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Went well overall. They were a little late but called to let me know running behind. Let job site pretty clean.Some splash onto adjacent wooden siding was not cleaned up completely, but overall good work.
- Christine B....
They seemed professional and timely. However their bid was $2900 and the other 2 bids I received for the same job was $1250 and $1300. I asked Goodman Concrete "what the code was for maximium step height in our area" and he said he didn't think was a code. There is (maximium step height is 7 7/8"). Needless to say I went with the other contractor.
- Brent D....
FTipton Cement Contractors
I had a problem with the tipping guy from Tipton Cement Contractors. He came out and I told him what I wanted. Then he came out again without talking to me and took measurements. We hadn't closed the deal or anything. I found somebody else a lot cheaper and had him do the job. The guy from Tipton Cement came back and he was mad. I had to throw him off my property! I would never use him.
- Richard R....
AHughes Concrete Construction Co LLC
Jeff was prompt in giving us an estimate.  He created a 16x20 patio for us.  It looks like flagstone with a dark colored border.  I think it turned out really nice.  He poured the driveway and sidewalk for us just as we had asked.  He put in expansion joints.  He also cut expansion joints in our front porch which should have been done by the company that poured our house floor but didn't do them.  He didn't charge us for cutting those joints in the porch either.
- Dottie H....
APCES Electrical
Ran and buried conduit and electrical lines to my home main power panel and separate electrical line to my Koi pond, poured concrete pad for generator, ran gas piping and arrange hook up of gas to generator and obtained all necessary permits and inspections,
- Kim S....
ABy Design Contracting LLC
I think they did really well. I was really happy with them. They kept to their price and they did it in the projected time and the work was very satisfactory.
- John F....
ATipton Cement Contractors
I called Mr. Tipton & he came out & gave me a bid on Wednesday, July 3rd.  His office phone is his cell phone & he answers no matter what time you call once you hire him.  He is very knowledgeable on concrete & masonry.  What makes him different than most of the contractors we've dealt with, both in our business, as well as at our home, is that he is always early and he is actually on the job working.  Most of the contractors I have dealt with are neither on the job or show up when they say they will be there, much less show up early.  Mr. Tipton has been 15-30 minutes early EVERY time we have met.   This was a larger job & rain got in the way a bit, but he completed it today.  Another thing that was very impressive is he had one of his workers stay behind & keep the concrete wet until it dried.  I guess this helps it to last.  This worker stayed on the job until 7:30pm-8pm each day they poured concrete.   He did the job in 3 separate pours.  His crew is great.  They started each day between 6am & 7am if they were pouring & at 7:30am if they were prepping the ground to pour.  The concrete looks great so far.   He is a breath of fresh air in today's environment where most contractors are unreachable &/or do not hit the deadlines they give you.  He is very professional.  I do not have the words for the experience we had with him.  As you can see, I usually don't write reviews, as most experiences are not that great, just average, at best.  Rarely does anyone exceed your expectations.
- Michael P....
DC&A Paint and Remodel Inc
From day one up to the end of the project, it seemed like things were going south. The job consisted of multiple work assignments but the main ones were to remove a stone path to the side of the house and replace it with a cement sidewalk. Along with that an additional driveway was to be put in with another sidewalk next to that. The initial estimate was done on 3/26/2014 .We agreed to a price on the updated price and paid a down payment on 4/9 and was to start on the 16th. I mentioned that I had another project going to be started on the 19th of May and they assured me it would be done by then ( over a month away) On the day the crew arrived, they started to dig out the old sidewalk of native stone and concrete, doing this by hand on the east side of the house. They mentioned that they would rent a bobcat for the main drive and west sidewalk. First issue was they parked their truck on the neighbors yard. The neighbor has a sprinkler system and because of it the ground was soft and created ruts in their yard. After they dug up the east side they went ahead and removed an outside lamp post that was to be moved over to make room for the sidewalk. When the crew dug it up they cut the wire in the ground and shut off part of our electric. I had to come home from work and reset the breakers. Also they just left it lying , thinking they were to start the other part soon. Time went on and no one came back, reason by C and A was they were waiting on the permit.