Vinton Master Bedroom Remodel

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Business Description: Handy Hosey's Handyman Services, is a family owned and operated company established to facilitate quality service to our clients with a focus on customer service. We pride ourselves on communication, punctuality, professionalism and above all your satisfaction. Call us today! We serve in Carrollton OH,East Liverpool OH, Toronto, OH, Calcutta OH, Wintersville OH.
Business Description: Been in business since 2005 .Bcm guarantee all workmanship and will not leave into the customer is satisfied
Business Description: Alford Home Solutions has been dedicated to providing quality work on homes and businesses throughout West Virginia since 1963. Originally a pest control company, we have since expanded our services and our service area, which now includes the Tri-State Area area, with home solutions also available in Kentucky and Ohio. We specialize in Foundation Repair, Concrete Repair, Waterproofing, Pest Control, Crawl Space Encapsulation, Basement Finishing, Bath Remodeling, and Patio Structures. Additional phone - (304) 768-2135.
Recent Review: Crowdsourcing site for interior and architectural design. Interesting service and if you are comfortable with internet shopping and a little risk, IMHO, worth the cost.  My project:   Redesigning kitchen and family room (great room concept) and we needed interior design/style advise for the project. The site posts a "competition" for the project, you determine what amount of money to offer for the competition (site recommends an amount, but the customer is free to change if needed.) Within 20 days, we had 20 designers signed up for our competition from all over the world. In the end, 8 designers submitted designs. We picked our top 4, rated all designs and the top three were selected based on ratings -- one from France, USA and Serbia. Honorable Mention went to country of Georgia. First, second and third place received a portion of the award money.   Pros and Cons:  You, the customer, must be comfortable with the risk of paying for something and not knowing if you'll like the result. For me, this was part of the process and an acceptable risk.  You don't have a face to face consultation. The site has a "wall" where you can post ideas, photos, communication with the designers or architects. I resolved this by posting my design book on the wall to give designers ideas of our likes, dislikes, etc. You can also post requirements and constraints for your project. Toward the end of the competition (a deadline is set when you submit a project) a lot of communication occurs with the architects and designers. Expect it, it's part of the process.  The website is fairly rudimentary. Online/chat help is available but is somewhat hit and miss.  You can send designs to friends and family to rate. This is helpful in making a decision.  Overall, we got a number of ideas between the designers and were very pleased with the process and project. 
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Business Description: The son of a plumber, owner Eddie Place grew up in Appalachian Ohio. Being a quick learner himself, Eddie continued his education at N.I.T. not far from here in a small town in West Virginia. Founded in 2002 in Little Hocking Ohio, Mountaineer Commercial Kitchen Repair started out as a commercial restaurant and electrical company, licensed in Ohio and West Virginia, we then expanded in 2003 by adding HVAC. In 2008 Mountaineer Mechanical was born. Plumbing and Back-flow Testing were added to our services in 2009 to provide all of your commercial and residential mechanical needs. Additional emails -,,, Additional contact name - Gary Hickel.
Recent Review: They're excellent.  That was great.  They come out and take care of their job.
Recent Review: We had 100 sq. ft of Quartz counter-top, sink faucet, and back-splash fitted. Everybody was very professional and did an excellent job at a fair price.
Recent Review: Very good. Professional, courteous, and timely. From the initial extimate, to starting, snd completing the work they were good people to have working in your homr. I have also used them for minor jobs such as garage door repair and home door installations and large job or small job they were the same.
Business Description: Our business is a family own business. We offer reasonable pricing and free estimates. As of right now we are only accepting cash only, no check or credit card.

