Ardmore Roof Leak Repair

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Business Description: Quality Roofing Systems is a licensed and accredited contractor for residential, commercial and industrial roofing systems, many which are energy star approved. We are a local dependable roofing contractor, based out of Tulsa and serving the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas areas. We are fully insured and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing systems. We have installed roofing systems on structures from 100 s/f up to 150,000 s/f. Our crews are certified professionals and you can trust us to get the job done right. If you think your roof may have been damaged, or are having trouble with leaks, our roof estimates are always free and performed with honesty and integrity. Call us today at (918) 706-1350 to schedule your free roof estimate. Our Services Include: ✔ Complete Roof Replacement ✔ Leak Repairs ✔ Roof Hail Damage Report and repair
Business Description: PDK Roofing Contractors is a fully insured company with over 23 years experience. We are Certified for composition asphalt, metal, tile. flat and torch down roofing. If it needs a roof we can install it. As a Family owned and operated company, we strive for excellence to each and every one of our customers. Satisfaction is key to Success. One call to our company and you will see how experience makes the difference between good and excellent work. We look forward to hearing from you.
Business Description: With over 20 years of experience in the carpentry trade, we provide workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. Are you in need of a new or repaired Roof? We can give you Free Estimates from shingles to metal roof.. Look no further!
Business Description: New construction, home repair, roofing, and insulation company.
Business Description: Oklahoma's Leader in Quality Roofing and Construction! He ain't fake, hit up Drake!
Recent Review: Bran the sales representative was knowledgeable and Kenny, who did the actual work with Rocky, his helper, was wonderful. Has a real eye for details, made wonderful suggestions, neat, clean work. Exceptional company.
Recent Review: Quick and professional. Explained everything they were doing and why, sent pictures with the estimate and answered every question I had. I didn't feel pressured in to getting more work done than was necessary. The technician did a great job and when I was sent the final invoice I recieved pictures of the work during and after. Highly recommend!
Business Description: Our business offers various types of construction services, which includes residential and commercial roofing (metal, composition, single ply) seamless gutters, underground draining for water removal, siding and trim, window replacement and repair, full additions and general construction. We employ 10 full time workers and add an additional 15 to 20 employees during the spring summer and fall. We work closely with your insurance company, making sure of the accuracy of the claim and make certain your home meets all state, local and federal regulations. Our process provides the highest quality of workmanship and the latest materials to insure the protection your home deserves.
Recent Review: The fix seems to be permanent and there was no charge.
Business Description: From Tulsa to Bartlesville and South East Kansas a trusted, reputable residential and commercial roofing as well as seamless guttering, siding and general construction serving NE Oklahoma and SE Kansas. We will help you with the color coordination and help you pick the right system that fits your need. If your home has storm damage, we will assist you in filing your claim and working with your insurance company to get you what you deserve. Our sales team is professionally trained to document any damage to your property by a storm. We will then present our findings to your insurance company using the same software that the insurance industry uses in their claims process. This helps to ensure that the property owner gets the full and fair settlement necessary to properly perform your home roofing repairs. We proudly provide high quality, fully insured commerical and residential roofing services in the Tulsa metro area, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville, Jenks, Afton, Avant, Barnsdall, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Chelsea, Claremore, Copan, Coweta, Delaware, Dewey, Disney, Foyil, Grove, Inola, Jenks, Lenapah, Miami, Ochelata, Oologah, Owasso, Pawhuska, Ramona, Sapulpa, Sequoyah, Talala, Tiawah, Tulsa, Verdgris, Vinita, Wann and Wynona.

Reviews in Ardmore for Roof Leak Repair

ASooner State Home Improvement
Bran the sales representative was knowledgeable and Kenny, who did the actual work with Rocky, his helper, was wonderful. Has a real eye for details, made wonderful suggestions, neat, clean work. Exceptional company.
- Gary &....
AJW Roofing & Remodeling
Quick and professional. Explained everything they were doing and why, sent pictures with the estimate and answered every question I had. I didn't feel pressured in to getting more work done than was necessary. The technician did a great job and when I was sent the final invoice I recieved pictures of the work during and after. Highly recommend!
