West Lafayette Concrete Sidewalk Installation

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Business Description: Local concrete specialist
Recent Review: Very efficient and did a professional job at a very good price. Very happy with the results.
Recent Review: They Prepared the area, poured concrete; pressed & waited til it dry, & we're happy with the job
Recent Review: Everything was punctual and done in  an exceptional amount of time!
Recent Review: They were able to finish the whole project in a little over 3 weeks. They picked up the phone whenever I called, answered patiently all my questions, and gave me a good advice on top of that. The foundation took one day. Ten days to cure the concrete. Two days to lay blocks. Then there was a holiday. One day to build roof and another day for roof siding, door, and cleaning of the site. One lock hole was drilled in a non-standard distance in between 2+3/8" and 2+3/4". I want to exchange the deadbolt but can use only adjustable deadbolts because of that. However, the one that was installed there is functional.Solid work, great value for the money. I will hire them again soon.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: Since 1986, Everdry Waterproofing has serviced over 80,000 basements, crawl spaces and slab homes- making us one of the nation’s premier foundation repair contractors. With custom tailored solutions, innovative products and a one-on-one approach in dealing with homeowners, our basement waterproofing team will help you create a safe, dry and liveable space in your basement. Everdry takes an active role in bettering our industry and enhancing our knowledge. We are a leader in Research and Development and have multiple patents to bring you the best and most up-to-date solutions in the waterproofing industry. Everdry’s locations have been featured on HGTV and radio programs. These locations are also associated with many of the leading local and national industry organizations. We look at every situation and craft a waterproofing solution that works for your circumstances. We can provide tips and advice as well as help you understand what is happening with your foundation.

Reviews in West Lafayette to Install Concrete Sidewalks

AA Absolute Quality Concrete
Very efficient and did a professional job at a very good price. Very happy with the results.
- Marlene P....
FPaul Wolfe
He showed up ONE DAY. He framed it and poured concrete on the front patio. He poured remaining concrete on the back patio but never returned. Repeated phone calls and texts got me only excuses like "There's no concrete in town." The patio is ruined and he did not properly finish the front porch. I got someone else and now it has to be torn out and redone. I'm sueing.
- Cassandra M....
ABobcat Excavating & Construction Inc
Overall it went very well. The project took a total of 5 days (two were only half days due to scheduling of the concrete delivery and the final day was only half day due to completion). They arrived promptly each day with plenty of water for themselves since the weather was very hot and humid. They were polite and patient with my many questions and concerns. Even to the point of agreeing to fix the broken neck of my concrete goose! There were usually 3 workers each day-with the exception of the day of concrete pouring-when there were 7 workers. The additional workers were skilled in concrete working and finishing. The first 1 and 1/2 days were devoted to demolishing the old steps and sidewalk and the creation and set-up of the area for the new steps and sidewalk. The third day was devoted to the pouring, leveling, and creation of the steps and sidewalk. The last day and 1/2 was devoted to touch-up work on the steps and sidewalk, re-installing the house siding, landscaping and clean-up. We paid half of the fee after the completion of the first day and the rest when the project was fully completed. There were a couple of stumbling blocks-one side of the form for the steps blew out during the concrete pouring resulting in the right of the steps not being at an exactly 90 degree angle and the stencil on the sides and front of the steps did not work out exactly as planned-but not to the extent that I would think of the project as failed. We are very happy with the end result and have received compliments from everyone who was seen the finished product. We would definately hire them for future projects.
- Teri S....
FEverdry Waterproofing
In dealing with Everdry they have a very smooth sales team and pretend to want to please, but they are all lip service. Tim Despoth, the project manager is particularity adept at this. The job is not only NOT done but, they have left us in a terrible condition and just expect us to let them out of their contract with no responsibility to clean up the mess they have created. Tim is always so quick to tell us that they will take care of everything and they want to make us happy but over 3 months later and no money to pay our expenses, well we just now know that they had no intention to take care of anything.  They are hoping we will just crawl away and find another contractor which gets them out of the contract. We are in a much worse condition than when they started and nothing has been accomplished.  We realize any company can make a mistake, which they clearly did or have an incompetent agent (James Lambert) working for them, which they have, but to try and not take responsibility for their disaster is inexcusable. 5 professionals from their company assessed the basement wall and convinced us that it needed replacement because it was eminently going to collapse.  Further more, they say they never realized that it was a concrete wall.  Many other contractors since have looked at it and pointed out how easy it was to see that from the cracking pattern alone it was a solid poured concrete wall. Their agent James Lambert was the contractor who was supposed to replace the basement wall.  He had it fully excavated and then came and told me that "we had a real problem" because it was solid concrete and not a block wall as was supposed.  He would have known after the first foot of excavation that it was indeed concrete. But not wanting to let the job go or get proper equipment because he would lose time, James hastily rented a gas powered concrete saw to experiment on taking out our wall. This was after admitting that he didn't do concrete walls! He then proceeded to cut the solid concrete wall inside the house without any dust precaution, even though he had assured my husband 3 days earlier that there would be no dust, and if equipment was used inside the home, that water and visquine would be used.  He put 2 vertical cuts through the wall, from the inside to the outside, and then proceeded to attempt to knock down the wall with the heavy excavating equipment.  Fine cement dust filled all 4 levels of our home.   Tim Despoth was called in to assess the situation.  He said the wall (the one that was so urgently in need of replacement) was no problem.  They would just brace it and finish the waterproofing!!!  He must have thought we had "DUMB" written on our faces. We asked them to replace the wall like we had contracted for.  He told us they would not because they only worked with Jim Lambert and Jim didn't do concrete wall replacement.  Tim Despoth said they would pay for the cleanup, which amounted to telling Jim to clean it up! Jim sent a "maid" who didn't show up.   He gave me a sob story of how he wasn't going to make any $ on this job!  He offered my husband and I $600 to clean it up ourselves.  I asked him if he was willing to work for $1/hour? Only a professional disaster cleanup company can take care of this damage.  The estimate and out of pocket expenses we have incurred come to over $5300.  This includes cleanup for the structure only and not any of the contents which would be much more time intensive than the structure itself. It is 3 and 1/2 months later and Everdry has tried to make everyone else responsible for the damages, continually smiling and saying they will clean up the mess and  make us happy.  Their idea of voiding the contract is to be absolved of all responsibility.  We still have the excavation next to house, 2 vertical cuts through the concrete wall, cement damage in much of the home and not even a show of good faith to take care of any of our out of the pocket expenses.  They seem to be fixated on making Jim Lambert's insurance responsible, which they are clearly not and won't pay but a fraction of the cost unless we sign a release of all responsibility. Anyone can make a mistake and hire an incompetent and unconsciousness agent, but it is shameful to not take responsibility for damage they created.  I cannot recommend anyone to trust these people.  There are other contractors and companies that do wonderful work taking care of basement problems and waterproofing.  I would advise to look around and don't be taken in by their very impressive sales pitch.
- Katherine S....