Pickerington Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Recent Review: Install and product is really high quality. We have had floors installed for about a month now and really love it! Holds up and cleans up very well!! Would recommend Chris Angus and his crew they did great work!!
Recent Review: We've received a lot of compliments on our flooring. Erik Warren helped us with the sale and did a wonderful job! We will definitely use America's Floor Source again!
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Recent Review: They were good. They came in and so forth. They didn't like the floor at first, and they had to meet the contractor to lay an extra layer of plywood down, so their flooring would be better. They did a pretty good job.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: McCool Flooring saved the day. He knew what he was doing with leveling the floor before installing the cork floor. He was efficient an very prompt. He was honest in his evaluation and very neat as he worked.
Recent Review: We had a great experience with America's Floor Source. From working with our sales rep, to selecting the best floor solution for our needs and budget, to installation and final project review and payment. Top notch company. Great experience. Oh, and the showroom brought to my home - best thing ever!
Recent Review: This was truly amazing experience for me. I was very nervous about attempting this project as I thought my floors would be in worse shape. These are very old wood floors. Scott assured me that there was plenty of life left in them and bringing them back to their original form was the right move to make. Boy was he right! They look amazing, the stairs are the showcase of the home! Everything Scott explained happen as he said it would. The timing, professionalism, workmanship, and the finish product was spot on. I expected issue and problems...Scott alleviated any pain by keeping me informed throughout the process. I can't thank him enough for the job he did on my floors!! From what I gathered from others, was this was not an easy task. One company didn't even want the job because it was so complex. Scott and his team are great to work with, I would recommend them to anyone reading this...I already did to my friends.
Recent Review: Buckeye Epoxy Flooring saved the day! Our home renovation was not going well. We hired a reputable renovation company that claimed they had experience doing epoxy floor. It became painfully apparent that they did not have the skill set to properly start/complete the job. We contacted several professional epoxy floor companies that all confirmed through explaining their processes that we had gone down the wrong path. Buckeye Epoxy came out to our house the same day we called them upon learning about our situation. They explained their process, answered all of our questions. The owner and his wife were beyond professional and knowledgeable. We were in a unique situation where the previous company had purchased a large amount of epoxy with our money. To start over would have been a big financial hit for us. Buckeye Epoxy gave us several options including using what was obviously a higher quality epoxy or taking a chance on the epoxy our contractor had already purchased. Financially it made more sense for us to use the epoxy we had already paid for. The owner did extensive research on the epoxy to give us the best result, explaining all the risk/benefits along the way. They gave up their weekend to complete the work and allow our family to somewhat get back on track. Their work was clean and professional with great results. The previous company had filled our home with cement dust when they began partially prepping the floor. When Buckeye Epoxy floor prepared the concrete there was an obvious difference in quality of work and there was no dust in our home.
Recent Review: Mike and his crew at Deible's were excellent to work with. We went from three different floor types and colors in the first floor of our new home to one so we now have the same, beautiful wood floor throughout. Deible's is not inexpensive but this was a big project and we are very happy with the end result. I would definitely use them again.
Recent Review: Excellent. We had a scheduling issue on the original install day, but the carpet ladies made up for it by sending a floor installation person who was dedicated to doing a perfect job. We love our floor.

Reviews in Pickerington to Install Bamboo Flooring

ACarpet Ladies Company
Excellent. We had a scheduling issue on the original install day, but the carpet ladies made up for it by sending a floor installation person who was dedicated to doing a perfect job. We love our floor.
- Jennifer R....
ATraditional Hardwood Floors
Measured area and provided estimate. Material arrived in about two weeks. Arranged installation for convenient time. Two workers (subcontractors) showed up about 10:00 and completed job in 2.5 hours. Cleaned up. Took about two weeks to arrange for another subcontractor to come to tuck and tack carpet at entranceway. Good job. Only minor hiccup was that when flooring was delivered they forgot the shoe mold. It was delivered the following week in enough time for me to paint before installation.
- Robert A....
