Strongsville Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Recent Review: Professional from beginning to end! John, the owner, came out personally to do the estimate and was involved all along. I was hesitant because he upfront said they were not the cheapest. I thought, "here we go, time to hear to the overpriced pitch." Then he surprised us by putting together an option with some of the best materials at a price BELOW what we had planned! He promised the final price would be very close to the estimate but surprised us AGAIN by giving us an invoice below the quoted price. What??! Who does that? When we had a few concerns after the work was done (and paid for) he came out twice to check it out and make it right. Great company, run by professionals and staffed by talented workers. We will be using them again soon!
Recent Review: The estimate process was very professional. Workmen were a little less professional and courteous, but they got the job done on time and did a good job overall. Floors look great two years later.
Recent Review: Excellent work, great price.  During the estimating phase, they were the only company that listened and addressed some of the design details I wanted (specific type of rim by side steps, details around pocket door framing, etc.).  The quoting process was smooth and Joe was a perfectionist during installation, the floor is absolutely gorgeous!
Business Description: Guaranteed Installation. Ask for finance details. Licensed
Recent Review: They were very good, some workers were here in the last week or so, and they immediately noticed the floors and commended that I have a very nice flooring. They were very prompt. I would definitely hire them again if necessary. They were very hard workers.
Recent Review: River floors employees were professional and timely. They did excellent work and I found them to be enjoyable to work with. I would highly recommend them for any situation.
Recent Review: No Complaints. Enjoying the new floor.
Recent Review: Jeff was quick, efficient and precise. He had to cut out for steps and an indent for a built in shelf. The floor looks great. He did a wonderful job.
Recent Review: They were prompt and professional.  The installation of both the bamboo flooring and carpeting went amazingly quickly.   The overall quality of the job was excellent.  There were a few small installation problems that could have been avoided with more attention to detail, but they returned to the site fairly quickly and made them right. They were considerably lower in price than other quotes that we received and did a quality job. We would recommend them to others.

Reviews in Strongsville to Install Bamboo Flooring

We purchased flooring through lumber liquidators and Flooranthropy did the installation. The owner came to do the measuring. He was prompt, polite and answered all of our installation questions. He provided a comprehensive quote with all the extras itemized, materials, transition pieces, molding, furniture moving and tear up of old flooring.  His crew arrived promptly on the date of installation. There were 3 workers to move the furniture and tear up the old flooring and then 2 workers, Brian and Josh, who stayed to do the rest of the installation. Brian and Josh were terrific. They worked so hard and were pleasant and polite. We had a large amount of flooring installed and were probably not really prepared for what a wreck the house would be for the week, but Josh and Brian cleaned up all of it. They cut the flooring int he garage and cleaned up all the sawdust. We were very pleased with their work.The only issue we had was that the one additional guy who had been at our house at the beginning of the week helped himself to a bag of candy that was sitting on the kitchen counter and ate the whole thing. While it seems like a minor thing, we called the owner to let him know about it and did not receive a call back. We opted to let him know of the issue by e-mail, but a return call would have been nice.  Other than that one ting, we were very pleased with Brian and Josh and all their hard work and would recommend Flooranthropy.
- Peggy M....
AWebber Floor Covering
Originally contacted Webber back in February to get an estimate on bamboo flooring. Bob came out to get measurements and found some water damage in an affected area. Bob suggested that repairs be made before flooring is installed - he was very helpful in determining where the water was entering the house.  We had to wait until Spring to have repairs made, then placed the order for the bamboo flooring and carpeting. Due to delays from the manufacturer, it took 9-10 weeks for the bamboo flooring to arrive at Webber. Bruce was very helpful in providing periodic updates on the status of the flooring and answering all of my questions. Once the flooring arrived, an install date was arranged and the flooring was delivered to my home to acclimate. Due to other work I was having done in my home around the same time, I asked Bob to coordinate the flooring install with the other contractor. Bob was very willing to talk to the other contractor and they were able to coordinate the installs. Bob and his son (Bob) arrived on time and proceeded with the carpet removal. I requested that the old carpet be rolled up into 4' sections due to city trash collection requirements - they rolled up the carpet so that it was very easy to transport for trash collection. Due to unexpected issues with my slab floors, some additional concrete work was required and new baseboards were needed. Due to the issues they encountered, the install took about 2 weeks to complete.  They encountered serious issues installing the bamboo on my stairs.  They did not rush their work - they took their time and the flooring turned out great - we couldn't be happier. All of my large furniture was moved out of the way and moved back into place after the room was finished. Bob even installed felt pads that we purchased underneath all of the furniture before putting back. After the flooring installs were complete, we noticed some excess glue and contacted Bruce. Bruce contacted me very quickly and Bob arrived the same day to remove the glue. The carpet install also went very well. Craig arrived on time and completed the carpet install with no issues. Carpet on stairs required binding - it was sent out for binding and the stair carpeting was installed a week later. We are thrilled with the jobs that Webber did and will use them again for future flooring needs. Bob and crew are master craftsmen and did an outstanding job for us.
- Robert D....
AErnie Bertok
He did a great job.  He was very thorough and did a lot of detailed work.  He cleaned up very well after himself.  He is very reasonable.  We were out of town when he came and he is very trustworthy.
- Jim S....