- Jonathan T....
DHeritage Roofing
I could never get them to come out, or even tell me when they might be able to get to me. I called about 4 times. I was told to text the phone number and the son would get back to me. On another call, I was told that the son would call me. When that never happened, on my next call I was told by the father, that the son said he tried to call me 4 times. I have my cell phone on me at all times. I never got a call and told him as much. I was then told the father would be back in town the next day and he could come out if the son did not get back with me. I texted the phone again with no response. Another day I called again and it went to voice mail. I asked the to just be honest with me and let me know how many more weeks it might take to fit me in or to tell me if the job was too small. I have not heard back from them. This all transpired over about 12 days. There was a holiday involved but still. I have to admit, after reading a similar review on this site saying the son did not keep his appointments, I was Leary to use them. But other reviews said there work was good, so I tried them.
- Nila S....
FMark Close Roofing
New roof leaked. We had to rip out walls and repair the frame of the house and remove mold. It took about six times calling to even get a return call and the leaky roof fixed. This year our plumber discovered that they capped off our hot water tank vent and roofed over it. We had to pay to re-vent the hoy water tank. Mark close cost us so much money because of the horrible job they did
- Jayne R....
ART Home Maintenance
So far Ricky Troutman is doing a great job, by far the best we have had here in Enid.  We have a considerable amount of work yet to do so I will do a further review when it is all completed.  At this point I am very pleased with his work and would recommend him based on what I've seen him do.  He is fair, easy to work with, listens to what you want and tries hard to please.
- Donna G....
ADan's Roofing Inc
Extremely impressed and pleased.  I never give a perfect score on a 1-10 scale, but Dan was a 10.  The home was located over an hour away from his business.  Initially, we did not own the home and considering a purchase.  We explained our situation and he suggested a guesstimate using aerial technology so we could make a reasonable offer for the home.  Once we had a contract on the home, we found ourselves needing a roof contract before the purchase, to satisfy insurance requirements.  Dan was responsive and flexible (not requiring immediate payment on a contract for a home we didn't yet own).  His proposal was detailed and provided options.  He was knowledgeable and gracious in answering all my questions--even what type of felt he was using (just read an article in the Tulsa World on roofing).  His responsiveness was amazing.  Most of our correspondence was email,so I could handle at night and weekends.  It was common for me to send a note after 6pm or on the weekend and received a reply before the next business day.  The roof looks beautiful (Dan recommended the color we finally selected). The work was completed on time and on budget.  He even applied a discount--maybe it was an advertised special, but I wasn't aware of it.  We received several proposals.  Dan's price was not the cheapest (some estimates weren't  very thorough)  but he was definitely competitive.
- Terry S....
APatriot Roofing LLC
Patriot Roofing was,extremely professional, punctual, trustworthy and aware of my personal request...they went above and beyond to complete the task. During the install there was a really big rainstorm. I was extremely concerned about the roof leaking due to the rain and part of the shingles being removed. Patriot Roofing assured me that there would be no leaks and that the job would still be completed on time. They held to their word and finished the job on time. I would recommend patriot roofing to anybody that was looking to have a roast replace due to h*** damage, storm damage, or just wear and tear over the years. I'm 100% sure that there is no job too big for Patriot Roofing
- Tim C....
