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Recent Review: Provider was on time and completed the repair in about 15 minutes, including making sure it worked as it should
Recent Review: They are very good. I have a contract with them.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: The salesman came as planned and promised a time in March to fix our basement, but never heard back for appt. Called salesman 3 wks. later for date for repair work, said he'd get back the following week, never heard from him.  I than called and talked to Jeremy at the office who than got us in within the following week, and the nice men came on Sat. and they also informed me about my sump pump not working correctly, which salesman never noticed, and the one worker took a trip back to office for the new sump pump.  The pump and whole side of basement was completed in only 6 hrs.  The workers were great, but the sales person was not good.  I even had a referral for my 2% referral discount  and he came on time  and was to send a estimate by email to me for my referral as requested and never followed up on that which was to install a dehumidifier for basement which was around $3900.00, I reminded him on the same phone call for my appt. and no further action taken on that either. .  Because of the 1st impression by salesman I would not refer this company, but the workers are great and they are the ones who make the company, they really know what they are doing.
Business Description: Since 1999, we've helped millions of people save money and fix their broken appliances quickly by providing quality parts and free repair help. 365 days to return any part. Amazingly fast shipping. It's better with the Pros!™ Avoid costly service calls - visit us at
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: He was prompt, quick, and did a good job.
Recent Review: Service guy called before he showed up and was on time. Very courteous, finished the job in less than 30 minutes. Air conditioner runs perfect. I'd call them again.
Recent Review: After air condition quit I called Bayside after hours. The answering service relayed my message within minutes. When the tech clled he explained the pros and cons of him coming out after hours. It was about an addition $50.00. He also told us based on our description of the problem that he might not have the parts to make the repair. We asked him to come anyway. He arrived within a half hour, diagnosed the problem within minutes, replaced the part (the capacitor), and got us back up and running. From the first phone call to the tech leaving was about an hour. Awesome!!!!
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: *** I have recently added the Nashville area to my service coverage. Since I can do most of my services remotely with you over the phone, I am hoping to eventually open up to larger markets and help people from having to take their computer in to get it fixed, if it has internet access, I can usually fix it over the Internet. Just trying to do more to help my Angies List customers!!******** I am a sole proprietor that works out of my home. I am my only employee, but I have over 20 years experience fixing computers, and providing superior customer service. I work on a flat rate service, and don't charge by the hour because I feel it's important to educate the customer on what the issue is/was, and how to avoid it in the future. I feel that local service companies (my competition) have been overcharging customers for years. I offer a first time customer discount of 10% but I will offer 15% off for first time customers referred by Angies List. I've lived in the Huntsville area most all my life, so I know the area very well. I will never use a subcontractor as I am very picky about making sure that if my name and company is associated with something, it will be the best experience my customer has ever had, and using sub contractors won't ensure that, so I prefer to do all the work myself. Lastly, I should point out that I am a former offensive lineman for the University of Southern Mississippi and was Brett Favre's center his freshman year at Southern. I went on to play for Tom Landry in his last year, but gave up pro football early on to pursue my passion of fixing computers. If I didn't have bills to pay, I would do this for free because I love it! If you have a computer problem, I promise you that you couldn't find a better technician that will care about you as a customer, and not about the bottom line. I am always available, but don't always answer my phone, but if you leave a message, I promise to back with you as soon as possible...and figure out how to get your issue resolved in a quick, efficient and economical manner. Thanks so much for reading my ad, and I look forward to working for you!
Business Description: We are a Chillicothe, OH based HVAC contractor. We service, repair and replace all brands of equipment. We are a Trane dealer as well.
Recent Review: They came out within 2 hours. They found a problem, got it fixed and it was nice cause they had the part they needed with them.

