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FElements Outdoor Living
Dealing with Remy Genot was the most frustrating experience you can imagine.  Initially it was limited to him not getting back to us on details of the project.  Everything was last minute with him.  He has no ability to plan ahead.  His communications became more and more limited.  The pool was finally built but we had trouble with some of the equipment.  This took forever to resolve.  He blames the equipment companies but I'm sure it was his own lack of planning.  Lastly, we ordered a winter cover for the pool and we provided a check to cover the cost of it.  He never ordered the cover, cashed the check and stole the funds.  Remy Genot and his wife Stephanie Genot are no better than common thiefs.  She may be even worse as she was caught in bed with the company's office manager the SAME DAY the company's landlord evicted them from their office space.  Unbelieveable.  Never deal with Remy or Stephanie Genot in any business dealing unless you want to deal with thieves, dishonesty, and poorest customer service you can ever imagine.  Bankruptcy to bankruptcy -- Remy has a recurring problem.  Shy away from any business that associates with Remy or Stephanie Genot.
- Dale D....
FHawaiian Pools Inc
Hawaiian Pools was engaged to install an gunite pool in my yard. I knew I was paying more than average but I wanted gunite. The promises they made to build it in a few short weeks with no hassles was not even close to accurate. I had to check the work they performed every day and point out issues that they missed...and this was my first pool experience. After the pool was completed, we had trouble with the plaster from day one. The owner of the company promised to fix it over and over again. This went on for 3 year at which time I had to hire another company to fix the plaster as it was deteriorating rapidly. I then got an attorney to recoup my cost. Hawaiian Pools refused to pay and after 3 years of depositions and attorney fees we went to jury trial. The jury unanimously found in our favor and awarded us our damages which didn't even cover our attorney fees. This was the worst experience of my life with a contractor and I feel sorry for someone that couldn't afford an attorney to pursue this. This company is now doing business under the name HP Pools so be aware.
- James B....
DCousino Electric Ltd
The price was right but, they didn't fix it and they tried to charge me for the second time they had to come out. It was $600 for the first visit with two guys and I showed them where to look. The lights worked for a little bit and when they came out the second time we settled on $75 for them to replace the breaker, which I didn't think it needed. I wouldn't use them again.
- Barry R....
It cost us about $1,400 dollars more than the estimate. They provide poor service, and their technique is terrible. They don't answer your calls or respond to them at all. I am very displeased with them.
- Cindy B....
It went very well. They showed up on the day they said they would (though I was expecting them a couple days later due to all the rain we'd had and figured that put them behind.). Once they drained the remaining water off our winter cover, they folded it, placed it next to the filter/pump, and then cleaned the pool of debris. They also shocked the water. For some reason they did not and quot;installand quot; the return jets. This wasn't a major issue as I am capable of doing it but there was part of a jet left at the bottom of the pool. It was the and quot;balland quot; portion which I retrieved later.
- Donald C....
ACC Pools
They did the best job. I haven't had any work done. We looked at doing it a couple of ways so it was $68862 for one and $53490 for another. I like the way they quote and they send computer generated pictures of how it looks in relationship to my yard and the whole nine yards and it is very nice. They are very helpful and very quick. They would be my pool people of choice.
- Douglas B....
Last summer, I had difficulty finding a professional, reliable swimming pool company. At the end of the summer, I found Daudelin. (I did submit a review last season as well.)I decided to begin this season with Daudelin. My service techs have Zach and Nick. They opened my pool for the season ($219.92) and I have contracted with them to come for weekly cleanings. I couldn't be happier. They arrive on time, and do their job. The men are polite, professional, and very patient with my many questions. On a final note, I think it's important to find companies that you can build a relationship with that will stand the test of time. I think Daudelin looks to be that kind of company.
- Diane M....
..The work was done in stages....they came every day while the pool was filling back up with water..3 days total.. A lot of attention to detail...............They made sure the seams were okay and no wrinkles in the liner were present...........Payment was made in three stages also..as each procedure was done..........
- Beverley R....
AOscar's Pool Service
Oscar removed the old pool tile on our 18X35  old concrete inground pool.  He replastered or re concreted the area behind the old tile , which was bad He put in new pool tile ( looks great) and grouted He re-painted the pool ( great job ) He rplaced an aging leaky skimmer with a new high efficiency skimmer This required moving paver, breaking thru concrete and pulling out old original skimmer Replumbing new skimmer. He opened the pool for the season The work was of the highest quality. Oscar takes pride in his work and operates his business with the utmost integrity. We would highly recommend Oscar for any pool service or maintenence. He has made our pool look new again. We willl use Oscar for any future pool projects.
- Steven A....
