Minersville Crawl Space Waterproofing

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Business Description: Our Firm has the largest professional Radon staff in the state. We have two Radon Measurement Specialists on our full time staff. Both have undergraduate and graduate degrees. One is additionally certified by the National Radon Safety Board, the other has a Ph.D in nuclear physics. 1-888- RADON-GAS Radiation Data's Radon mitigation specialists are certified by the NJDEP, PADEP, and the National Radon Safety Board. Radiation Data has decades of experience in designing and supervising the installation of Radon Systems. We have 2 Radon Measurement Technicians on our full time staff and almost 500 affiliated certified technicians. All of these Radon professionals have met NJ's strict standards for certification. They have taken required courses, state exams, and have extensive documented experience. Our senior staff has taught Radon technology to Hundreds of Home Inspectors seeking to become NJ-certified, or to aquire Continuing Education Credits. We also have provided training to other environmental professionals through Rutgers University's Eastern Regional Radon Training Center and Office of Continuing Professional Education.
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Business Description: Total Foundation Solutions is a professional foundation and concrete repair contractor in Northwestern PA and Western NY, specializing in concrete leveling, foundation repair, wall repair, and more.
Recent Review: The team at Basements Love Us was excellent! They were clear and upfront about exactly what work needed to be done, and we were confident they were giving us the best deal possible. They completed the work quickly and in line with our schedule. After a number of large rain storms, our basement has remained dry!
Recent Review: Sent someone out immediately to do estimate. Provided very fair price and scheduled us for waterproofing in no time at all. Completed work promptly and all staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. We have not had one drop of water in basement since work was completed and have endured major rains that normally would have given us basement water.
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Business Description: We dig your business!!
Business Description: foundation repair and waterproofing of basements
Recent Review: Came on time for the estimate and then for the work itself. Aaron explained what should be done, and how they would do it. The workers were very professional at all times, cleaning up well after they were finished. They gladly accepted their $100 off coupon from a magazine that I found after I had already received their estimate.
Recent Review: They did a good job.  They were efficient and got the job done on time.  They were pretty decent in being responsive.
Recent Review: I don't like them. Again, we were concerned about house and the basement and we're not sure if they treated them as they should have as far as quarantine element or get them evaluated and had no evidence they took care of that properly. I don't think that the end result was exactly the same of the salesman had promised. They drunk my beer, opened my refrigerator and got my beer, and they hit the bottles. They are really small younger guys and I ended up finding one beer bottle in a weird place and there were 5 more of them on another corner of the basement and there's no way that I put them there, and then where we find another beer bottle or not, my wife called the boss and the boss didn't answer the call. I did call, did complain, and the boss asked me what kind of beer and did replaced it. I was pissed because they basically stole from me. I haven't needed them to come back for any reason. They were charming the whole tie they were here but when ever they're here my beer is stolen.
Recent Review: The crew arrived promptly and worked cleanly and efficiently. Someone had to come back at a later date to install frost guards and it was clearly too big of a job for one person. However, he also worked hard and got the job done. All of the employees, from the man who came to give the estimate, to all of the installation crew, were personable, pleasant and hard working. This has been an extremely wet summer and our basement has been as dry as a bone since the system was installed.

