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Business Description: Our one piece in-ground fiberglass swimming pools are constructed using only the most proven gel coats and vinyl ester resins available. This, combined with an average thickness that is greater than industry standards, allows us to produce what we believe is one of the strongest and most reliable in-ground fiberglass swimming pools on the market today. Our confidence in our fiberglass swimming pools is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, in addition to a 10 year non-prorated internal finish warranty.
Business Description: Kayak Pools Midwest offers on-ground, above ground, inground swimming pools and swimming pool installation and service. Kayak Pools employs approximately 35 people on a seasonal basis. Service and installations crews are our own experienced contractors. Free backyard survey and special discounts for Angie's list members.
Business Description: I have been in the industry for 29 years. We do NOT sub contract our work.
Business Description: pool supplies
Business Description: Watermark Pools is a family owned and operated swimming pool service and construction company. Our family business structure allows us to provide hands on attention to detail that our customers appreciate. As a family owned company our family values are reflected in our business values. We provide professional service and build beautiful custom swimming pools that meets your needs and expectations.
Business Description: Locally owned.

Reviews in Xenia for Pool Remodeling

FT & M Pools and Spas Inc
They came out said the filter was out of warranty ordered the new part charged 150.00 for the part 150.00 for the labor. Left and pool was still not right call them to fix they said it was another part came and replaced the part wanted to take the old one for warranty. So if you need your pool serviced take my advice and call anyone but this place they are out to take your money.
- Doug G....
Knickerbocker Pools and Spas are expensive. If you call up to make an appointment, the comment is "before 2:00 or after 12:00." They give you a time frame and it may or may not be anywhere close to what you get. I understand it's a job that you can get into difficulty with. Sometimes, you figure it's going to take you half an hour and it takes you two hours. I understand that. But I think their time frames are difficult to deal with. If you plan something for the pool, you might as well book the whole day, because you don't know when they're coming. Their timing is awkward. I guess, other than that, they do what they're supposed to do. Another thing that I had a bad taste in my mouth with them over the years was when we had our pool installed. They were digging, all the construction and everything. But they are in our community. But it's not like they're in a different neighborhood and don't know the rules and regulations. They're in our community but yet, they neglected to put a little fence, which is one of those little pieces of plastic with holes in it, that's like a snow fence. They didn't put any primitive barrier around the hole. Before we ever moved in, my neighbor to be was reporting us to the city because there was no barrier on it. So, we got a letter from the city. So I don't know that they totally cover their tracks when they were doing the construction. They're in the community and they should know the rules and regulations coming from the city. If they know what they're doing, why wasn't the fence put up? Why did I have to get a letter from the city and get my neighbor to call me in on it. I didn't appreciate the neighbor or them for not doing what they were supposed to. I had a bad taste in my mouth for them since we had it installed. I think they're overpriced and their time constraints drive me insane. Other than that, they're there. We have not been in our swimming pool for three years and the lid is still on it, right now. I didn't even bother to open it this year. I said it's not worth it. By the time we got around to finding out who could give us an estimate for a liner and a cover and whatever, we stopped at the store and requested the information. I think about ten days later, we got a note in the mail and it was just for the price of liner. There's nothing on the price of the cover or the light fixture that needs to be replaced. They didn't even have that listed. I had to call back to the store to ask them again. So, I think they're communication lacks something.
- Janice P....
After some hit-and-miss experiences in their their retail stores, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their service department. The service manager came to my house to look at the desired, relocated, pump and filter location, and he gave me a rough order of magnitude for the installation cost. I was directed to visit the main Xenia store to purchase a new pump and filter, and they seemed very knowledgeable there. I was directed away from a high-efficiency pump I was interested in toward a lower priced, but more reliable model. Installation was delayed due to some soggy weather, but when they were finally able to start digging, they did an excellent job. It took two guys most of a day to install the extended plumbing and new equipment. I had already had the cement pad and new electrical service installed. The total install cost was at the low end of the verbal estimate I'd received. They were very professional and did a very clean job. The new equipment works well, and the installation looks nice.
- Grant S....
ARuss Cordell
He is wonderful. I use Mr. Cordell for everything. I can recommend him to everybody. He considers no job too small and does really good work. He does remodeling of kitchen and bath. He just did some work for me yesterday. I live on a lake and he installed swimming pool railings which would keep going down in the lake because it is slippery. He did a nice job; he always does a nice job. He is almost able to do anything. He has a trailor for tools and everything. He is not an amateur and he can do anything we ask him to do like plumbing work, electrical work and carpentry work. I had a little bit of flood in my basement and the carpet also torn out with the water coming from outside. He put tiles there and did a nice job. He did moulding too and did a nice job on that too. He cleans up after himself. I’ve had him redo some stuff which some other contractor had done.
- Michael G....
AWizards With Tools
They were very reasonably priced too. I thought they were just going to s up off the edge of the board but they did a proper job of rebuilding the fence, so we never had a problem. I love them. They have tools and their ideas. They were good people. They moved the hospital bed and furniture for us. They were nice people and do a good the job. I have to wait because they were busy people.
- Gil M....
FBuckeye Pools
Have used them in the past. We found that 1 Buckeye technician there was willing to troubleshoot difficult issues. Chris (manager/scheduler) has always been evasive on timing and out of touch with the business - lacks specifics of any kind. The technician who delivered a prior successful repair also commented that he was under pressure to wrap work quickly and he would get in trouble for taking the time to solve the issue during the successful repair. (To his credit, it was an obstruction in the main drain; not easy to find.) This time, we requested the same technician and after repeated follow-up the technician visited. The feedback (upon our again calling) was that they weren't interested in doing any of the work because the valve repair was too complicated disregarding all other work requested too. A plumber repaired the PVC valve in 15 minutes of total elapsed time including parking the van. Granted the pool is old which intimidates some pool company technicians. In general, they seem to be seeking new pool work or work on very new pools that goes quickly and without thinking.
- Robert M....
ANuwave Pool Service
WOW!!  Our new pool liner looks like a million bucks.  We are more than pleased with Jay's work.  He was a true professional, always made sure that correct measurements were made, always arrived on time and installed the liner in one day.  Our pool had been closed for two years and with us wanting to sell our home this summer it was very important that the pool be up and running and looking good.  We don't have to worry with that anymore.  This pool looks better than the first day we put it in!!  I would highly recommend NuWave Pool Service to anyone.  It is such a pleasure in this day and age to deal with such a reputable company.  Thanks again Jay and helpers for giving us such a lovely pool!!  We just might want to stay and enjoy the pool!!!
- Susan M....
It was a big job. It really took them a long time to complete the job. I guess that's because of the concrete. The work they did was great. It was just so slow and that was the problem. Getting things done was also a problem. They were real quick about getting to the point where we could swim but they didn't plumb the slide. So with the slide we would have water, and we could go down quicker. It took them a long time to do that. We had no pool lights until probably about August. It just took them a long time to finish it. I don't think it needed to take as long as it took. I'm going to imagine where we are going to live if we had something like this done again. They were not so high in terms of price. I will use their services again in the future.
- Richard S....