Maineville Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Recent Review: The work was completed above my expectations. They were fast, and very accommodating in working around my business hours. In the area of general maintenance, they knew just what was needed to get the job done efficiently. No need to hire numerous contractors.
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Recent Review: Their installers were fabulous, very knowledgeable, courteous and professional.  We had to stack our 900 sq ft of bamboo in the house for 7 days prior to the install to ensure the product adjusted to its surroundings. I highly recommend you take Katie on her offer to come and help!  It was an undertaking and took about 5 hours to stack the planks!  We paid the extra to  have all the old flooring removed; something well worth the money! It took them a full day to remove the carpet, vinyl and hardwood that was down.  If you're thinking of saving money and doing it yourself DON'T!  We have 2 large German Shepherds, 1 and 2 years old.  The Cali Bamboo is one strong product; which is why we went with it.  They both have rather large solid Nylabones that will break your toe if dropped.  At first I was very hesitant to allow them to have them after the floors were installed, I finally gave in and I'm happy to report there is no damage to the floors.  They drop them slide and slide them across the floors with no scratches or dents to report!  Hands down I am very pleased we spent the extra money and went with the bamboo! We have had a small issues with a few of our boards separating and trust that they take care of it.  One other thing to note; if you have plants in the house be sure to have something under them before you water them.  We had a small OOPPS and had standing water on the floor overnight.  Not a large amount but enough for the boards to warp a bit, this was 2 weeks after our install.  I was beside myself thinking we would have to pay to have the boards pulled up and replaced, we left it alone to see what would happen and the boards did straighten out and lay flat about a month later!   Lesson learned but know that if you do get water damage, leave it alone to see what happens! 
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Business Description: Buddy's Flooring America is Dayton and Cincinnati's trusted floor covering provider.
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Recent Review: Went great! The floors turned out beautiful. We're really happy with the quality and the overall look. Phoenix accommodated our schedule and got the floors installed timely.
Recent Review: They were pretty prompt in arriving for the initial estimate, but after we accepted their bid we learned there was only one installer (sub or not?), and he had to reschedule twice because of car trouble. They originally thought the job was going to take one full day, but it actually took parts of 3 different days, spread out over a week. The work he did was very professional and good quality, and we're happy with the end result-- it was just a bit frustrating having our furniture moved out of the rooms for so long.
Recent Review: Very well. The installers were on schedule. The work took almost 2 days to complete. They removed the old carpet/liner and also disposed of it. The installed carpet looks great and we really like the new vinyl in the laundry room. The Carpet Depot had a good selection of carpet, were competitively priced and I really liked the straight forward, easy to understand quote that included carpet and install. No surprise add-ons.
Recent Review: My wife liked the flooring that they had. They were really good. The salespeople were really nice. The installers were great. My wife called me to tell me the she liked the flooring she found, so I came over after work and looked at it, and that was that. They did a really good job. They get "A"s across the board. I would use them again when we get ready to do the downstairs.
Recent Review: Punctual, timely completion. Very obliging, moved a lot of heavy stuff. Prompt in fixing a very very minor defects.
Recent Review: Everyone we dealt with was extremely professional from the sales representative, the office staff to the installation crew. The floor is beautiful, I have recommended this company to all my friends, family and neighbors. The price was extremely fair considering how great the product is! We are so happy with our new garage floor!

Reviews in Maineville to Install Bamboo Flooring

ACalloway Cleaning & Restoration
Installer was excellent, he communicated well and did an excellent job installing my floors. He was very knowledgeable about flooring and how to take care of them.
- Jamie F....
DUnited Installs LLC
Essentially, an employee comes to measure, give you a price and assures you they will take care of the installation. What happens is they send out some hillbilly contractors that apparently don't get paid enough to do the job correctly and you never hear from United Installs again except to collect the final payment. They allow smoking and drinking and sleeping at your premises.   YOU have to deal with the hillbillies yourself who insist you sign off that the work is complete, but assure you'll they'll come back to fix what is wrong later. I paid a premium for a professional job.  If I wanted hillbillies to come and do a half-assed job, I could have paid half! United Installs doesn't give 2 cents whether or not your job is done properly because they never plan on seeing you again. United Installs is the installer for Lowe's and Lumber Liquidators.  BEWARE!
- Brian A....
ATop Notch Interior Contractors
Pat came a few days early to remove the the bamboo flooring from the packaging. On day one Pat and 2 workers removed all the furniture from the area, tore down two walls and the closet and removed all of the carpet. Then they began the "rebuilding". Each day he cleaned up all of the day's mess before leaving. Each day he was there with a positive attitude and worked hard! When the project was completed, I was very happy with how everything looked.
- Rebecca S....
ALovell's Hardwood Flooring
The installer (James) was dedicated to making sure we were happy with his work and really going the extra mile to make sure things were done to our satisfaction. There were several tricky parts where he would contact us and ask us how he would like him to handle them.  I cant speak highly enough about their willingness to work with you, we had them get started on this project, while we waited for some transition pieces (from lumber liquidators) that ultimately were very delayed, and suffice it to say, they were patient and understanding and got the job done to our satisfaction.
- John B....
