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FRam Restoration - Eighth Enterprise
They replaced my porch rails and posts with the most cheapest materials they could find. I paid high dollar for the materials And they used the most ugly and cheapest they could get, I made several complaints and e mails and On 05/23/2013 they finally came to see my complaint , the guy was rude and being a jerk saying its wood What do you want, I said I wanted what I paid for. Either replace it or give me my money back.. I told him I paid for quality not the junk they gave me, he was getting real nasty with me so I went inside Then he was outside running around taking pictures .i have filed a complaint with BBB
- Mark M....
BHandyman Matters of Dayton & Cincinnati
The rails were installed for my parents safety, they are very sturdy ; which was my main concern.
- Elizabeth H....
He returned my initial call for help within 24 hours, and arrived on time to do the work. He was courteous, professional, and efficient. I was so pleased with his work that I have contacted him to add a handrail on my basement steps, and an exterior handrail on the back steps.
- Linda J....
The install went well. Mike is very professional, fairly-priced, and provides good quality services.
- Jamie D....
ARuss Cordell
He is wonderful. I use Mr. Cordell for everything. I can recommend him to everybody. He considers no job too small and does really good work. He does remodeling of kitchen and bath. He just did some work for me yesterday. I live on a lake and he installed swimming pool railings which would keep going down in the lake because it is slippery. He did a nice job; he always does a nice job. He is almost able to do anything. He has a trailor for tools and everything. He is not an amateur and he can do anything we ask him to do like plumbing work, electrical work and carpentry work. I had a little bit of flood in my basement and the carpet also torn out with the water coming from outside. He put tiles there and did a nice job. He did moulding too and did a nice job on that too. He cleans up after himself. I’ve had him redo some stuff which some other contractor had done.
- Michael G....
BJD Enterprises Inc
The workers were polite and knowledgeable. We had one issue with a firring strip but it was resolved. They cleaned up appropriately when the work was completed and made a few recommendations on some other small items they noticed on our house itself. Definitely would recommend getting a quote from them if you are in the market for some small home repairs involving carpentry / woodworking / porches.
- Deborah F....
AHurst Total Home Inc
There is not a better home remodeling contractor in the entire Dayton area. Hurst Total Home has been FABULOUS to work with. From my initial estimate of $37,000 to my expansion of the project to $150,000, Jeff Hurst has been a stalwart support who led me (and sometimes DRAGGED me) through it all. I couldn't ask for a better contractor. Jeff is wonderful and I wouldn't be sane today without him. I used a lot of high end products in my home, and Katie Hurst was wonderful at finding vendors to supply all these unique items. Katie - you are the BOMB! The bathrooms and kitchen are stellar because you found just the right suppliers for me. THANKS! Jay Hurst kept the production rolling along and was always there for me, whenever I had a question or needed some immediate assistance. Especially when I smelled gas in the house and he was there within minutes to identify and solve the problem (new gas stove - burner was slightly moved from the OFF position). But the key to the whole remodeling effort was my lead carpenter, Clark Watren. What a delightful man - and what a patient one! There were so many change orders that came about during the course of this redo (from May 9 to October 12), but Clark kept his focus and kept his crew moving forward. Even when they had to redo things (which happened from time to time, because I was working and not here to answer their questions), there was never a complaint or any and quot;hostilityand quot; for the changes that I had them make. Clark worked for me 24/7. I could text him any time of the day or night with a question and he was ALWAYS there for me. He kept me from going off the deep end many a times, as the depth of detail was incredible. And so was he! Until you get into the middle of a major project like this, you cannot imagine the minute details that are involved. And you should SEE the results! It's absolutely STUNNING. From the Cambria quartz in my kitchen, laundry room, fireplace surround and both bathrooms, to the crystals hanging from my canned lights, to the Artistic Tile wall art in my master bath along with the Swarovski crystals in the bathtub surround, the custom iron work, the beautiful backsplash and cabinet additions in the kitchen, and all the new light fixtures, chandeliers and and quot;fandaliersand quot; throughout my entire home, there is no job too large or no detail too small for this business to handle. I cannot rave enough about the Hursts and their company. And my guests continue to compliment me on the incredible results!