Yes, we did use Daudelin Pool Services out of Perrysburg, Ohio to install our new in ground swimming pool. The posting of our evaluation has been a long time coming because it was a long time installing the pool. | |We met with Josh Daudelin in the spring of 2014 to discuss an in ground swimming pool. We worked out the details and signed our contract June 26th. He told us at that time it takes 4-6 weeks to complete a pool and they would break ground and start the end of July or first week of August. Ground breaking was August 15th. | |We just built our house and moved in January 2014 so part of the irrigation system and underground downspout drainage was already in place. We left the back yard and other side yard unfinished purposely for the pool installation. We marked and instructed them on where all the underground lines had been run so that they could do their best to avoid them or allow us to reroute. When the crew showed up it was all explained to them as well and as soon as we turned our backs they just tore through all of it as if we had never had the conversation. Josh said well when he is paying for a crew to be there all day he can't hold them up. This cost several hundred dollars and hours and hours of hard labor on our part to replace all that they tore out in a matter of minutes. | |Due to the slope in our yard and the height that the pool had to be we knew we would need most of the dirt they dug out for the pool to do the grading when finished. They started hauling the dirt away as fast as they dug it out and we told them to stop hauling it away because it was going to be needed. Apparently, the back hoe operator (same one that dug up all our irrigation and drainage tile) had a buddy nearby that he promised some fill dirt to so that is where all our dirt went. Consequently there was a charge for the driver and the truck to haul it away and later we had to pay the landscaper who straightened the whole mess up a fee to haul dirt back in and grade it off. | |So the actual pool installation went pretty good until it came time for the cement. We waited and waited and waited. Josh became difficult to work with and very rude. He did not try to find a different concrete installer just kept waiting for the one he wanted to use that just could not seem to work us into the schedule. The cost per sq. ft. of cement increased 25¢ from the time we talked to Josh about the pool until the time we signed the contract in June so Josh agreed to eat that increase. However, as the time got closer and the cement installer finally came out to measure for the job the price increased another $1.00 per sq. ft. that we were supposed to pay. On top of that he wanted to do an 18" colored and stamped border around the pool that would cost an additional $2400.00 even though he said himself it makes the job easier for him because they would have a place to stand to work from while they poured the remaining cement. Plus he could not give us a date as to exactly when he could do it and the snow was beginning to fly. Our landscaper had a pool installed in his back yard at the same time and told us we should use his cement person. He was sure he could get to it within a week and by now it is November. We called and he came over the next day and by the following weekend the whole area was poured and stamped. There is a two-week waiting period for the cement to cure before they can drill holes for the winter cover. That day came the day before Thanksgiving. | |It has been like pulling teeth to get information on how to operate and maintain this pool. The pool is beautiful now that it is finally finished but getting to this point has been a long hard road that I hope to never travel again and hope no one else has to travel either. It is not necessary for the owner of a pool building company to be so uninformative and rude. At one point when I asked about the heater/filter I was told Oh, you're a smart guy you will figure it out. Josh Daudelin did come about a week after they opened the pool this spring and gave a very abbreviated version of how to program the filter/heater/salt conversion. He gave us the water test kit and told us to just follow the instructions. Just be aware that 4-6 weeks really translates to 4-6 months | |Dave & Mary Hehl |Monclova, Ohio |
- Dave H....

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Business Description: Toledo's premier residential swimming pool builder. Leader in custom, concrete in-grounds with a fiberglass wall. We have been family owned and operated for over 40 years.
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Business Description: Swimming pool filters, heaters, pumps, chemicals, covers, slides & fountains. Hot tub sales.
Business Description: Individually owned and operated hiring seasonal truck drivers. Does not use sub contractors. Charges are $30 per 1000 gallons of water + travel fees. Additional fees will apply for emergency calls. Available 7 days a week by phone for scheduling service calls.
Business Description: Welcome to J's Water Hauling, LLC located in Toledo, OH! Family owned and operated since 1998, we have earned a reputation for delivering reliable, timely and affordable bulk water services to the residents and businesses of Toledo and surrounding areas. Our team of highly knowledgeable professionals specialize in swimming pool, hot tub, and holding tank water filling. Whether you need a complete fill or just a top off, we can accommodate your requests. Our goal is to deliver your water with the least amount of impact on your property and we'll take the time to go over your options for delivery, and do our best to be there at a time that is convenient for you. Call us TODAY for a FREE ESTIMATE!!! Fully licensed and insured.
Recent Review: It went very well. They showed up on the day they said they would (though I was expecting them a couple days later due to all the rain we'd had and figured that put them behind.). Once they drained the remaining water off our winter cover, they folded it, placed it next to the filter/pump, and then cleaned the pool of debris. They also shocked the water. For some reason they did not and quot;installand quot; the return jets. This wasn't a major issue as I am capable of doing it but there was part of a jet left at the bottom of the pool. It was the and quot;balland quot; portion which I retrieved later.
Business Description: Additional DBA - D & R Sales.
Recent Review: Things went well. I would use the company again in the future.