Reviews in Mansfield for Central AC Repair

FNaylor Heating & Air
My land LORD called her friend Naylor to service the Central Air Unit HE installed circa 10 years ago in my rented home and conveniently AFTER 4 service calls he couldnt find anything wrong with it. The issue is that all of a sudden and since Aug. 2016 the Unit NO LONGER cools the small cottage house like it did FOR 7 YEARS. As I tried to explain what is happening, he nor my land LORD want to hear a word the elderly and somewhat disabled rentee has to say about what is happening in the place she has lived in for the last 7 years!!!! Just a....I'm gonna fix it! And....There is nothing wrong!!! When last year when I set the thermostat at 72 degrees within an hour or so on a 90 degree day THE INSIDE TEMP was 72 degrees!! Not sure why Naylor didnt want to help this situation but instead he told my land LORD I have dressers and stuff in front of the vents! This is the problem so he says when!! ALL the furniture is in the exact place it has been for 7 YEARS! AND before, in this, the house cooled. And this makes no sense because all the vents in the house are clear except one!! How can one vent somewhat covered SUDDENLY keep the AC from working properly??? And as said the dresser has been there for 7 years with no problems in the past. I CALL THIS A PROBLEM WITH THE CENTRAL AIR UNIT! O! Water repeatedly on the floor all around the furnace downstairs. And stinkin' but no one seems to care to remedy THIS EITHER. Seems THEY want only to walk away from me as I try to explain, and just blatantly NEGLECT TO HELP ANOTHER.<<<< THIS IS the way of this world today...... Naylor has caused me all sorts of problems with this!! NOW I have to prepare to move out of this dump in 90 degree heat! And near 100 degrees inside this house EVERYDAY when the outside temp reaches 85 or over....AND WITH HEALTH ISSUES THAT REQUIRE the ability to stay COOL. ALL because they want to dump blame!! AWAY from them and WHERE THERE IS NONE. THANKS for MOST assuredly nothing!!!
- Rebecca H....
We have been very pleased with our new electric furnaces and heat pumps. We have had no problems with new units. The work that was done was extremely satisfactory and they were very professional and worked in a timely fashion.
- Tracianne J....
Cant say enough about this company. They are very punctual and above all fair and honest. My expert technician Bart was very honest and very qualified. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them!!
- Steve M....
APriority Heating And Air Conditioning
This company was absolutely marvelous.  We had called them out and they took a look at our unit and said the part that was needed would have to be ordered and may take some time to get but this gentleman came up with an idea to take 2 smaller parts to make 1 big part and it worked and still works to this day, has ran great ever since.  I was amazed because he didn't have to go that extra mile but he went above and beyond to get our air running immediately.  When we called him originally he called me back within hours and was here the very next day which I was impressed with also.  He explained everything he was doing step by step and was very informative.  I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone.
- Cindy C....
AH & H Plumbing Heating Cooling
They came out within 2 hours. They found a problem, got it fixed and it was nice cause they had the part they needed with them.
- Jim A....
ACarpenter Heating & Cooling Inc
The technician Tom was a true gentleman. He was polite, efficient, and well mannered. He quickly assed the situation and repaired the air conditioner quickly so we could cool down again in the heated conditions. Tom does his job quickly and honestly. He doesn't try and sell you extras just to make money. This company hires local honest people and is Great to do service with. Turned out it was a minor coupling that came loose and an easy fix.
- Tammy K....
ARogers Co
I contacted several companies and finally chose Rogers Company.  They have previously serviced my furnace and air conditioner.  They were very price competitive.  Always on time, fixed many unforeseen problems. Explained all of their work.  Great work crew.  Will continue to use them.
- Linda C....
- Kimberly W....
AAmerican Heating and Air Conditioning
They are coming out tomorrow to put a new unit in for us. They gave a free estimate and quoted a price of $3300 for the new unit. They came out and they checked it to see if it could be repaired and gave us some options. And we decided to go ahead and replace because of the age of the unit. It worked out pretty well. He gave us several options and you know, he gave us four different options ranging in price. He explained the differences and we chose one and I think we'll be happy with that. They're known in our and just word of mouth is why we went with them.
- Amber P....
AJoe Behr Plumbing & Heating Inc
Good crew.  Did a great job overall.  In and out in 4 hours or so.  New unit runs great.
- William M....