BFinishing Touches Hardwood Flooring Inc
I purchased wide plank T&G flooring from Cali Bamboo, underlayment and glue through Amazon. I removed the carpet and prepped the floor before Finishing Touches arrived. I opted to reinstall the old baseboard, which resulted in significant savings Positives: Getting the bid was quick, painless and fairly priced compared with other bids for the same job. - I ended up choosing Finishing Touches based on a friends' recommendation. The bid included varying options, such as owner removal of carpet and owner installing baseboard instead of just adding shoe molding for an additional cost. Negatives: They showed up both days about 30 minutes later than expected. The installation overall, looks very good. Maybe 4 or 5 very minor chips over 800 sq ft of flooring. There is one spot on the floor that has a very small air gap under a plank. You can hear air being pushed out when you step on it. One corner in the den doesn't quite come close enough to the wall so you can see a sliver of a gap between the baseboard and flooring. There were a couple pieces that were pulled while being installed plus a couple flawed pieces from Cali Bamboo. The bottom line: we ran out of flooring and I had to order another box. This delayed the final installation a few weeks. I ordered the number of square feet in the bid rounded up to the next box. But we still came up short. Stuff happens, but I thought I should add it to the report. I should qualify these negatives. You really have to be looking hard to see them. Summary: The workers went above and beyond on a lot of little things. They created a very nice threshold to the sliding glass door. The advice to keep the flooring running in the same direction between two rooms that form an L shape was spot on. They also helped with a few baseboard cuts that would have taken me a couple hours but they did in about 15 minutes. The workers were surprised that I purchased the flooring - unpacked and stacked it to acclimate, per Cali Bamboo instructions even though that was the plan from the beginning. The workers also were inclined to nail the flooring down instead of a floating floor install. Floating floor install was the original plan and how it was done (top floor condo unit), but I'm glad I was there to make sure that the flooring wasn't nailed down as I'm not sure this was communicated to the crew.
- Matthew K....
BBig Bob's Flooring Outlet Colerain
The store had a good selection of carpet and flooring to choose from and we had a friendly and facilitative sales person to work with. The carpeting was installed without a hitch. The bamboo floor was mostly okay but the installer created problems in getting saw dust all over our carpenter's work in progress, installing the wrong thresholds and leaving some serious fill work to be done by our carpenter/kitchen remodeler. The thresholds were reinstalled and the other corrections were made. The floor looks good.
- Tom D....
ABTS Contracting Inc
Bob Lally is the Owner and Chris is Bob's right-hand man.  Bob is totally hands on.  He and Chris are a fantastic team.  After having Bob remodel our upstairs master bath and build us a new 16'x 15 deck, we contracted with him to do a complete remodel of our kitchen, our main floor 1/2 bath and installed Bamboo flooring throughout the first floor.  This work was accomplished last Summer and we had them come back and complete a basement remodel in the fall that involved adding more finished space,  subflooring and laminate finished flooring, a new 1/2 bath, closet and complete new wiring.  They ran internet and Cable TV wiring in the first floor and basement also and added beautiful can LED lighting.  They did a beautiful high quality job and everything looks fantastic at a fair price and in a timely manner.  I don't know of any two people that work harder than Bob and Chris.  Bob and Chris are problem solvers, they can figure out a way to make things work, very innovative and cost and quality conscious.  They have the right skills, knowledge and updated tools to do the job right.  No rework with these gentlemen.  As a side note, we had not originally planned to replace our double door walkout on the first floor to our deck, but in the fall last year we started to have some leaks during hard rains so I called Bob and he and Chris came in at no charge and sealed and caulked the door threshold to protect our new flooring.  After the weather got a little better, we had them return and install a new double door walkout in March.  They did a terrific job of installing the door, adding insulation where there had not been any.  The original door they replaced was built and installed by champion windows here in Cincy about 10 years ago, but it was a horrible  install and poor workmanship that gave us problems from day one.   It does not matter how well made a door or window is, if the installation sucks and is wrong, it does not matter, So  Buyer beware.  Bob knows how to correctly install large doors and he and Chris did it right.  It is beautiful, much quieter, modern, energy efficient and no Leaks!! We plan on having Bob return to do more flooring to our upstairs and stairway also.  I don't hesitate to recommend Bob Lally and BTS construction for any homeowner.  He has recently done remodel and flooring work for a neighbor.  Bob is a straight shooter. I will probably have Bob do more work down the road also.
- Lyndon R....
ABockrath Flooring & Rugs
It went great. The Bockrath professionalism was superb. The installer was top notch and had great ideas for transitions that needed to be made. The installers were also extremely thorough going through and inspecting each and every board before installing any to remove any boards damaged or not in the color family we desired. They laid it all out to get a good mix of color before installing anything too. We had one transition piece we were unhappy with as it was obviously the most unattractive board in the entire order but the most important one visually in our entry way. Bockrath and the installer immediately arranged for a replacement piece to be ordered leaving the undesirable one in place until the new one came in so the job would look finished. Bockrath was also great about allowing us to order 1 box each of two different colors so we could look at an entire box laid out in our lighting in order to decide which color we wanted to go with. Then they gladly exchanged the box of the color we did not want and ordered what we did want out of the same lot that our sample box came from.
- Janie R....
ABTS Contracting Inc
Our family has used Bob and his team before and highly recommend them.  They are prompt, polite, accommodating, respectful of your home, and very professional.  They show up on time and stay until the job is done without going back and forth between one job and another.  Every afternoon when they are done for the day, they clean up.  Most importantly, their work is quality and done right.  If you want the least expensive contractor, go somewhere else.  If you want the job done right for a fair price, use BTS.
- Tera R....
From the initial quotation to the scheduling for all subsequent activities, it went pretty much as they scheduled it.  Most of the communication and scheduling was done via email (which I find more convenient than phone).  One person came to pull up carpeting, and then the same one or two persons did the remaining work.  They were all considerate, no fuss, no surprises, and a lovely floor at the end.  All materials they removed were taken away and the room and areas they used were all cleaned afterward.  I'm delighted with the results and would definitely recommend them.
- Shirley V....