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Reviews in Malta to Paint Interior Doors

FDrake's Construction & Restoration
Never show up when they're supposed to.  Threw away personal belongings after the fire and did not catalog them so I could claim them.  Had to go through trash bags to see what they were throwing away.  The general contractor refused to call or meet with me to go over what repairs were being done.  Had to get a copy of the quote from the insurance company.  After 6 months and the house is still not done, I complained to the insurance company.  Contractor responded by telling the project foreman not to answer my text messages about my concerns at the job site, thereby eliminating any communication from them at all.  No communication.  Inadequately staffed to get the job done.  Cannot meet deadlines.  Unresponsive to customer requests.  Asked them to remove debris that was strewn all around the house.  Never responded.  Tried to work around the garbage and got flat tires on our lawn mower and SUV from nails.  Finally, had to clean it up ourselves so we could mow the lawn.  Neighbors complaining about junk all over the yard.  Had to have someone come in and remove the metal which makes it look a little better, but the rest of the construction debris is still sitting on the side of house where we put it.  Ready to fire them to get someone to finish the job.
- Barbara H....
DPicture Perfect
They were suppose to paint the Interior of the house, PRIOR to the flooring installation. They had 2 weeks to fix the drywall, and paint. They showed up 2 days prior to the flooring installation, and I knew at that point that this was not going to turn out well. There was no way that the drywall would be able to dry and get painting done before the flooring went down. Sure enough, they did get the painting done before the flooring guys! Then when the carpet in the bedroom was being installed, they screwed up the paint on the walls that weren't totally dry. Best was yet to come! After the flooring guys scuffed up the newly painted walls, Picture Perfect touched up the walls with different color paint. When I showed up that weekend, the wall that was supposed to be a darker color had splotches of a different color all of the wall. I was pretty hot! I wanted to get the kids in their bedroom that weekend, and that couldn't happen now! At that point, I knew how bad they did the drywall repairs that needed to be done before they painted, so I told them that I would need to approve the drywall in the kitchen before 1 drop of paint goes down. About 2 weekends later, they told me that were done and asked me to look at it. I made a trip (4 hours) to go see it, and it wasn't any better than the last time I was there! I took pictures, and stated, "I'm not sure if you saw it, but it wasn't close to be done!!" I also smelled smoke on our kids bed, but not the rest of the house. I didn't say anything to my husband about the smoke, but when he laid down on the bed he told me the same thing that I was thinking at the time that "I think his guy took a nap on our kids bed!!" That's exactly what I thought, but I didn't want to say anything to him until he said something first! Anyways, our family was coming over Halloween weekend and if I allowed them to keep working I was going to spend Halloween weekend cleaning up the house and wiping off drywall dust the day prior to family showing up. So, I had to fire them. I couldn't take the mess any longer. It shouldn't have taken a month to do the job, but it just wasn't their priority I guess. I think they gave the job to some guy that was slacking on the job, and taking his 'ol sweet time taking naps on our bed and using my NEW KITCHEN TOWELS to clean up paint and throwing them in my washer hoping that the paint would come out! The moron should have known the paint wouldn't come out after it dried up on the towels! I bought matching set of kitchen towels at Kohl's and now short a matching towel! They also set all of stuff, including clothes and electronics on the screened porch! It's only 100% humidity outside, so all of clothes that I was waiting to put in the closets after they were painted and DRIED, had to be washed in order to eliminate the musky smell! More work that I had to do because of them. The wall that they were suppose to drywall now has a crack down the entire joint, which I'm guessing occured because they didn't tape the joint. They didn't patch ANY nail holes prior to paint, and some locations left the nail in the wall and painted over it! I had told them when they came to quote the work that they need to fix the holes and any other areas where the walls needed repaired prior to painting. When I complained about the kitchen drywall repair, his comment was, "Well there is Done, and Perfect". If you saw the walls, this was NEITHER!!! That comment was probably the thing that made up my mind on whether to fire them, or let them finish the job; but at the rate they were going, I didn't need them in the house for another month! The Owner, Will, was a nice guy, but I think he just didn't go back to the house after the flooring installation. He should also make sure the client is happy with the wall prep prior to painting. The painter that I hire in Indiana doesn't have to get his clients to approve the wall prep because he's very meticulous about his work, and takes several days to prepare the walls for just one room!
- Deanne R....