Willard Above Ground Pool Installation

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Recent Review: They were professional at selling us the pool and installing it. They tried very hard no to tear up the back yard while installing the pool and they did an awesome job at fixing the yard after it was installed. They even went over every detail about how to operate the pool before they left for the day. It only took one day for them to get everything completed.

Reviews in Willard for Pool Installation

FACME Pool Specialists
Bob was contracted to fix our in ground pool after a large tree landed in it during a storm in June 2012.  It took him the entire summer to finally complete the process.  He would show up after noon, stay a few hours and leave for days/weeks. The pool was an older Buster Crabbe's pool with wooden sides.  While taking down the wooden sides and exposing the fill-dirt behind, he left that area open/exposed for a couple of weeks.  It took several phone calls/emails and photos of the walls falling into the bottom of the pool for him to respond and come back to replace the walls. He finally finished the job (end of Sept, early Oct 2012) just in time for us to close the pool for the season. When we opened the pool the next Spring (2013) and were able to get in the water, we found at least 9 different places that had rocks/debris under the liner.  We contacted ACME Pool immediately and were told they would fix it at the end of the season so it would not interrupt our summer swimming. I contacted them at the end of July to set a date for repair.  No answer.  I contacted them in Aug and Sep and still no answer.  I finally called them and let them know that I had contacted an attorney about my problem. ...that is when they finally responded and told me to winterize my pool and they would take care of it in early Spring  2014! Bob returned May 23, 2014 to empty the pool, remove the liner and take care of the rocks/debris.  I had emailed him repeatedly as to what he would be doing, actually asking for details.  He informed me that day that we would be responsible for filling the pool with water.  We had no idea, and were not prepared.  We also felt this should have been his responsibility/cost, not ours. He left his pool vacuum going between our pool walls and liner and our garden hose running in the pool with no explanation or instructions as to what we were to do.  When I contacted him via email, here is his response: You are totally correct about the tube getting stuck while filling the pool.  Just turn the machine off and have Brad gently pull out the tube from the wall.  Do it slowly and it should come out easily.  Then you can continue to fill the pool. If he is able to put that piece of liner into the track, that would be great but if not we will be back out there next week to put it in. Our concrete had to be cut away for the new coping, there are 1-2 inch gaps between the new pool walls and the old concrete and there are several places where the concrete around the pool is damaged where he secured the coping.  While our pool is usable, it was not a good experience.
- Lucy H....