- Barbara P....
AJD Enterprises Inc
JD was professional and courteous on the phone, prompt in coming out for the estimate, and available the next day to do the work. They showed up when they said they would, had everything they needed, I signed their work ticket and they went to get the lumber & screws.  They were diligent and hard-working all day, and finished up as expected. No surprises. Very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
- Claudia D....
DSuperior Lawn Care & Home Improvements
SECOND FLOOR DECK: [See photos – treated wood; paint partly filling gaps.] The carpentry of the top part of the railing was unsatisfactory. 1) The mitered angles (corners) are not fitted. In one case one board is ½ inch higher than the other, and there are gaps of up to almost 1/4 inch between the boards on the other three angles. In addition, the cuts are ragged, as if the saw was not sharp enough for the wood. 2) These top boards do not fit against the support boards beneath them. At one point there’s a gap as much as ¼ inch, and with the entire length of the board on the front of the railing, there’s a gap that daylight shows through. In addition, these boards do not align vertically with the supports, and even the holes for the screws are ragged. When I realized these problems, I asked Donnie to redo the work: replace the top board, making certain that the miters were accurate, that the angled cuts were smooth, and that the top boards align and fit against the support. In spite of the fact that the expense of this unsatisfactory work should have been borne by Donnie, I stressed that I would pay for the lumber -- whatever kind he preferred (see below**) and would contribute what I calculated to be about one-third of the cost of the labor. His first responses (text messages) seemed cooperative, indicating that he would do the work soon, although he tended to place the responsibility for the problem on me. For example, he wrote in a text message: “I was hired to make that deck sturdy. . . .If I knew you wanted furniture grade work it would have cost a lot more. I used treated wood that does shrink. . . . I could have used cedar [**] boards and not had that problem.” It goes without saying that deck railings should be sturdy (especially at 10 feet above the ground) but one would also assume that the parts would be reasonably well-fitted and cleanly cut, which does not mean “furniture grade.” In fact, the railings to my front porch and large ground-level deck are made of treated wood that was cut smoothly and fitted evenly, but far from furniture grade. If Donnie could not achieve that quality with treated wood, however, the professional response should have been to let me know the problem and explain the options, including my finding someone else to do the work. For over four weeks he failed to set a date for the repairs, although I reminded him a couple of times and even gave him dates when I would or would not be available. His responses were courteous but never specific about what he could do or when he would do it, although one Saturday morning he left me several telephone messages that he was on his way to my house and, then, that he was waiting in my driveway. But he had not let me know earlier that he would be stopping by, and so no one was at home to answer the phone or see him at the house. Finally I gave up and found someone else to do the job. FRONT PORCH AND DECK: Because Donnie and his helpers were planning to spray the stain onto the main deck and the front porch, including the railings, I asked them to be careful not to get stain on the small evergreen shrubs that I had planted near the steps a few months previously. Donnie’s response was an indignant, “I’m a professional.” Nevertheless, two of the shrubs are partially covered with stain. . . . Otherwise they did a good job with the staining. CEDAR SIDING. A couple of the boards that they replaced came loose within a few days. I asked him also to reset these boards when he repaired the deck railing. ASSESSMENT OF THE PROJECTS AND ESTIMATE OF COSTS: Donnie's initial assessment of the work was cursory, if not negligent and unprofessional, and, consequently, the estimate of the cost of labor and materials was inaccurate. For the second-floor deck, I asked him to replace the railing and replace or repair and stain the floor, whichever was appropriate. With a quick look at the deck, he gave me an estimate for the railing and for staining the floor, with no mention about replacing all or some of the floor boards. When his crew started work, they immediately explained that the floor boards needed replacing. When they began to refit the cedar siding that had sprung loose, they pointed out that the bottom of the siding boards, which touched the ground, had rotted (apparently Donnie had not inspected them); they should be replaced. This additional materials and work raised the cost considerably. Nevertheless, I wanted new boards for both the deck floor and the siding; and I have no complaints about the costs, which were reasonable. I cannot condone, however, the initial misleading estimate. I don't have a documented record (check/credit card receipts) of the costs because on two occasions Donnie asked for partial cash payments (weekend -- no check cashing). I agreed to his requests, but both partial payments before the work is finished and cash payments seem less that the best professional procedure.
