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Business Description: I DO NOT PAINT HOUSES. I do Paint Color Consulting for Historic and all Other Homes by Email. Choosing exterior historic paint colors for your house is not easy. Our paint color consulting service makes it a lot easier. Historic homes are our specialty but we also do newer homes. We show you photos of your house in various house color schemes and period paint colors as if it were actually painted. We do NOT use colored pencils or gimmicky paint color visualizers as others do. Our paint color renderings look totally real as if your house was photographed after it was painted the chosen colors. The biggest mistake homeowners make when painting their house is color placement. Bad color placement can really upset the architectural balance of a house. We are curb appeal experts and will honestly critique your house. You may not like the truth but we will advise you where the problems are and what you can do to make your house look its best. Check out the before and after photos in our website’s portfolio. Also visit our web page for detailed information on our virtual house painting service and how it works. Our website is very educational and all owners of an older home should read it if you care about your house. Prices start at $250. The average price is about $400. Prices depend on number and style of windows, if there are trees in front of the house, architectural details etc. Email us with a large size photo of your house and we will be happy to provide a quote.
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Recent Review: John arrived exactly on time.  I provided the paint which was an older unused five gallon container of paint which was the same color and sheen that was currently on the walls.  He took the time to take it to the paint store and have it shaken since it had greatly settled over time.  Since the house was empty of furniture, and the paint was the same color, the job went very smoothly.  When finished, I asked John for his professional opinion of a problem I had on the basement walls.  It was not his exact line of expertise, but he checked with his paint supplier to see what products would help me take care of the problem.  Needless to say I was very impressed with him taking time to help me.  I definitely plan to consider using John's help again.  This spring I am planning to have John give me an estimate to paint the back of my house, and then my son is interested in some painting help also. 

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Pro Painting Solutions provided a free estimate in a timely manner. The work was completed as promised and in the time frame requested. I would hire them again.
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