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A - OK Painting
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White Hat Construction
Recent Review: The main thing is that you can trust him in your house and he's a nice guy. A little OCD in a good way.
Recent Review: From the initial interview, prompt, courteous, always asked detailed questions. Gave good suggestions to provide a better end result. (and I am picky) Cleaned up as they went. No short cuts were taken. Lots of caulk and scraping and patching were needed. I would have them back again for any more paint jobs. Gave me the best price by far of all other painters interviewed, no haggling needed.
Pop The Handyman
Recent Review: Pop took on an a big challenge and came in with a price that beat his competiton. He did a fantastic job of cleaning and repairing the property. The paint job was not the greatest, but I can assure you, the rest of the workmanship was very good! The place looked 150% better than it did before he started! Rest assured, I would recommend Pop to anyone!
Integrity Painters
Lewis Painting

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ARoos H&R Painting
They were excellent to work with.  They were able to match the paint the was there and were able to complete everything in 3 days. The entire crew was extremely nice and easy to work with.  I have had them do interior painting and they also did an excellent job. I would definitely hire them again. 
- Amy S....
AWhite Hat Construction
The main thing is that you can trust him in your house and he's a nice guy. A little OCD in a good way.
- Kermit B....
From the initial interview, prompt, courteous, always asked detailed questions. Gave good suggestions to provide a better end result. (and I am picky) Cleaned up as they went. No short cuts were taken. Lots of caulk and scraping and patching were needed. I would have them back again for any more paint jobs. Gave me the best price by far of all other painters interviewed, no haggling needed.
- Loretta K....
APop The Handyman
Pop took on an a big challenge and came in with a price that beat his competiton. He did a fantastic job of cleaning and repairing the property. The paint job was not the greatest, but I can assure you, the rest of the workmanship was very good! The place looked 150% better than it did before he started! Rest assured, I would recommend Pop to anyone!
- George D....
A360 Painting
Randy and crew did an outstanding job painting our home. We have aluminum siding that was faded and chalky. We met with Randy for a consultation and estimate.  Because of a bad experience with a different painter years earlier we were adamant about what we didn't want - overspray, dripping, messiness, etc. Randy assured us of a great, clean paint job and he delivered! In fact, the attention to detail was so amazing, they even painted our mailbox and number sign to match the trim! They painted our house in a timely manner with no mess left behind.  Neighbors and friends are still commenting on how good the house looks - made our 80+ year old house look brand new!!
- Beth A....
ARoos H&R Painting
I am SO pleased with the work that was done on my home. The painting job is beautiful! Each of the workers were professional. They were very helpful in responding to anything i asked them to consider. They worked well together and they were eager to go the extra mile. I feel fortunate to have such a group paint my house. Many times when people work on homes there is a lot of clean up to do when the job is done. My property looked better after Roos Painters were there than it did before they came. They were wonderful. Each of the painters at one time or another mentioned that they enjoyed painting and their work shows that to be reality. They take care and pride in the work they do. (plus they are helpful people) I am thankful for this team of painters. Michael and Penny Roos are careful about the pricing and details with the job. They are honest and hard working professionals with no surprises. Roos Hand R is a great company with excellent workers. I could not recommend them more highly. I love the house and it is in such good shape now that it has been painted and repaired correctly.
- Ronee C....
FIntegrity Painters
They started last June and still not completed their project for exterior painting and they’ve done a shabby job. I would not recommend them. Their came gave us a very good price and said that told us that he had a carpenter who could do basic repairs and sidings as well as they are doing the paint job, their carpenter was kind of crazy and was trying to use some scrapped wood form an old wood pile from the fence on the house and wasn’t working on anything that I wanted him to do, that I told him that I wanted to use new materials but he really wasn’t doing that. He’s trying to make shortcuts and the guy whose doing the painting seemed not really moving that fast and they didn’t do a lot of prep work. It seemed that they had four other project going on at the same time, so I think they were spread pretty thin, so they only had one or two guys there at one time whereas when I initially met with the owner, he said that he had a team of 9 people but I never saw 9 people or working at one time. He couldn’t even give me a date when to finish. They have a fair price.
- Clare C....
