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Recent Review: This fence is wonderful!  We have a new German Shepherd puppy and wanted something more secure than an electric fence, which we had with our previous Shepherd.  We priced chain link fencing, which  was over twice the cost and, in our opinion, not at all attractive.  This fence is barely visible and blends well with the landscape. Now our dog has lots of room to run and we do not have to be concerned about her getting out of the yard.  We also hope that the fence will keep the deer out, which would be a big plus.  Additionally, it gives us the option of taking in rescue dogs should we choose to do that. Victor was very responsive and the job was done promptly after we signed the contract.  He also offered the great suggestion of extending the fence into a wooded area of our property beyond our yard which gives the dog more room and puts that portion of the fence completely out of sight.  His crew moved wood and trimmed back bushes at no additional cost. I highly recommend Pet Playgroundz to anyone seeking secure a yard for a pet at a very reasonable cost.  
Recent Review: Pittsburgh Pet Fence is an A+ Company. I was extremely impressed with how professional and clean the installation was installed inside and out. I also was very satisfied with the training of my dog, and how fast my dog trained. It has life changing and could not live without my fence. Thank you Pittsburgh Pet Fence!!!

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Thank you Pittsburgh Pet Fence for installing our second system at our house in Mercer county. Reliable, friendly and affordable we asked if Pittsburgh Pet Fence could install a fence to keep our dogs safe at the lake. We were very happy that they would come all the way to Mercer county as it is a bit of a hike for them. They installed the fence in such a way that our dogs can be safe but still be able to safely run to the dock and get on the boat. Love the rechargeable collars and the fact that if I have had any questions they have been answered quickly. I have never had a problem at either of my properties with our pet fences. Installers are professional and we have been very pleased.
- Laurie B....