Had an excellent experience with this company. We decided to replace our kitchen and dining room floors with bamboo flooring which is beautiful but can vary widely in quality according to my research. We decided to go with Guhde as they are a famiy-owned business and have been around some 50+ years. The overall cost was more but I figured it was well worth the investment in the home and the assurance we would be receiving a quality product that was installed with professionalism and care.
- Nancy K....
AUS Home Remodeling LLC
Purchased bamboo flooring to replace 1950's old, stained, discolored oak. Decided to go over top of oak instead of ripping up after checking manufacturer's warranty information, saving time and money on the removal. We postponed the project a few weeks, and Eli was still able to squeeze us in an already busy schedule. Team spent hours addressing all the squeaks in the old floor before installing new on top. Took the time to cut down all doors since we went over top of old, replaced all hinges, both not included in pricing. Stayed well past quitting time just to make sure they finished the project by the time I needed. Could not ask for a more professional, friendly, hardworking crew. All this, while still being priced below competition. Highly recommend and will use for any future needs.
- John K....
We received 3 other quotes for the renovation, and Ohio Renovations was the most competitive. Work started on the project roughly 4 weeks after signing the contract, which is exactly what they had earlier estimated. The 2 workers were extremely competent, punctual, professional, and enjoyable to be around. There were a few hiccups in the material ordering, but that's probably inevitable with a job this large. Overall, the bulk of the job took about 4 weeks to complete, which was roughly what they had estimated. Due to some material delivery delays, the men had to come back two weeks later to finish some of the molding work. Even though there were some unplanned additions to the job, Ohio Renovations was generous and only asked us to cover a small portion of the additional expenses. We were very pleased with every aspect of the job, and would highly recommend them again.
- Erin L....
BCleveland Hardwood Flooring LLC
Zoltan performed the contracted services within the price and timeframe as originally agreed to. I could not give Zoltan an A primarily due to a scheduling issue.  We contacted Zoltan in January to perform this installation in March.  We let him know that we would be moving into the house and would like to have the floor installed prior to move in since our bedroom furniture would not be there and it would make the installation go smoothly.  We agreed on an installation date.  A week before the installation date, I met with Zoltan so he could take final measurements.  Then 2 days later he told me the earliest he could do the installation would be 3 weeks from the originally agreed upon date.  I was shocked. When I reminded him that we would be moving into the home and had to have it in no later than 3 days after our mutually agreed upon installation date, Zoltan said, "As I said April 6th!! That is the soonest we can get in!!" At that time, I told Zoltan we wouldn't be able to use him since we would be moving in and that with less than a week to go I would have to find another floor contractor. As I started the review with, Zoltan met the original contract terms and installed the flooring on the originally agreed upon day, but I was shocked that he waited so long to tell me the date wouldn't work and for a day or two it was an unnecessary stress during a period of time that was already busy.  For a company on Angie's List that is listed with an A-rating, I would expect much more than this.
- Elie T....
The floor installation took longer than expected because repair to the subfloor had to be made. The bamboo flooring is absolutely beautiful and the installers did an excellent job with our difficult house. The kitchen cabinets and counters are fantastic. I can't believe this is MY house. It looks like it is from a magazine or HGTV show!
- Wendy H....
ACalvetta Bros Floor Show Inc
They were prompt and professional.  The installation of both the bamboo flooring and carpeting went amazingly quickly.   The overall quality of the job was excellent.  There were a few small installation problems that could have been avoided with more attention to detail, but they returned to the site fairly quickly and made them right. They were considerably lower in price than other quotes that we received and did a quality job. We would recommend them to others.
- Richard W....
I am long overdue in writing this review, and my apologies to Brent, to whom I had promised a writeup long ago. Last summer (July/Aug 2007), we relocated from North Carolina to the Cleveland area. We found a great home in Westlake to buy. However, the carpeting in the living room and dining room was not to our liking, and we wanted to replace it with hardwood floors. We were still living in NC when I contacted Brent (because of his Angie's List reviews) via email and discussed having floors installed. His willingness to work with, and be responsive to, a remote homeowner far exceeded other companies I contacted, and I felt confident in my ability to work with him. We had selected a strand-woven bamboo flooring that he had never worked with before, but he was more than willing to try out a new product. Since we were in NC, he also agreed to receive the flooring materials we had ordered from the vendor. This resulted in unexpected stress when the shipping company failed to call ahead before attempting delivery, as they had been instructed too. However, Brent took it all in stride, and the delivery was made successfully. There were only a few days between when we closed on our new home, and when the moving van would arrive, and Brent worked over the weekend to remove the old carpeting, and install the new floors, finishing well ahead of schedule. He even moved the old carpeting into the basement for us. He checked in with us soon after we arrived in town to make sure we were happy with the work. We certainly were -- the floors looked even better than I'd expected. We referred Brent to our real estate agent. Brent later told us that the bamboo flooring was much harder on his tools than he expected (the "strand woven" bamboo product is much denser than most other hardwoods, including other bamboo floors). But stuck to his original price quote, even though with the uncertainty of working with a new material, he would have been justified in boosting the price to cover the extra wear and tear. Brent provided stellar service, was friendly, flexible, and professional. He remains our first choice for any jobs, big or small, although he's in high demand now, so it's harder to get on his schedule. Word must be getting around!
- Keith W....