Lucasville Gravel Spreading

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Reviews in Lucasville to Spread Gravel

I met with Brett and we visited several places where other contractors had similar retaining walls built on the river. After discussing details with them and Brett I was sure I found my long awaited solution to building a retaining wall on my river front property to stop erosion. In late August of 2011, Brett and his employees began constructing the wall. They finished this magnificent wall in late October 2011. In April 2012, while I was out of town I received a phone call from my neighbor saying the wall had fallen. This allegation was due to the rise of the Ohio river. The wall did not fall but was shoved outward and had sunk many feet. In just 6 short months my dreams of having a wall built to stop erosion had shattered. I called Brett immediately and after the waters receded he took a look at the wall . In late May I contacted 2 Army Corp of Engineer employees. Both of them oversee the building of locks and dams on the Ohio River. I met each of them on separate occasions so we could walk the property and  look and the wall. Neither one of these men knew I called the other man. I wanted 2 separate opinions. Both of them told me and one of them took me somewhere else and showed me  what went wrong. I was given in depth information by both of the geologist as to why the wall did not stand in place.  This information was shared with Brett. I was told this wall would never work. I could have it torn down or wait a year and see what happens. Maybe the wall would settle enough to reach a solid foundation. With much despair and monetary loss, I chose to wait the year out. In March 2013 I met with Brett and we came up with a plan to build a privacy wall around my property. I was told  there would be an overage on blocks, gravel, geo grid ect. That was no problem, I would deal with whatever is left over. I would sell it to help recoup some one the losses. He said he would help me sell it. I even told him to work me in between jobs to make it easier on himself. I texted him  June 11, 2013 and ask questions about the blocks and he did not return my text.  I have made several phone calls and sent many texts that have went unanswered over the last year and a half. My wall is still leaning towards the Ohio river and there is no resolution.  I do believe this job was out of both of our expertise. The quality of the wall was good, the price was fair. The follow up and ability to resolve this problem was bad.                             s
- Cara N....