lunch break. Where I come from, if you are getting paid by the hour, you don't get paid for your lunch break time. On the third and final day 2 showed up instead of three. They still billed me the 3 crew rate of 72.00 an hour.   I am sure they do a wonderful job building pole barns and putting roofs on, but I would never recommending hiring them by the hour. I paid them fairly for the work they did and let the damaged beam go instead of insisting they replace. I was treated with disrespect when settling up with them and was told I was ripping them off. I had my own contracting company when I was younger and would never think of treating a customer like I was treated.   In light of what transpired I would advise you stay away from this contractor.
- John P....