DLewis Painting
I hired Lewis Painting based primarily on the only Angie's List report on Lewis Panting, at the time. I was a bit skeptical relying on only one report but, it gave such high praise that I thought Lewis Painting must be good. That was a big mistake. I have no idea how that previous paint job described in the other report, which was an interior paint job, actually looked but, I have no doubt that the owner was accurate in her description and satisfied with the results. My job, however, was an exterior job and, beside painting, it involved lots of fairly simple carpentry and an additional small plumbing job. The owner of Lewis Paint told me that he took pride in his work. After all, he said, it's his name connected with the results. I don't know how he feel about his name but, I wouldn't want my name attached to work like this. They all seemed to be likable guys but, as painters they are sloppy, as carpenters they?re incompetent and as workers they are unprofessional. One of them told me that that he didn't think two coats of paint would cover any better than one coat of paint. They are more like boys using hammers and brushes and calling themselves Professionals. They left the job with bare wood exposed in some places. New wood was supposed to have a primer coat and two coats of color paint. That means that they missed some spots all three times. There were splatters and splotches of paint on all sides of the house and the porch, too numerous to count. They left the new still tacky paint scraped off the window panes at the bottom of the sills. Now it's stuck there and needs to be scraped and repainted. Some of the glaze was so poorly applied that when I opened the window, it rolled up and fell off and wasn't even painted. Their putty applications to fill gaps and cover large mars are sometimes more noticeable than what they were trying to hide. The most grievous thing they did and the most dangerous could have potentially been grounds for a law suit. There was an outside light fixture with a cover over it. They removed the cover and never replaced it. They left an empty light socket uncovered and facing upward. When I looked at it, it was full of water. I don't know what would have happened if I flipped on that switch to the light socket containing water, before I checked their work. I think it's lucky for Lewis Painting that I did not. They included the plumbing job because they said it would only take about an hour. The job was to cut and relocate some of the hot water heat pipes. I told the "plumber" of the group that he would have to bleed the pipes (remove any air pockets) when all was reconnected. He said no problem, he knew what to do. The one hour job took him a day and a half. That really didn't bother me but, a few days later when it got cold at night, the heating system that Lewis Painting worked on, was not working. Luckily I had two electric heaters so, I was all right that night. However, I had to call a real plumber who bled the system properly. Now my heat works as it should. The last thing they worked on was the front porch supports and railings. After two days, they only had one post in place. They were having trouble with the other two because the posts were twisted. I showed them how to untwist the columns. It took us about an hour. Than I left them to place the railings and finish the job. When I looked at the completed job, the only thing that was correct were the two posts that I showed them how to do. All the railings were off. Some as much as 3/4" over a distance of less than two feet. That particular railing was left unfinished as was the trim near it. They, also, left unfinished a drain pipe and they were to install and an extension of the septic vent above the roof line was likewise not completed. Neither task was even begun, for that matter. I was willing to pay them and not have them finish the work because I saw that they were not skilled enough to do any better. The quality of their craftsmanship is just not what one would expect from professionals. I like them personally. They seem like very nice guys. They're just not as expertise in their craft as they think they are or would like to be. And, at that point, I was as anxious to have them leave as they were to go. I didn't even give the job a final inspection. Later, however, before I began this report, I figured I should take a close look at what I was reporting about. What I found, in addition to the previously mentioned, was a yard that was only superficially cleaned. There were literally hundreds of chips of wood and other debris, hundreds of cigarette butts (that they promised numerous times to remove) and dozens of rusted nails and screws strewn about the yard. I wanted to give Lewis Painting him an opportunity to come back to clean the yard properly and to correct , at least some of these flaws before I submitted this report. I contacted Lewis Painting and Lewis did actually came back looked at the points of my concern. He agreed that they are unacceptable and that they should properly be redone. Lewis told me they would be back to redo them. A week and a half later, I call Lewis because nothing had been done. He said he would work it in around his other jobs. It was a Thursday of the next week when I called again because still nothing was done. I said I was tired of this waiting and I wanted the job done by the next Wednesday or I'm reporting on Angie's list regardless. Lewis told me they would be there Mon. Tue. and Wed. evening and make sure it's done right. Monday evening, two of the workers showed up and said Lewis couldn't make it. Than they left. They didn't do anything. Not even clean up some of the mess and debris spread about the yard. That was the last I heard from Lewis Painting. I made a mistake in having Lewis Painting work on my house. Don't you make the same mistake.