( Also I have to say we did have rain days also.) But the time frame came and went to where I had to reschedule my other project contractors because a month wasn’t long enough to get it done. I asked them if it would be done by the 26th of May as I had to leave town for two weeks. They said yes. Well, it wasn’t. So I asked them to stop on the 26th until I got back on the 10th of June. No problem they said. I did ask them to reset the lamppost as I was more comfortable having that on while my wife was home and I was gone, which they did. When they went to set it back up, they told me they had to dig up the electric line and rebury it inside a casing because of code. They dug it up laid down the pvc plumbing pipe. . According to the site manager it wasn’t deep enough so they had to come by and dig it back up and put in deeper into the ground. When the electrician came to wire it up, the workers had used the wrong pipe and had to re-dig it up for the third time and replant the proper casing in the ground. So after three attempts the light is usable, only to find out by the electrician that the casing was not needed as the wire that was used was made to be buried outside without a casing. So all that dig and redig was for no need After I got back from my trip, I contacted Cand A and told them they can continue on the 10th . The crew showed up the following week getting at the house usually around 10 ish, work till 11:30 and then get back around 1:00 to work usually around 3:00. After my trip the work still seemed to go a little slow. We felt like we were just a job to fill in between the gaps of other projects they were doing. When the crew started on the driveway part, they brought in equipment to begin preparing the ground for the driveway. With all the dirt in the street from putting it in the truck they used the bucket part of the tractor to scoop it up. (Now I know this may be a little petty but the street was just newly paved about 1-2 months previous and the bucket from the tractor created grooves in the street which some neighbors made comments about) After all the driveway was dug and the west sidewalk and rebar place in , the area was ready for the concrete . When the concrete came something was not right as when they started forming it, the curing of it got away from them and we ended up with piles of concrete in the forms and they could not smooth and finish. So after all that , they had to come back and air hammer it all back out and remove all the concrete they attempted to pour previously. Realizing we were upset, the company stated when they repeated the process, we would be satisfied with the end result. One neighbor commented , wondering if the crew was going to retire on this project because of the length it was taking to complete. After removing the old concrete, redoing the preparing of the new pour, the day has finally come to finish. Cand A brought additional people including over seerers to make sure it was done right. One of the reasons we did this was to avoid runoff of water from the yard into our garage. So after it hardened and cured, with a garden hose I tested it and the water ran directly into the garage. I showed this to the head of the project . He brought the worker back and had him grind a path so to speak into the concrete to reroute the water. By the curb the connection to the established curb was never smoothed out for some reason but I let it go because I was just ready to get it over with. On July 9th Cand A came by for the remaining payment which I did write a check for and to review the work. This is about one week after the pour. I noticed a crack in the walkway. I brought it to their attention and he tried to tell me it was superficial and wasn’t a concern. Again being frustrated I reluctantly agreed and said if it gets worse I will call him. He said they guarantee their work and that would not be a problem. Well the crack is bigger and now there are 3 more cracks appearing. I email Cand A and they came out to photograph it and this is their reply via email; Dear Rick, Having inspected your driveway/sidewalk, the cracks you have all fall in the category of superficial versus structural and as unfortunate as the reality is - this is part of both the nature of the material and emphasized by us being in Oklahoma (weather and soil properties). Because sidewalks and driveways don't have footings, they are even more susceptible to cracking, because of expansion and contraction due to temperature change and water. Even new construction home foundations (with footings) have cracks in the concrete. We aim for the cracks to follow the line of the cuts we make - and for the most part they do - but sometimes they don't. Sincerely, Cand A Paint and Remodel, Inc. Cand A Roofing and Construction I realize that at times concrete crack but within a week of the job being completed. I feel this is unacceptable. The one thing I have to say is that all the people I dealt with in the Cand A group, they were all courteous and well mannered and respectful . No one got rude or disrespect with either one of us . For this I appreciate. I just wish the quality of work was a professional as the courteousness. I know this is a long letter but I just wanted to say to the most part of what we encountered. Other issues developed but I can only write so much. For these reason I give the quality of workmanship a “C-D” and would not recommend them to do driveway work. Maybe the painting and interior is above quality, I don’t know but I did experience the outdoor work. For to dig out a 2 foot path, approx 30 feet in length and an 8 foot driveway approx 20 feet in length and pour concrete to take over 2 months is unacceptable Rick Allen
- Rick A....

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Recent Review: The install was on time and on budget
Recent Review: Went well overall. They were a little late but called to let me know running behind. Let job site pretty clean.Some splash onto adjacent wooden siding was not cleaned up completely, but overall good work.
Recent Review: Ran and buried conduit and electrical lines to my home main power panel and separate electrical line to my Koi pond, poured concrete pad for generator, ran gas piping and arrange hook up of gas to generator and obtained all necessary permits and inspections,
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