- Sammye C....
AHandyman Matters of Dayton & Cincinnati
Very positive experience. Never used them before and it was a random choice. They were first to call back and book out of three handymen I contacted. Was able to do the job timely as we were having an open house and needed work completed promptly. Definitely use again.
- Jonathan R....

Finished Carpentry and Woodworking in Miamisburg

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Business Description: Fabricate and install our own aluminum products thereby eliminating a middle man and allowing your dollar to go farther. We will provide free estimates and consultation. Accept your check or VISA, MC, AE.
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Business Description: Please visit our website at to take advantage of our Virtual Estimator tool. Potter Fencing has over two decades of experience installing fences in the Dayton area. Our expert installers can design cedar (wood), chain link, vinyl, split rail and ornamental iron fences to meet your specifications and create a beautiful frame for your home or business. We have built beautiful custom decks with rails that look great. Ask us about installation today!
Recent Review: The team at EADs was terrific from first call to invoice payment. The customer service team member was pleasant and responsive. She moved me over to the sales team and Chris reached out promptly, provided his cell number and welcomed a call over the weekend or evening-- which was terrific as it didn't require I step away from work to keep the project moving. I left Chris a voice mail and he call back promptly and we scheduled his visit within a few days. While Chris was here he was thorough in listening to what we wanted, explained our options and left us with samples to think things over. As soon as we signed the contract (no downpayment required as we chose an item in stock) we went on the list for install. Chris reached back out as soon as a spot was open to get us on the calendar. James was our installer. He was prompt, happy to answer questions, let me know when he had to step away to grab an extra part, and cleaned up fully when he was finished up. Our invoice arrived within a few days and we were able to call in to make full payment via credit card. I'd wholeheartedly recommend EADs and would turn to them with any future fence or railing needs.
Business Description: Custom fabrication of wrought iron
Business Description: Serving the entire Miami Valley area since 1947! Founded by the late Robert Schell, Sr., we are proud that Mr. Schell's grandson and great-grandson are still serving our clients! Call us today, 937-254-2618 or visit us on the web at
Business Description: Former general contractor who turned home inspector. We have over 15 yrs experience in the building/construction/remodeling trades that allows us to see and understand things better than most. Our thorough home inspection will consist of the following items. Interiors Foundation Framing Walls and ceilings Stairs Handrails Floors Bathrooms Kitchens Bedrooms Attic Basement Crawlspaces Doors Windows Sump Pumps Exteriors Walks Driveway Garages Site Drainage Roof Gutters Siding Decks Porches Steps Stoops Patios Egresses Window Wells Trim Soffit and Fascia Mechanicals Electric Panel Branch Wiring Outlets Grounding Drain Lines Water Supply Lines Shutoffs Water Heater Heating Unit Mode of Heating Fans Filters AC Unit Condensate Removal
Recent Review: Very knowledgeable and courteous. I am very pleased with their work.
Business Description: Ram Restoration is a full-service contractor with over ten years of experience in remodeling, restoration, and roofing.
Recent Review: He returned my initial call for help within 24 hours, and arrived on time to do the work. He was courteous, professional, and efficient. I was so pleased with his work that I have contacted him to add a handrail on my basement steps, and an exterior handrail on the back steps.
Recent Review: The install went well. Mike is very professional, fairly-priced, and provides good quality services.