Wagoner Retaining Wall Installation

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Recent Review: The engineer, Chad, did an exceptional job. He was on time (actually, early), knowledgeable, and personable. He looked at everything I wanted looked at, did a comprehensive "standard" inspection, and verbally gave me his results and recommendations on the spot. I received his written report by email in less than 24 hours. It was far better than the report I received when I bought the home, and included several diagrams. It did take a month of lead time to schedule the inspection, however there were others who wanted even more.

Reviews in Wagoner for Installing Retaining Walls

The engineer actually got on the roof to look for problems. He took me around showing me all structural 'issues' even if they were very minor. Spent extra time explaining why things should be looked at, and when they are looked at what should be fixed. He also brought out a team- including a termite inspector, plumber and electrician. They were all just as helpful and spent as much time as I needed going over the details about what they had found. I received a copy of the inspection report within the week, complete with pictures, and again explanations! I have found only a couple very small minor, minor things that they missed and may have occured after the inspection! Very happy with them and I would use them again!
- Jennifer D....