- Bob F....
FMattes' Handyman And Remodeling Services
I apologize if this disgusted you. On another occasion, the air compressor was left on and started going off at 5:00 a.m. on the weekend on a day when we ALL could sleep in. When confronted about this, Justin joked about it and said something like your husband paid me to use the air compressor as an alarm clock. I didn?t think it was very funny. It is called being IRRESPON SIBLE AT THE AGE OF THIRTY SOMETHING. Now most importantly for the quality of work?where do I start? Amanda (Justin?s girlfriend) helped Justin do the tile in my son?s bathroom. It was NOT done correctly and needs REDONE per two other contractors that came in to give us an estimate to finish/ fix what Justin started/ did not do correctly. Justin made an awful lot of excuses during the FIVE MONTHS that we dealt with him. I don?t know how many times Justin did not come to work on our house or he was late coming to our house because his car got egged, he had to go to the pizza shop, his veins burst open, he overslept, he went home and fell asleep, and pop exploded in his car to name just a few. My husband confronted Justin about the grout in our son?s bathroom because some of the grout looks to be the color fawn (the color we selected) and most of the grout looks white. Justin told my husband that that is the way it is supposed to look. Granted, I don?t have much construction experience but I do have a question for you. Why do you select a grout color if the grout is to appear your color in some places and white in most places? My husband spoke to a person in the flooring section at The Home Depot and he said that Justin probably did not let the grout dry completely before putting the sealer on. Justin had to use a tool to widen the door opening of the closet in our guestroom. Justin CUT our new flooring and NEVER told us about it. He then tried to COVER IT UP with caulking thinking we would not notice?well we noticed. When confronted about it, Justin denied it. I sent him a picture via text message and he stated ?I didn?t try to Cover Up anything. If something did happened I tried to repaired it. Like anyone would have done.? I apologize for the incorrect grammar and punctuation usage. I just wanted to show you his explanation. From his explanation, I?m ASSUMING he tried to repair it without telling us. Justin installed the vanity in our son?s bathroom. He screwed the vanity to the wall to the extreme extent that the vanity legs don?t even touch the floor. The vanity NEEDS REINSTALLED. Justin did not stain the top of our son?s bedroom door, our guestroom door, and our son?s bathroom door. Apparently, WHAT YOU CAN?T SEE DOESN?T NEED FINISHED PROPERLY. I just hope that other work that we can?t see isn?t done as POORLY. Justin was so careless that he reversed the piece of shoe around my son?s bedroom door.  Justin was told about it a couple times and still did NOT FIX IT. Justin did not stain or clear coat all pieces of wood before hanging. He was careless and GOT STAIN on freshly painted walls and new flooring in our son?s bedroom. Now we need to repaint some walls and figure out how to get the stain off the flooring. Justin said his specialty was carpentry. I would BEG TO DIFFER. Some of Justin?s miter cuts left HUGE GAPS between trim, baseboards, and molding. I sent Justin a text message with a picture of ?OUR FAVORITE BAD MITER CUT? and Justin stated ?That is from the crooked corner how can you talk about someone?s work when you have no idea what you are talking about. It is old house?I feel bad for the contractor that is coming there he has no chance?? Once again, I apologize for the incorrect grammar and punctuation usage. Once again, I know I am by no means a construction expert but I do know that you should not have large gaps even with old houses. We had a few contractors come in, when we no longer wanted Justin to do the work in our house, and they even said that was BAD. One of ?OUR FAVORITE JUSTIN MOMENTS? is when my husband was informing Justin over the phone about some of the work that needed fixed or redone. Justin ended up hanging up on my husband. That just shows Justin is in THE WRONG! To show how much Justin lies, I will give you another example. When confronted about not finishing by September 19th, Justin stated ?I thought you guys were OK with the house not being done until next year.? I have a couple questions for you. 1.) Why would anyone want to live in chaos that long? and 2.) Why did we have a contract for June, July, and August 2012 if we didn?t want the work done until 2013? Justin?s work was good in the beginning but as time went on his work was rushed and he was careless. We have TWO PLUS TYPED PAGES of work that STILL NEEDS COMPLETED OR FIXED. The following is a list of things that need completed or fixed after five months of Justin?s work or lack thereof. Drywall in the living room, entry way in the living room, and closet in the living room