Reviews in Vinton to Remodel Master Bedroom

ADancraft Construction, Inc.
They were wonderful! They were very professional and responsive. Also, they listened to the things we wished for the area. I was impressed with their design ideas and the way they incorporated our ideas as well.
- Virginia C....
DGH Handyman LLC
I was initially excited about the renovations and was initially pleased with quality of work performed by James, who appeared very knowledgeable and skilled with the work he performed. Plumbing and electrical work appeared well executed, with the exception of paying $700.00 to have my electric service upgraded from 100 amp to 200 amp, as I was recently informed by an electrician who I had to hire to install the $20.00 breaker for my pool that the service had not been upgraded to 200 amp service. Mr. Hughes via text, wrote that he planned to charge me $200.00 for that same breaker. I was sincerely displeased with the quality of the drywall repair and overall painting of the ceiling and walls, which was performed by another worker. This worker was very fast and painting appeared haphazard, as he missed areas of the ceiling and walls and did an inadequate job of patching nail holes, etc. This same worker poorly installed wainscotting in the master bedroom and even cut the panels in the bedroom with a power saw, allowing brown saw dust to fly around the freshly painted room, where it soiled bed linens, etc. The poorly executed painting and installed wainscotting was pointed out to Mr. Hughes. Said he would send someone else to fix the wainscotting, which he did several weeks later. The painting was left as is. Understand that this project was initiated in January and was stretched out over a four month period, with sporadic work being performed. At times there was little or no communication with Mr. Hughes, as he failed to respond to telephone calls and/or text messages in a timely manner. Cabinets and countertops took weeks to get, as Mr. Hughes reported that they had to be back ordered. Back splash was never installed and one cabinet is missing a side panel. The paint on existing cabinets is flacking off. To say the least, the process of this "renovation" has altered my perception of trust, honesty, and integrity of those in the home "improvement" business, especially Mr. Hughes. It is my heartfelt belief that I was taken advantage of due to being a single 67 year old retired school teacher who was seen as "vulneralbe." This personal experience has proven to be emotionally and psychologically damaging and my kitchen remains unfinished. It pains me to look at it. Especially since it cost approximately $10,000.00!!!
- Debra F....
ACustom Touch Homes
We searched for over a year for a contractor we could afford and one we felt comfortable with. Custom Touch Homes was recommended by a friend of a friend and we couldn't be happier with the results. Our original project was a complete remodel of our master bath. Steve (Hale) made suggestions on our design that we had not considered with fantastic results. We were so pleased we hired them to do our second bath with the same awesome results. Steve & Jason are easy to work with and take pride in their work. The other guys on the job were also very conscientious. I would not hesitate to use Custom Touch Homes again.
- James O....
AHandyman 4 U
Absolutely amazing company! Great on cost and quick on responding. Bathroom looks beautiful and done correctly!!! I would recommend to a million people if i could !!!
- Kelly J....
AABS Interiors of Mid-Ohio LLC
Could not have gone any better. My bathroom remodel is gorgeous. Adam literally took the entire 80 year old bathroom down to the studs and bare floors and meticulously put it back together. The quality of workmanship is shown throughout the bathroom from the tiled shower and floor to the installation of new drywall and vanity and fixtures he installed. Adam is a true professional and has an incredible eye for detail. I will have him back in my home for future projects.
- Tammy R....
AGH Handyman LLC
I was very pleased. They helped me with design and explained things to me. One to best remodel experiences i have had. We ran into some problems and they did all that was needed to help. I enjoy my new kitchen.
- Tom S....
AAmerican Wood Reface
They came to our home for everything, but the review of our granite, 25000which was convenient. We’re just very happy with the final product.
- Katy J....
FGH Handyman LLC
About 3 weeks after I called initially I received a message from a secretary asking for my email, stating once I called with that info I'd hear back from someone within the week. I called back, left a message with my email. Over a month later I got a call back to schedule a walk through for an estimate. I take meticulous notes after estimates. I do not have a lot of knowledge about home improvement and run things by folks I know who do, to assure I understand everything and am making wise choices. During the walkthrough Greg stated it would cost less than 10 grand and take a business week or less. Said that since my pipes freeze he'd try to squeeze my bathroom remodel in before it got too cold. I agreed to this, stating I'd need a week or more notice because I work in mental health and cannot just cancel sessions with clients. One Saturday Greg left a message with info about the estimate; before I'd even had a chance to listen to the message, within a few hours, he was texting me asking why I wasn't responding. This felt odd. I explained I just reviewed the estimate and it sounded fine. A few weeks later it got cold. Greg texted asking if my pipes were okay. I was out of town taking a clinical board exam and didn't respond until I'd returned home the following day. He wanted to begin my bathroom project the next Monday, which was a 3 business day notice. I scrambled to try and accommodate this. I requested an itemized receipt on letterhead before I made a downpayment. When I received it, it stated the project would take three weeks. I requested to speak with Greg by phone or in person, just so I could understand the difference in timeline. When I wasn't able to take a phone call until later that afternoon he inundated me with many page long texts. I again responded that I felt this was a conversation better had by phone or in person, as I want to be in and out of my home when I have repairpeople working in it, and three weeks was (a) longer than one week and (b) quite difficult to accommodate in my work schedule. As soon as he learned I wanted to be in and out of the home while he/his staff were working it it, he replied that he didn't want to do the project. This worked out well because by this point I felt very uncomfortable with Greg--his communication felt pretty atypical and set off some red flags for me. Several hours later he texted me again, saying he was willing to meet with me on Saturday. I ignored this, as I didn't want him working in my home and he'd stated he didn't want to do the project. The next day he continued texting me, talking about how he wasn't sure how we got to this point. I finally had to block him. I found the entire thing to be unsettling and creepy. I showed family and friends the texts for feedback and they agreed there were many red flags and the entire thing felt unsafe. I have screenshots but wasn't able to upload with this review. Frankly I wouldn't allow him in my home if he offered to do the project for free, and if I were you I would also hesitate to allow him into your home.
- Shea D....
Things worked out good.  They kept to the cost they said it would be, they were honest about that.  They were diligent with their clean up every day.  They kept the job technique and they have good quality work.  They're friendly.
- Marla M....
Shawn did a great job of handling everything from the quoting to seeing that the work was done right and with high quality.  His team stuck to the schedule and budget without exception.  Shawn and his team definately went the extra mile to insure we were pleased with the results.  Great job and I would highly recommend them !!    Pat W - Olmsted Falls, OH
- Donald W....