FQuality First Construction LLC
Contractor has done work for us before with no problems. Contractor installed 900 square feet of Bella Wood flooring and put in access door for furnace. A couple of weeks after door was installed door would not open properly. Contractor was contacted and message left. He did not reply.        About two months later gaps started appearing in flooring allover. Over the next couple of months it continued to get worse. Contractor had talked to supplier of flooring several times during the installation. Several messages were again left for contractor. A month later contractor came to look at floor, etc. He said he would call place were flooring was purchased about the problem. He said we will take care of it. He was also to work up estimates for other work we wanted done. We waited a month and no reply.       Over the course of three months we left messages and no reply. Finally in a face to face the contractor said the place were flooring was purchased never called him back. Also stated "You bought the product". We filed a complaint with supplier and needed contractor to answer some questions for the complaint. Another message was left and still no reply from contractor.                      The claim was filed with Lumber Liquidators and on September 21, 2015 we received a phone call from Lumber Liquidators and they said they thought it was an installation problem. They would not pay for an inspection to find out exactly where the problem was so they sent web sites thru email for finding an inspector.   On October 10, 2015 we got an inspector to come out. He took pictures and measurement of gaps. He sent us the report. It says it is an installation problem. As far as we know the contractor did not check moisture content of wood flooring before installing. AS of October 28, 2015 we still have not heard from the contractor.  
- Patricia H....
AA Unique Hardwood Floor LLC
We have worked with many contractors and subcontractors during the process of building this addition. Unique Hardwood Floor was among the absolute absolute best. From the first meeting with Chaz Davis - who took time to answer our questions and made sure we understood the quote and the work to be performed; to the work being performed - the workers were on time, out of`our way, WORKED FULL DAYS, and extremely clean; to the payment. They were professional, easy to work with and good at what they did. When I hire someone to do housework, I consider it to be paying the "headache premium" - basically, I'm paying you to take a headache away from me, not create new ones. Unique Hardwood Floor absolutely is worth the "headache premium." Once we hired them, everything was easier for us, and they just took care of the work. They did a great job and I will recommend them to anyone that needs floors installed.
- John C....
BAffordable Interior Finish Carpentry & Floors
Brian did the best he could do. He did admit that some of the work, like the T molding on cement and between bamboo and tile, was the first time he was doing it, but he gave it the best try he could. The helpers he had, however, were tired of the amount of work involved, and really dragged the project. We know it would be impolite to stop people from smoking in our back yard, but we did not appreciate it. Brian does not provide the wood, which allows us to choose it ourselves. That was a positive experience. There were incidentals that he expects you to pay as the work is in progress (new saw blade and glue): the project stops until those are bought.
- Margaret N....
BRevisons Remodeling Ltd
We were initially disappointed when the company called 24 hr before beginning installation to postpone due to employee illness. They began early morning the following day, however. The foreman seemed knowledgable (company was certified installer by manufacturer) and was there the morning of the first day of work to and quot;trainand quot; the two installers, it seemed. He then left, and the installers worked hard, but made some mistakes. Most were fixable (recutting and installation of miscut edge pieces) but some were not (placement of an unusually light piece of wood in the center of the room, surrounded entirely by darker pieces.)
- Beth M....
A1 GR Builders
1 GR knew what they were doing and made quick work of figuring out the square footage of everything. We chose not to do it because we couldn't afford it, it was not that the price was unfair.
- Amanda W....
AHardhats Floors
We liked Paul, who gave us an estimate on the work. The work was initially delayed, though, because a prior job took longer than expected. The workmen were competent, and they repaired some problems with the sub-floor, which we thought was great. We were, however, disappointed with the trim. Hardhat installed trim connecting our existing molding to the floor. The color of the newly installed trim did not match the existing trim, and it protrudes farther than our door frames. It looks like a DIY job, and we feel like we could have benefited from advice about the color choice (wood versus white). Furthermore, after seeing the downstairs trim, we requested matching trim for the upstairs (white trim). In our walk-in closet, though, where our existing trim was wood, the workmen installed white trim anyway. To reiterate, they put white trim between our existing wood trim and the wood floor. It looks very silly. Overall, we love the floors-- they are beautiful-- we just wish that we had better supervised the trim work. If you plan to hire Hardhat, don't be shy. Describe, in detail, exactly what you want.
- Stephanie H....
AH T Builders Inc
Howard was great to work with.  The project was a little more than we had expected to pay but it was definitely worth it.  Howard and his team spent time to lay planks across the floor and laid a sub floor to level the existing floor.  This seemed to be the best way to go and it showed with the final result.  Howard's team did a great job laying the bamboo flooring which we purchased ahead of time.  The finished project looks great.  Howard took the time to explain the steps of the project and showed up promptly when he said he would.  I would definitely use H T Builders on future projects.
- John H....
AL & L Hardwood Floors
They were really good. They negotiated the price with us really well. I am really impressed with them. They were just great. They did the job in 3-4 days. They are personable and so nice.
- Regan C....