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Recent Review: Prior to our new furnace and air conditioning system being installed we knew we needed the ductwork cleaned. I don't think this had ever been done in the house we just purchased. After accepting the quote we received including a $30 discount from a coupon we received we scheduled the cleaning for the day before the furnace installation. The guys showed up on time and went right to work. They were very professional in their job and cleaned up when they were through. They answered all our questions and covered all the vents with cheesecloth to keep the vents clean until the next day install. Thanks Shaun and Troy.
Recent Review: They installed a new H/H furnace and A/C unit in my home and it has a noticeable difference already. The old unit was undersized and looked like some 8 year old installed it, the new equipment is first class. But now with properly sized ductwork the home is much more comfortable. You only get what you pay for.
Recent Review: See above. I love it because they take pictures and sent it to you too. My fiancé love them. We recommend them to friends and families
Business Description: HVAC and Plumbing Residential and Commercial service, installation and repair 9 employee's
Business Description: We are not the bargain basement air duct cleaning company but we ARE competitive. We will beat any written estimate by companies who clean air ducts using similar equipment.
Business Description: We have are own SheetMetal Fabrication shop all ductwork is custom made for each job means no wait time for sheetmetal for your new system.We do alot of design-Build Project,we work very close with Architect and Engineers on designing new H.V.A.C. systems.
Business Description: Owner operated.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: I couldn't be more pleased! Robert went above and beyond! I couldn't believe the difference in my ductwork through the before and after videos. I'm very glad I chose Superior for the job. I highly recommend.
Recent Review: The tech was fast, efficient, friendly and helpful. And we couldn't believe the material that came out of our ductwork!
Recent Review: AAA came to our house at the appointed time and efficiently completed to job.  We appreciate how they showed us pictures of the ductwork after they were done.  What impressed us the most about them is that they showed us how our furnace filter actually wasn't doing anything! Prior to them we have had a new furnace installed and our ducts cleaned and nobody pointed that out. Thanks!  As we suffer from allergies their pointing that out was worth the cost of their visit alone.

Reviews in Niles to Replace Ductwork

AGreen and Clean Home Services
I'm going to have a new furnace, they cleaned all my ducts and vents, I was very impressed with the work. I'm happy
- Walter P....
ASuperior Air Duct Cleaning
Excellent! Rick was very professional, on time, explained everything before and after the cleaning. Very happy and am recommending their company to friends and family.
- Cynthia B....
AAir Duct Maintenance Inc
They showed up on time. They took a little bit longer than what they estimated, but they did a very professional job. I have noticed a great improvement in the quality of our air.
- Susan A....
ASERVPRO of East Mahoning County
The phone call to inquire about service was informative and friendly. Scheduling was easy and convenient. The technicians showed up promptly to perform the services. They did an excellent job. The men were thorough, polite and professional. Before and after pictures were provided as well as seeing firsthand all of the dirt and debris that came out of the ducts that was in their vacuum. Sanitization and deodorizing of the ducts was also done. This service was well worth it.
- Mark B....
ASuperior Air Duct Cleaning
One man was here all day, his name was Halalan and he was excellent. We were astonished with how thorough he was. We even asked him to do some extra things and he was just helpful. He was such a nice person. They are well worth using!
- Marilyn E....
FW W Heating and Air Conditioning
it seemingly went well.  they spoke very professionally, they were easy to deal with and i didn't complain about pricing considering the service that they performed. a year later my ducts need cleaned because they did not do a thorough job cleaning. imagine my amazement when i had seen the camera showing me the filthy ducts that were not cleaned well. also being pointed out to me was the fact that they never accessed some of the downstairs ducts to clean out where the dirt settles in the elbows of the ducts.  i will not recommend this company for air duct cleaning. i will make sure everybody is aware of my experience.
- Jeffrey M....
BSuperior Air Duct Cleaning
.Arrived as scheduled. Took tour of house showing all duct locations. made access points in ducts. Asked if I wanted to see video cam, which I did. He stuck a short cable into the main duct over the furnace and showed me on a small screen what the camera saw. I was disappointed, expected to see more than that small amount of a couple of feet. They did a good job cleaning most of the ducts. On the cold air returns, I have a duct high in the wall, and one at floor level. I expected both to be cleaned. Only the lower one was opened so I feel it is possible that not all dust was removed. They forgot to screw in one register vent, but fixed that as soon as I mentioned it. My main gripe is, and at this time I'm not 100% sure I have a gripe, deals with my vent that is under my kitchen sink. They removed the vent and cleaned under the cabinet. It was pretty bad as we have had dogs all along. He said he would finish off the rest of the run from the basment. I see no evidence that that duct was opened anywhere. I plan on opening it myself to see. If it was missed, I will call them back. The reason I say I see no evidence is the fact that all the seams were taped with duct tape years ago. It is quite brittle now. No fresh tape installed on any seam, no holes visible where they might have drilled into it. IAnother area that disappointed was my family room area. My house is a split level. Kitchen/living room over a basement, and bedrooms over a ground level family room. The family room has vents in the ceiling. He stuck a small pipe in the vents and blew air into them. He did not remove the vents and send anything further in. I questioned that, he said it wasn't needed. But you know, I did pay to have them fully cleaned. They also did not go into the main runs that feed all these ducts, and the bedrooms. I heard him tell his partner there was no where to cut in. Now I do have a finished ceiling, but it is easy to see where the ducts run. And I know one other company does cut into a ceiling to get access. THose were the ones I actually wanted to see on video, but never did. I did not see any "after" video of anything. If after I open the vent leading to my kitched sink, and it happens to be clean, I may call them back in the future. If it isn't, that will never happen since I have no idea of how the other areas were done. I am slightly disappointed overall.
- David...
ASuperior Air Duct Cleaning
I was happy with the surface. They cleaned all my air ducts - approximately 20-25. They counted initially to give me the price and later found they had missed one. They cleaned it for free. They also cleaned the furnace. They were on time- early actually, and finished on schedule. I also thought they we're honest with me. Unlike some duct companies they didn't insist I needed to clean annually.
- Caleb V....
AThompson Heating & Cooling Inc
We have used them before in the past at our old home. It helped me because I was having problems breathing. We were satisfied with the work they provided for us. They were very professional and friendly, very helpful and informative. We were given information on how to prevent the problem in the future. I thought they did a really good job and if I had to I would use them again in the future.
- Evelyn C....
AW W Heating and Air Conditioning
Very well. The company sent 3 individuals for the job. Prior to arrival, they called to confirm the appointment. I was told that the crew would arrive between 8 and 8:30, they arrived at 8:25. I was told to expect them to be there 3 hours, the job took approximately 2 1/2 hours. They left the job site as clean as it was when they arrived. Best of all, I could notice a definite improvement in my air quality. I would definitely hire them again.
- Chris P....