Reviews in Minersville to Waterproof Crawl Space

AAmerican Waterproofers Inc
They were wonderful. My basement flooded and I lost a lot of things like exercise equipment. All of my neighbors still have flooding issues and I haven't had any problems. I have referred them out to my neighbors. They have even called back to check with me on making sure my system is still working. It's nice to work with a company that is professional and gives you what they say they are.
- Floie F....
AThe Basement Expert
Great! I had this work performed in March 2018. Summer 2018 has seen constant rain and flash flooding. Previously I would have had several feet of water in my basement from the saturating rain and storms that came through together (5+inches in 6 hours with 12 inches in 48hrs in already wet ground). Basement has been completely dry. I thought work would be more noticeable. The concrete over the drain is nicely done. No complaints about the work, better results than I expected (I expected it to be more noticeable).
- Tony B....
DEverdry Basement Waterproofing
First crew did not do satisfactory job. Messy with clean-up and cement work. Courteous second crew to dig up one drain and re-do. Then after that leak was fixed, another appeared in the corner. A lot more water. Worked well and cleaned up.
- Judy S....
ABaker's Waterproofing
Martin, Drew, and Austin did an amazing job. They were so polite and professional. They even finished a day early.
- Amanda M....
AITG Basement Systems
The crew arrived promptly and worked cleanly and efficiently. Someone had to come back at a later date to install frost guards and it was clearly too big of a job for one person. However, he also worked hard and got the job done. All of the employees, from the man who came to give the estimate, to all of the installation crew, were personable, pleasant and hard working. This has been an extremely wet summer and our basement has been as dry as a bone since the system was installed.
- Janette B....
AWaterproofing Specialties
This company showed up on time, was very professional, completed the work in a timely manner , and cleaned up their mess. I was very pleased with the service provided!
- Brandy W....
BMid-Atlantic Waterproofing of PA
This is an update to my initial review back on 12/2015. I was contacted by Mid-Atlantic concerning my dissatisfaction and after 3 attempts to rectify the situation a manager named Dan responded to my residence to look at my concerns and numerous complains. I must say that the remedy offered to correct my problem was to redo the job in its entirety and to my ultimate satisfaction at no cost to me. Mid-Atlantic stands behind their product and workmanship. In these time it is good to know that there are companies who put customer satisfaction first. I highly recommend this company to take care of your basement waterproofing needs.
- Bruce S....
AEverdry Basement Waterproofing
After having five other Waterproofing Companies give me estimates and explain their Waterproofing Process I wanted them to do something on the outside as well as the inside to really prevent my basement from Water damage down the road. I had some minor issues but I knew I wanted to tackle the problem from the inside and outside and no company was able to meet my expectation until I called Everdry Waterproofing of Pittsburgh.   Everdry came out and I was skeptical at first of them. They showed up in a regular car and I was like this is going to be interesting and thought about just canceling the appointment as they walked up to the house but I decided just to see what they were going to offer.  They did a very thorough inspection and explain the problems they saw as we walked around the house the basement. The Salesman then asked to show us our options and the first option was just waterproofing the outside of the house which was one of the things I wanted to get done but it would cost $20K for my 1200 sq ft house. The second options was just waterproofing the inside which is what everyone else offered to do and would cost $2500 - $5000. I started to question where they were going with the two options since they were what the other Waterproofing companies offered. But then they offered a third option, which is something that patented and no one else can offer so I was very interested in hearing about. The Salesmen explained that the Multi Step Pressure Relief System included a outside and inside waterproofing that was lifetime guaranteed.   This is exactly what I was looking to get done and I could not believe that someone actually could do it for a reasonable price. We paid $13k to get our home waterproofed and they did in less a week after we first met the Salesman.  Although it will be a few years before I will be able to tell if the waterproofing is effective. However, with a lifetime warranty and having the outside foundation and inside waterproofed I feel like I made a very great in decision in choosing Everdry. I also a free EZ Breath System install in my basement family room too. Joe & Jessica W. Blairsville, PA
- Joseph W....
AAmerica's Basement Contractor
After I contacted, they came out quickly and gave bid.  After I accepted, they work in timely manner.  I had to co-ordinate their work with plumber and was able to do so easily with them.  Everything went smoothly.
- Joe S....
BD-Bug Inc Waterproofing
They did the whole perimeter of my basement. Dug down into the floor several feet and put a french drain and two pumps in the  corners. The drain is connected to two french drain pipes outside that were put in my yard. Very quick work with crew of about 8-9 men doing the work from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Very courteous. I thought they would actually do more to the whole floor service after work was done to give it a finished look; especially for the price. Cleaned up after themselves very well. Kept the rest of the house clean and free of dust by putting up plastic. I will determine come spring and summer or after a heavy snow fall to make sure water is not coming into the basement but for now it is very dry and it has made a difference already on the freshness of the basement. They sprayed walls and floor to make sure if any mold was in place that has been removed or prevented.
- Diana K....