DStandard Builders of Enid
We called this company to repair roof damage and a roof leak. Two guys came out rather promptly, but  they said they were unable to give us any bid/time estimate, etc. until another guy from the company looked at the house.  They told us they would send that guy in the next few days.  Over a week later we still had not heard  back from them so my husband called, several times.  He got more promises they'd send someone out but they never did.  He spoke with John each time and asked what was the problem, why the delay.  John told him the guy who needed to look at the job was just so busy and that no one else could do it since they would probably have to charge our job by the hour.  John said he didn't know how to do that because he had never done a contract by the hour, only bid whole jobs.  While still waiting for this 'other guy' to get out and look at the house and see what needed to be done, my husband called again and asked John if he could at least tell us how much their hourly rate was.  John said over $100 p/hr - $75 p/h was the supervisor rate, then however many workers on top of that.  We didn't say no, and probably would have paid it if they ever got anyone out to do it.  But after over a month of waiting, excuses, etc.,  they finally just stopped returning our calls.  Even though their ad says 'no job too small' etc, it was clear they did not want to do this job.  I can understand  a company may not want to do some work because it is too small, or too hard, or not within their expertise or for any number of reasons.  But  I feel their professionalism is seriously lacking when they won't show a customer the courtesy of just saying they don't want to do the job rather than stringing them along with excuses and no action.  We ended up wasting over a month with these people when we could have been looking for someone else.  Once we figured out Standard was not going to help us, we called someone else last week and he came out and completed the whole job in less than the time it took John to return one of our phone calls.  The work was great and very reasonably priced - much less than the hourly rate quoted for Standard. I can't speak for their work, but I would not be inclined to contact Standard again, or recommend them, for anything due to the lack of professionalism and poor customer service demonstrated in this interaction. 
- Donna G....
The job was completed in 3 days. It took 11 days to get the dumpster removed from my driveway and I finally had to call the dumpster company myself and get forceful with them to get it gone. What I learned was that he contracted the job out to some other people. I now have a hole in the side of my house that birds were starting to build a nest in and the roof leaks around the chimney on my patio. I called him twice about these problems. After the second call the people who installed the roof came out and caulked again around the chimney and claimed that they were not responsible for the hole. I know that the hole was not there before they started their work. They called Ron and left a message about the hole. Four days later I called him again. Every time I called him on his cell phone it would go straight to voice mail. He finally called and said that he had gone out and looked at the hole and installed a flashing over it to keep the birds out. I asked him about another smaller hole and he said he had not seen it. He also said that he caulked around the chimney again. He would be back to apply something else to the hole. To my knowledge he has never come back as he said he would. It still leaks around my chimney and it looks as if all he did to fix the hole was to apply duct tape over it. I have called him once again only to have to leave a message in his voice mail. He has not returned my call. I am now going to have to pay someone else to correct these problems, and that person said that there were a few places in my new roof that needed to have had the wood replaced because they were warped. I will have to live with it because it cannot be corrected without tearing the roof apart. So overall it has not been a very good experience and I would not recommend this company to anyone.
- L K....
FAbel Aleman Roofing Co
Called them in July after I bought my new home and discovered my garage roof leaked. Jim came out and looked the roof over inside and out and called me and said he could fix it. Informed me the flashing need redone and it would cost 625.00 to fix. I asked if he was sure that would fix it and he replied yes not a problem. They sent a crew out that Friday and the worker told me it wouldn't fix it but he would do his job. I asked why and he said the flashing needs to go under the siding but it was wrote up to just lay over old flashing. I was puzzled but said do what you can do. I paid able Aleman roofing when they sent the bill in August but asked what guarantee I got they fixed the roof since it still hasn't rained and she told me the first good rain. When I trained my roof was leaking again so I called and it took a few calls just to get someone out and the worked on the roof again. Well it rained again about three to four weeks later and my roof still leaked. I called them again 10/23/2015 and again on the 26th and was told someone would get back with me both times. On the 28 Lane called and went out to my home and told me there were some other issue with my roof and they need to be fixed b4 they could fix the leak and he would send a crew out to estimate a cost for me. I told him I already paid him to fix my roof and he tried to explain it was like taking a car to a mechanic. I told him that his own worker told me the flashing needed to be put under the siding to fix the leak and my brother who was a roofer said the same as well as it was in my home inspectors report too. He agreed that was right and said it would cost a lot. So I told him y'all knew what y'all did would not correctly fix the roof but still did it and took my money and we're now trying to get more money from me. I told him I'm not calling him stupid but I'd be a moron to pay him again to fix my roof a second time when the weren't able to fix it the first time. The end results I still have a leaky roof
- Bobby H....