needs fixed and finished Trim, molding, shoe, and baseboards need stained and clear coated for the living room Stain, clear coat, and hang bi-fold closet door in the living room Add knobs or handles to the bi-fold closet door Mantel needs made, stained, clear coated, and hung Molding and shoe needs hung around the ceilings in the living room, entry way in the living room, and closet in the living room Molding needs hung around the windows and doors in the living room, entry way in the living room, and closet in the living room Baseboards and shoe need hung in the living room, entry way in the living room, and closet in the living room Caulking needs applied to baseboards, molding, and shoe wherever needed in the living room Tile floor needs installed around the fireplace in the living room, in the entry way in the living room, and in the closet in the living room Thresholds in the living room need stained, clear coated, and installed Stairs and landings need sanded, stained, and finished Molding, trim, shoe, baseboards, and doors need clear coated in hallway, on stairs, in our son?s bathroom, in our guestroom, and in our son?s bedroom Baseboards, molding, and shoe need hung in the hallway, on the landing, and on the stairs Drywall needs fixed in a couple places in the hallway and on the steps Storage door on landing needs fixed so it closes properly Storage door imitation wood fix made by Justin needs fixed because it is no longer fully attached Countertop in our son?s bathroom needs centered on the vanity Vanity in our son?s bathroom needs installed properly Threshold needs stained, clear coated, and put down in our son?s bathroom The top of the door and the side of door needs stained and clear coated in our son?s bathroom The door in our son?s bathroom needs stained in a few places Shoe needs hung in the closet in our son?s bathroom Molding needs hung in the closet in our son?s bathroom One handle needs to be added to the closet door in our son?s bathroom Shoe needs hung on the left side in the closet and on the right side out of the closet in our son?s bathroom Tile floor needs fixed in our son?s bathroom Shoe needs hung on right side of door in my son?s bathroom Top of the door in the guestroom needs stained and clear coated Drywall needs fixed on the wall and ceiling in the guestroom in a couple places Doors in the guestroom need touched up with stain in a few places Stain on the closet door in the guestroom needs lightened up some in spots Cubby door in the guestroom needs made again Fix the floor where Justin cut it in the guestroom Caulk molding, shoe, and baseboards in guestroom where needed Add shoe to right of our son?s bedroom door Fix the knicks in our son?s bedroom walls Turn shoe around above our son?s bedroom door Stain trim above our son?s bedroom door Cubby door in our son?s bedroom needs made again Remove stain from walls and floor from Justin being careless and not staining before hanging trim Stain some spots of trim that were missed in our son?s bedroom Caulk molding, shoe, and baseboards in our son?s bedroom where needed Fix spots in our son?s closet from bad measuring Put knobs or handles on our son?s bedroom closet Stain, clear coat, and put the threshold in our son?s bedroom The door to the master bedroom needs stained in a few places and clear coated  As of October 10th, OUR MASTER BEDROOM WAS THE ONLY ROOM/ AREA THAT WAS COMPLETELY FINISHED. Although there are a few spots where the drywall could be better but Justin told us that it is drywall and drywall will never be perfect. Once again, I am no expert in construction but have seen much better work done by other contractors. We were nothing but nice to Justin and Amanda (Justin?s girlfriend). We gave them countless bottles of water for free, we made them multiple dinners free of charge, and we told Justin that he could do his laundry free of charge while he worked on our house when he had a falling out with his girlfriend. Justin called my husband and needed help twice because he locked himself out of his apartment. My husband took a ladder to his apartment immediately both times. One time was at 2:30 a.m. when Justin called our home phone. My husband also helped him search for a lost money bag from the pizza shop for two hours at 2:30 a.m. after he helped him get into his apartment. Sounds like we treated Justin the same that we treat our friends. I know my husband and I don?t treat our friends the way JUSTIN TREATED US. SHAME ON US for giving Justin multiple chances to come through and finish our house with his ?word? that he kept giving us. SHAME ON JUSTIN for being irresponsible, making excuses, lying, doing poor quality work, and not finishing the job by the agreed upon date. Signed, Two Very Concerned Working Professionals  Updated on January 6th- We had to REDO the tile in the bathroom as it cracked and this IDIOT failed to put the sensor/ thermostat for the heated floor in under the tile.
- Randall P....