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Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: From the beginning, Andy was prompt, courteous, and explained everything in great detail.  Any questions I had he was sure to answer them.  Him and his team arrived right on time, they were neat (wore booties throughout the house!), and got the work done.  They cleaned everything up afterwards, and then took the time to go through and explain everything that was done.  We are already feeling a difference on our third floor!
Recent Review:           When I first spoke to Steve (the company owner) I was very impressed with his willingness to share information about installing insulation.  Even though he has probably explained the process tens of thousands of times, he was very patient and thorough.  He provided the name of the company that manufactures the cellulose material which I checked out to my satisfaction on the web.  I did get a couple of other estimates which were unacceptable for one reason or another.  As they say you get what  you pay for and Angie's list was right on regarding the companies I contacted.     The night before the job was to start the Everguard office called me to confirm the techs would be at my house within a specified 2-hour time window.  The Everguard techs arrived right on schedule after confirming their arrival time by phone call an hour earlier.       They confirmed the size of the job and went to work.  They began by installing the fiberglass batts on the vertical walls in the attic and then proceeded with the blown-in cellulose part of the job.  They were neat and clean and did not damage anything in or around the house.  The entire job was completed in about 2 hours.  They vacuumed the work area around their ladder and carefully looked around for and vacuumed any stray bits of insulation where they had walked in the house.  Finally they swept and hosed off the area of the driveway where their equipment was parked.  I was impressed that they made sure the sizable volume of product wrappers were placed in to our recycling container.       Before they left I took a look at the job and found that the blown-in insulation had been installed neatly and was very level.  The batts on the  vertical knee walls were neatly installed also.   They also instructed me how to obtain the applicable rebates and how to make sure subsequent workers in the attic don't adversely affect the insulation.      When we are ready for in-wall insulation to be installed, I will be calling Everguard again.        I strongly recommend Everguard for insulation.
Business Description: Locally owned company since 1974 with approximately 125 employees.

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AEverguard Home Insulation Inc.
The men installing the attic insulation did a great job! Very courteous, clean, overall, very nice to work with. Prices were great. Although the subcontractor who installed the subfloor insulation was also clean and did a good job; there was a miscommunication or disconnect because the appointment was scheduled between 730-830 am for arrival. The day of the job as we are waiting, I get a phone call from the guys doing the subfloor insulation and he states that appointment time is a mistake, and that they can't even be at the house until 9:30.   Overall, i would still recommend the company ( I already have to a friend of mine) and we are very happy overall and think they did a great job.
- Shaden M....